Bai Duo Bang VS Jiang Tai Gong Bai Duo Bang-those pure Chinese medicine antibacterial agents

Baiduobang is a very commonly used topical anti-infective ointment in dermatology, the main ingredient is mupirocin. However, the so-called “Bai Duo Bang” that you bought is not necessarily the real Bai Duo Bang. The Chinese are too strong in fraud, heat resistance, and side-kick ability (lacking supervision is also a problem). If you don’t believe me, look at the following two medicines. [This is Baiduobang] [This is Jiang Taigong Baiduobang (heating, imitating fake)]———————————————————————— ——————[You can compare these two well] Just a child with a skin infection (impetigo), the parents took this [Jiang Taigong Baiduobang], claiming that the effect of applying Baiduobang on their own good. Fortunately, she was ready to see a doctor and took pictures of the ointment. Later, I gave mupirocin ointment to the children and told the tricky ones: 1. Jiang Taigong Baiduobang’s main ingredient is some Chinese medicine, and chlorhexidine (which has a certain anti-inflammatory effect) is also added; 2. Ginger Taigong Baiduobang does not have the active ingredient mupirocin from Baiduobang; 3. Jiang Taigong Baiduo imitates Jiang Taigong’s product name and packaging (this is the case in all walks of life except for medicines), obviously it is With the heat, there is a suspicion of infringement of Baiduuobang’s intellectual property rights. [Extension] There are many traditional Chinese medicine ointments on the market, which are sold online, in clinics, and pharmacies under the name of “bacteriostatic agent” and “pure Chinese medicine” (some of them also add hormones). Because it is not a prescription drug, it is a [elimination name], and the supervision is not strict. [Statement] Certain TCM preparations do have certain effects on certain skin diseases, so the efficacy of TCM powder cannot be denied. But like Jiang Taigong, this is a typical behavior to deceive consumers.