Can impotence caused by Jing Fu Yan rely on psychological adjustment?

In erectile dysfunction, the incidence of spermatitis is as high as 15% to 30%, which is one of the more common clinical causes of impotence. Its etiology is comprehensive and complicated, mainly related to the anatomical structure of sperm. Related-Jingfu is located in the male urethra, corresponding to the prostate. Its rich nerve endings play an important role in controlling ejaculation. It is the basic problem of excitement during male orgasm. Please click here to consult online when semen is ejected through Jingfu, When ejaculating the orifice, it stimulates local nerve endings and transmits the signal of sexual excitement to the cerebral cortex, which shows the excitatory effect on the sexual center, which will affect the characteristics of orgasm. Enhancing sexiness means that during ejaculation, There is a certain degree of contraction in the mouth of the jingfu and ejaculation tubes, which makes the ejaculation more powerful, can accelerate ejaculation and enhance the excretory function of the prostate and seminal vesicles. It is a sexy area with a high sexual excitement reaction. When the patient has congenital hypertrophy , Simple hyperplasia of Jingfu can increase the volume to 1 to 4 times of normal. In addition to causing difficulty in urination, another typical symptom is the abnormal erection of the penis. Please click here to consult online due to infection, damage, surrounding tissue Inflammation, excessive indulgence, severe phimosis and foreskin stenosis cause poor urination, thus leaving Jingfu in a chronic chronic congestion state, causing bacterial or non-bacterial inflammation, which will affect male genitourinary functions, such as erectile dysfunction 、The urethral discomfort and other problems have been the case for a long time. In the case of not going to the specialist hospital in time, inflammatory stimulation will cause congestion and edema of the sperm and surrounding tissues. After sexual excitement appears, ejaculation pain will occur. Individual patients are very painful Sensitive, it is difficult to combine sexes and induce erectile dysfunction. In addition, inflammatory stimulation will also cause atrophic changes in the sperm and increase the excitement threshold. If it cannot participate effectively in the ejaculation process, delayed ejaculation will occur, and local nerve ending excitability during inflammation Decreased, or ejaculation pain exceeds sexual pleasure, so orgasm will decrease or not obvious, resulting in decreased libido. This shows that erectile dysfunction caused by Jingfu inflammation is only a superficial phenomenon. If you don’t see and control in time, then Inflammation of Jingfu will be aggravated, accompanied by urinary tract discomfort and urinary tract infection symptoms. If you have the above symptoms and problems, click here for online consultation. Therefore, when you find that your urinary system is abnormal and erectile dysfunction occurs, you should go to a specialist hospital for confirmation. Judging the condition of the disease to prevent delays in diagnosis and treatment, resulting in adverse consequences