Classical Moments-Jue Disease-Doctor Haishu’s Rereading of Internal Classic 0421

[Original] Suffering from heartache, controlled with the back, kind, if you touch your heart from the back, if you linger, kidney heartache will also be taken first. Jue heartache, abdominal distension, chest full, especially heartache, stomach heartache, mostly taken, too white. Jue heartache, pain is like stabbing his heart with a cone, even heartache, spleen heartache, take the valley, Taixi. Jue heartache, color as if death, not to rest too much all day, liver heartache also, take the time, too rush. Suffering from heartache, lying in a solitary place, between heartache, movement, and pain, the color is unchanged, and the heart and lung pain are also taken from Yuji and Taiyuan. Really painful, the hands and feet are clear to the festival, the heartache is very bad, and he will die once he died. Those who are heartbroken and cannot be stabbed, there are many gatherings, and they should not be taken from the heart. [Translation] Juexin pain is drawn to the back, and it is anxious to slap, as if hitting the heart from behind, the patient bends and bends his back in pain. This is a heartache disease caused by the kidney meridian evil, so it is called kidney heartache. During treatment, the Jinggu and Kunlun points of the Sun Bladder Meridian should be taken first. If the pain persists after the needle, take Rangu Point of the Shaoyin Kidney Meridian. Heartache, abdominal distension, chest fullness, heartache is very serious, belongs to the sickness syndrome of stomach meridian, so it is called stomach heartache. The treatment should take the Taiyin spleen meridian, Taibai two points. Jue heartache, the pain is as severe as the awl thorn heart, the heartache is very serious, this is caused by the temper tantrum, so it is called spleen heartache. Rangu and Taixi points of the kidney meridian of the foot Shaoyin should be acupunctured. Suffering from heartache, his face is as pale as gray, and he cannot breathe deeply. This is caused by liver qi, so he is called liver heartache. During treatment, the two points of Zheyin liver meridian and Taichong should be taken. Heartache, pain when resting in bed or when you are quiet during leisure, the pain will increase when you move, and your complexion will not change. This is caused by the rebellion of the lungs, so it is called pulmonary heart pain. Yuji and Taiyuan points of Taiyin Lung Meridian. Real pain, when the hands and feet are cold at the time of the attack, until the elbows and knees, the heart pain is extremely serious, often died in the morning to night, or died in the morning at night. The sign that acupuncture cannot be used for heartache is that there is evidence of blood stasis and accumulation in the body, which is a physical evil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu Press: Main symptoms, syndrome classification and treatment methods of various convulsions and true heartache. Circulation, the respiratory system will see this kind of card, it is really difficult to cure, if combined with the catheter, ECMO, may be able to pick up a life.