Can I wear jeans with varicocele? Can I soak my feet with varicocele?

   Varicocele makes many men miserable. There are many small details in life that must be paid attention to, otherwise it is easy to relapse. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you about varicocele, can you wear jeans? Can varicocele can soak your feet?    Can varicocele wear jeans?    Varicocele should try to avoid wearing jeans. Men who wear tight jeans all the year round are prone to the problem of varicocele. Because the jeans are tightly tied to the groin, the return of the spermatic vein is severely blocked. Varicose veins also block the return veins of the testicles. It may also cause poor sperm development and cause infertility. Men who wear tight jeans are prone to impaired blood circulation in the testicles, which makes the testicular tissue lack the necessary nutrient supply barriers, which affects spermatogenesis. Testicular endocrine dysfunction is a common cause that affects varicocele. Skinny jeans are not easy to breathe and there is insufficient oxygen supply. Once the endocrine function of the interstitial cells in the seminiferous tubules of the testis becomes obstructive, it will cause blood flow disorders in the testes. Symptoms such as increased local temperature of the scrotum, which can lead to serious consequences of varicocele.  Is it possible to soak your feet for varicocele?  Hot feet soaking will not have any effect on this varicocele. Don’t worry, hot water soaking your feet will have certain benefits for varicocele. It can promote blood circulation, promote blood return, and help reduce the degree of varicose. Varicose is generally related to the patient’s physique. It is usually easy for people with qi deficiency and depression, and for sedentary people, it is easy to get. Therefore, it is necessary to combine work and rest, exercise more, and especially do more handstand exercises.  The causes of varicocele    1. Smoking, drinking: Smokers have fewer sperm counts than normal men, but incomplete sperm counts are much higher than normal men. Alcohol can cause sperm head and tail deformities and reduce vitality. This can cause fetal malformations 2. Sexual life disorder leads to venereal diseases: The direct consequence of extramarital sex and “one-night stands” is that they are prone to gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, and even AIDS, which will seriously damage male reproductive functions and make The sperm survival rate is reduced.  3. Long-term medication: Antihypertensive drugs, diuretics, antibacterial drugs and drugs for the treatment of heart disease and gastric ulcer all have the disadvantage of damaging sperm. 4. Long riding racing car: When riding a racing car, the center of gravity is tilted forward, and the testicles and prostate of the perineum are close to the cushion. After prolonged squeezing, it will be ischemia, edema, and inflammation, which will affect the production of sperm and the normality of prostatic fluid and semen. Secretion and infertility.   5. Underwear is too tight: Tight underwear not only oppresses the male reproductive organs, affects the normal development of the testicles, but also is not conducive to the survival of sperm due to airtightness and heat dissipation.

Dr. Cheng Yahui’s popular science: Precautions for pregnancy and diet

Precautions for pregnancy and rest woman: 1. Folic acid: Start eating three months in advance. It is common sense to prevent fetal malformations. 2. Warm Palace: People in Gonghan will affect pregnancy. Soak your feet every day, you can soak your feet with a little wormwood leaves. 3. You can drink black beans and soy milk, which is very helpful for egg growth. 4. Regular work schedule, balanced diet. 5. Always relax, otherwise it will affect ovulation. Men: 1. No smoking and drinking Cigarettes contain a lot of carcinogens, which will affect the production and quality of sperm. Alcohol may cause the appearance of deformed sperm. 2. Don’t wear jeans Jeans have poor breathability, will affect the blood circulation of the lower body, and will also cause the temperature of the testicles to rise, thus affecting the male’s sexual function and fertility. 3. Do not take hot springs and sauna sauna It is best not to do these two things during pregnancy, it will affect the quality of men’s sperm, because the temperature is too high, it will affect the male reproductive organs. Precautions for eating during pregnancy Avoid: junk food, stimulating food, too sweet, too salty, too greasy, these can not be eaten. Benefits: shrimp skin, fish, soy products, lean meat, whole grains. Eat less and eat more meals, five meals a day, three meals interspersed with two complementary foods to eat fruits and nuts.