The child does things in a head-to-head manner, there is no growth, 3 ways to let the child persevere

“This bear boy, don’t go again!” Just came downstairs and met Qiang Ma who complained that Xiao Qiang didn’t go to Taekwondo class! This is not the first interest class that Xiaoqiang does not go. In the past six months, Xiaoqiang has changed 5 interest classes, from playing the piano to painting, from writing homework, to dancing, and counting the time that Taekwondo class persists. There is more than one Month, but now he loses his temper again! “Mr. Zhang, is there any way to prevent children from doing things that are so anticlimactic? We don’t want him to be a painter or martial artist. At least he must finish the class! It’s really unbearable to be so old!” Qiang Ma Said helplessly. “What’s more, it’s the same with other things. I’m really worried about what he can do when he grows up!” Xiao Qiang flinched in almost everything he encountered. When I first went to learn piano, I was particularly interested in the first few days. I wish my parents would buy a piano for themselves and practice every day. But when it was time for the etude, it stopped playing, and it was too boring to play the piano. The drawing class was also interested, but when the teacher asked him to practice sketching still life, he didn’t do it again! There are so many things in life, he often started to be full of interest, and soon ended up. In daily life, it is easy to call this kind of behavior of a child anti-snake or three-day fishing and two-day sun drying. The harm of doing things: “three days of fishing, two days of drying the net” or “tiger’s tail” will only pull the child into a failed vortex. And a child who has a beginning and an end to work will treat everything seriously and responsibly, and then achieve success through continuous efforts. Working from beginning to end is an important quality, which is closely related to the child’s perseverance, patience, self-control and responsibility. Children always have a head and a tail for doing things, and failure to persevere is a sign of lack of responsibility. For a long time, children’s patience and willpower will be very poor, and they may be antidote in study and life, which is not conducive to their growth and development, and will also cause obstacles to their future integration into society. Reasons for children to do things anticlimacticly: 1. There is a pair of parents who replace the house. The child develops self-confidence and frustration in specific behaviors. When the child encounters difficulties, he has not yet thought of a solution. The parents are rushing to solve the problem for the child. Can only be anticlimactic. 2. Faced with setbacks and frequent blows. When children encounter difficulties, they are often their most vulnerable time. Parental encouragement is very important at this time. However, at this time, many parents not only do not encourage their children, but also often become the first person to criticize their children. For example, if the child wants to pour water himself, and accidentally breaks the water glass. Many parents often clean up while criticizing, leaving the children at a loss. Such behaviors of parents will make children think that this thing can not be done by themselves, and naturally will not continue to work hard! 3. The task is too heavy, hopeless completion, and passive downtime. 2. Sometimes the child is anticlimactic because he feels that the difficulties he is facing are too great to solve. The pressure caused him to escape. 3 strokes to solve the problem of children’s heads and tails: 1. Teach methods, do guidance, not charge d’affaires. Teaching children how to do things can help them reduce obstacles or difficulties in doing things. In this process, if things are more difficult, they can be their coaches to know them, but do n’t overstep the buds, so that children can stick to it . Jingjing is already in the first grade and is a smart and cute child. On this day, the science teacher at the school assigned a special homework to everyone: let the students observe the cuckoo and write an observation diary on it. This job is not difficult for Jingjing, because his father is an amateur zoologist and often observes various animals in the wild. Jingjing is going to let Dad write this observation diary for himself. Dad refused. He said to Jingjing: “Jingjing, although Dad does understand Cuckoo and also writes an observation diary, I cannot write this diary for you. Because this is your homework, it is your business and responsibility, you come Finish. “Jingjing had to agree. On Sunday, Dad took Jingjing to the outskirts and asked Jingjing to observe the cuckoo himself. Jingjing observed very carefully, completed the observation diary smoothly, and was praised by the teacher. Since then, Jingjing has a strong sense of responsibility, insisting on doing his own thing and no longer pushing it to others. Everyone said he was a good boy who had the courage to bear. Many parents often do n’t want to when their children are in trouble