The practice of watermelon jelly and double bean snow sticks, nutritionist informs

In the hot summer, boredom and heat are particularly unfavorable for children. Some healthy cold drinks are needed to relieve the heat. In summer, the function of children’s organs is not healthy, the adjustment function is poor, it is difficult to withstand high temperatures, and sweating is more likely to cause series of discomforts such as loss of appetite, dry mouth binge drinking, and sores. Therefore, how to pay attention to summer health care and improve diet is an important ring. At home, you can make full use of household food equipment such as refrigerators, blenders, juicers, grinders, etc. to make healthy and nutritious cold drinks. Nutritional health also relieves heat. Several methods of relieving summer heat, nutrition and healthy cold drinks. First, watermelon relieving heat freeze qttmf_VCG2108f52ee32 takes 100 grams of watermelon peeled (peeled peel), 0.5 grams of foreign powder, 8 grams of rock sugar, mint sugar juice, orange juice. First peel and wash the watermelon, cut it into small cubes, put it in a boiling water pot and cook for 1 minute, then remove it and put it in the dish. Add 60 ml of water to the pot, add sugar and foreign powder, and simmer until the foreign powder is complete After melting, pour all on the watermelon skin block, take it out when it is cold and condensed into frozen, cut it into small pieces, and then put it in a tray, pour mint juice and orange juice, send it to the freezer of the refrigerator, and freeze it. The edible watermelon has a certain effect of relieving heat, cooling and quenching thirst. Second, the tomato cola ice cream qttmf_VCG21gic17250298 takes a few fresh tomatoes, boiled in hot water, peeled, smashed with a meat texture machine, added an appropriate amount of sugar, and mixed well Marinate and soak for about 1 hour, pour the marinated tomato puree into a clean mold, add condensed milk or ice cream powder or a small amount of cola and other ingredients according to everyone’s taste, mix well, and send it to the freezer of the refrigerator. After freezing, it can be eaten. Tomato Coke Ice Cream has a certain effect of clearing heat and appetizing. Third, double bean snow sticks qttmf_VCG41593548969 red beans, mung beans, etc., after washing, put in a pressure cooker and press for 20 minutes, then simmer in a casserole, cook slowly and add an appropriate amount of crystal sugar. The quick-freezing room can be eaten after forming into ice cubes. Children eat cold drinks Note: First, it is best not to eat cold drinks just taken out of the refrigerator, but wait a little before eating. Second, don’t eat cold drinks immediately after a meal, and eat one hour after a meal. Third, sorbet and ice cream can only be eaten one day, not more, especially for younger babies, it is best not to eat. Fourth, children with bad stomachs should avoid cold drinks.