Disease rumors 丨Hyperthyroidism reduced iodine quickly? 6 rumours about hypothyroidism, see where you believe it

In recent years, the incidence of “hypothyroidism” has surpassed “hyperthyroidism”, and it has become the number one killer threatening people’s thyroid health. However, because of its concealed onset and atypical symptoms, it is difficult to find in the early stage, and it is often missed or misdiagnosed for a long time, so the health hazards caused are actually greater. This article makes a comprehensive summary of the misunderstandings that are easily caused by “hypothyroidism”. Hypothyroidism is rumoring rumors NO.1 I can prevent hypothyroidism through diet and exercise. Nanjing Jiakang Hospital cannot prevent hypothyroidism by exercise and dietary regulation alone. But pay more attention to related symptoms, if you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, please seek medical treatment. Rumor rumors NO.2 If there is no cure for hypothyroidism, there will be no health risks. If it is not treated, Nanjing Jiakang Hospital will increase the risk of heart disease. This is because people with hypothyroidism may have high levels of low-density lipoprotein, which can cause fat to deposit in the arteries. Rumor rumors NO.3 taking medicine can’t control hypothyroidism. Nanjing Jiakang Hospital can control the medicine. By taking daily medicines to make up for the thyroid can not provide hormones. However, you may need to try several times to find the right medicine. Therefore, you need to consult a professional doctor. Rumor rumors NO.4 hypothyroidism must be inherited from Nanjing Jiakang Hospital’s autoimmune diseases to cause hypothyroidism. When someone suffers from autoimmune diseases, the immune system will attack and destroy healthy cells in the body. It is wrong to say that No. 5 hypothyroidism needs to be supplemented with iodine. Nanjing Jiakang Hospital is wrong. Whether iodine supplementation is needed depends on the hypothyroidism, because the number and function of iodine and thyroid cells jointly determine the thyroid function. Improper and excessive iodine supplementation can not only prevent hypothyroidism, but can induce hypothyroidism. , Or worsen the condition. Rumor rumors that NO.6 hypothyroidism requires B-mode ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis of hypothyroidism in Nanjing Jiakang Hospital, because its symptoms are very similar to other diseases. Therefore, the blood test is the only way to confirm the diagnosis. It can be judged by checking whether the thyroid body is operating normally. And the doctor will also check for other symptoms, such as dry skin, hair loss, and a hoarse voice. Tips for dispelling rumors can’t summarize the whole content. If you have any questions, you can click “Read the original text” at the bottom of the article to communicate with the doctor online one-on-one. Consultation is free.