How to understand the saying in “Huangdi Neijing” that “all diseases are born in qi”

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. In the “Huang Di Nei Jing”, it is said that “all diseases are born in qi”. It is difficult for an angry person to be healthy, and even harder to live long. Mood is not the whole life, but it can control the whole life. In a good mood, everything is good, and in a bad mood, everything is messed up. When a person is in a state of anger, the hormones secreted by the body are harmful, hurting the body and also damaging the body’s organs. Many of the usual diseases are caused by anger. If you control your mood, life will be peaceful. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The theory of Chinese medicine is that all diseases are generated by qi. But like a traumatic infection, I sometimes feel cold. It has nothing to do with anger. All diseases arise from qi, and all our diseases arise from anger.   First, anger hurts the liver. As long as your liver is not good, you must be angry. As long as you see your anger, you know that your liver must be bad. Nowadays, there are more liver cancers, and gay men get more liver cancers because of love for anger.   Second, hate and sad. Hate others, hate children, hate colleagues, hate relatives, as long as you hate others, hate qi will hurt your heart and damage your cardiovascular function. Many of us now have high blood pressure and high resentment. My uncle is also in his 70s this year. Before he retired, he was the general manager of Jiangsu Liyang Agricultural Machinery Company. He was in good health. Last year, he suffered a heart problem. At Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, he received surgical stents. Coming weaker and weaker in speech every day. When I went to see him in Liyang, he tried very hard to make it clear, but he couldn’t say it and he was weak. I asked my uncle, I said uncle who do you hate. My uncle said, I don’t hate anyone. I said, think about who you hate. He suddenly thought of someone, and he said I hated him to death. Who am I talking about? He said: “When I was the general manager, I cultivated successors. I didn’t expect that the successors I trained would do my little tricks behind the scenes. If you say I can’t get angry, I hate him. “This incident finally made my uncle very passive. The Commission for Discipline Inspection came to investigate. Fortunately, no problem was found. My uncle was very angry, saying that I was so good to him and promoted him, but he sued me to the Commission for Discipline Inspection for personal purposes and asked the Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate me. My uncle is sick because he hates him. Later, when my uncle saw this book, he knew that people can’t hate people. He stopped hating, and the heart problem was solved.   Third, resentment hurts the spleen. If a person is grieving, eating will not taste good. why? Insufficient temper, eating is not fragrant and tasteless. Insufficient temper will result in poor digestion, poor nutrition, and damage to the entire body.   Fourth, annoyance hurts the lungs. What is annoyance? That is, we say that we are jealous when we see people’s grades are better than me, people’s lives are better than me, people’s work is better than me, people have more money, and officials are big. If you are jealous of people, your anger at that time is annoyed, annoying people. When I was teaching in Harbin, there was a female comrade in Harbin who was in her fifties. She came to me during the break. Within two minutes before and after she talked to me, I just saw her out of breath. I asked her, who are you jealous of? This lesbian told me that she said she was jealous of her husband. She is even jealous of her husband! As long as a person is jealous and annoyed, his lungs will be insufficient and his speech will lose energy.   Fifth, annoying Qi hurts the kidney. It is annoying to look at people, to look at things, to look at yourself, and to live, to be annoying all day long, not doing things as you like, love to criticize, love to blame, always look at people’s shortcomings, never look at people’s strengths, and hate people , What’s your anger? Annoyed. Displeased qi damages the kidney, and the kidney function is destroyed.   When the five types of qi, resentment, hatred, anger, anger, and annoyance come up, the heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney are broken. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. As the saying goes, “all diseases are born from qi”, in fact, being angry not only hurts the body, but if you do something you shouldn’t do when you are angry, it may also cause many serious consequences , Causing injury to others and self. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. So many times, “retire” is wisdom, and “let” is happiness. As the saying goes: Take a step back, and the sky will be brighter; for a while, the wind will be calm.