Beware! There is a “hole” next to the baby’s ear. Mommy squeezes it and the baby is sent to the doctor urgently

Jiajia was taking a bath for her 3-year-old daughter, and inadvertently saw the small hole next to her daughter’s ear. It looked like a pinhole when she looked closely, very small. She knew the existence of this small hole very early, but she didn’t pay attention to it just as there was nothing wrong with it, and slowly forgot. “This is a wealthy warehouse, a clever hole! A child with this hole is smart and blessed, and will have no worries about food and clothing in the future! Didn’t you see that the child also has her father’s ears?” This day, the child’s grandmother accidentally discovered After removing the small hole next to the ear, he immediately talked to Jiajia happily. Jiajia naturally didn’t believe these superstitions, but when she was mentioned by the old man, she couldn’t control her curiosity, so she started to squeeze a small hole to find out. She really squeezed out a little secretion and smelled it. It was still a bit stinky, so I wanted to clean Jiajia, so I continued to squeeze hard with my hands a few times before reassuring. Unexpectedly, when the child woke up the next day, the small hole next to his ear was directly swollen, and his red look seemed to be inflamed. The terrified Jiajia took the child to the hospital for an examination, only to realize that the small hole was called a preauricular fistula, and the inflammation of the preauricular fistula was directly caused by her deliberately squeezing a few times! Moms and dads, have you noticed a similar hole next to your baby’s ear? I solemnly remind everyone, don’t learn Jiajia to squeeze it. 1. “Smart hole, wealthy warehouse”, the scientific name is preauricular fistula. The “hole” that grows next to the baby’s ear is called preauricular fistula. Generally, there is a small hole above the auricle and the junction of the face, most of which are single ears, some are binaural, and sometimes there is secretion. Strictly speaking, the preauricular fistula should be regarded as a congenital malformation of the ear, with obvious genetic tendency. One end of this “hole” is the opening in front of the ear that we can see with the naked eye, and the other end is a closed blind tube, varying in depth and length. Preaural fistulas are quite common. If you look closely, many people around you have them. It has no effect on hearing, and will not disappear as you grow up, and will still exist in adulthood. 2. My baby has preauricular fistula, how should I care for it? Many children will have this phenomenon after birth, so parents find that there is no need to worry, it will not affect the child’s health and intelligence, and there is no discomfort at ordinary times. 1. If there is no special situation, parents do not need to deal with this small hole deliberately. 2. If the secretion from the small hole occasionally comes out, it is normal for the parents to use a clean cotton swab dipped in iodine to disinfect and wipe dry. 3. If it is a little bit itchy, don’t squeeze it too hard to avoid infection. 4. If there is a secondary infection, there will be repeated redness, swelling, heat, pain, and suppuration in the local area, making people feel itching, or a small amount of white or smelly secretion will flow out when pressing the small hole. Don’t squeeze the child by yourself. Take the child to the hospital for an examination to see what the cause is and whether it needs surgery, and cooperate with the doctor for examination. 3. Don’t squeeze with your hands. Surgery is needed when the preauricular fistula becomes severely inflamed! The pre-auricular fistula becomes acutely inflamed, which not only hurts, but also emits an unpleasant smell and secretion of fluid. If there is an abscess, you must go to the hospital for surgical incision and drainage, or even a fistula resection. Fortunately, most children do not develop inflammatory infections, but only a few have inflammatory infections. Inflammation may be caused by congenital factors such as blocked fistulas, excessive endocrine secretions, and poor baby’s resistance. In addition, squeezing small holes with hands like former Wenbao’s mother Jiajia is also a common cause of inflammation. When you squeeze, it is equivalent to breaking the original state of relative balance. The original pipeline was unobstructed, but after being squeezed by external force, the pipeline was flattened or deformed, causing the pipeline to be blocked and the pipeline The secretion cannot be discharged, and then it is easy to get inflammation. Although preauricular fistula is not a big problem, parents should also pay attention to the fact that the child is the one who suffers regardless of inflammation or surgery. 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