The handsome Ukrainian model is a little bald, and his country can’t afford to plant it. He planted 1050 units in China.

The friend I made today is a foreigner, Mr. Juss of Ukraine, who is a graphic model in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. Ukraine is rich in beauties and handsome guys, Jazz is a handsome guy, otherwise he can’t be a model. Jazz is 25 years old. He is a perfectionist. He is tall, handsome, and likes all kinds of sports. He has very high requirements on the image. The model is to rely on the image to eat. However, there are also things that make you unsatisfactory, that is, the hairline recedes a little, especially the two frontal angles are more obvious, Jazz said that the hairline is naturally high. He was very distressed, so he deliberately ran from Quanzhou, China to Ukraine to find a way. People, when facing some difficulties, always think of the motherland, and his motherland is Ukraine. There are many body trainings in Ukraine, and there are also makeup schools, but it is impossible to solve the hairline problem. There is no way to retreat any drugs on the hairline, not to mention Ukraine, even the world. However, he inquired about hair transplantation and said that it is necessary to grow hair to solve the hairline. Jazz ran a lot of places and found that there are very few hair transplant hospitals in Ukraine, which are rare and expensive. Each hair and hair follicle unit is converted into RMB 100, which can’t be planted. He found nothing in his home country and went to his working place in Quanzhou, China, to search the hair transplant hospital in China on the Internet. The information network of the hair transplant hospital is more and more difficult to distinguish between true and false. Jazz is alert and afraid of being inattentive. Some of the hair transplant hospitals are deceived and spent money and no results. The cost of hair transplant in China is cheap, but that can’t be deceived. In February 2019, Jue Si came to Yonghe for consultation, and was also on alert. Yonghe’s doctor patiently explained his hair transplantation, explained Yonghe’s brand history, and more importantly took out many case photos and videos to show him the effect of Yonghe’s hair transplantation. Most of Jazz’s doubts were resolved, doctor He also explained Yonghe’s “five guarantees” and “three promises”. The core essence is to guarantee the survival rate of hair follicles. If the survival rate is not reached, the willingness to compensate the difference will be resolved. On February 26, 2019, Yonghe planted 1050 units for Jazz, and originally estimated to plant 990 before surgery. As a result, 60 more units were planted. It is said that FUE is the most economical for hairline planting. After all, planting in the blank area will not damage the original hair follicles, but Jazz still chose the more expensive LATTICE planting. This technology is expensive for Yonghe, but compared to The cost of hair transplanting in his home country Ukraine is a fraction, so he readily chose LATTICE encryption technology, after all, it is precision cultivation. Juez’s hair transplantation can be said to have no effect on his work. He came to Yonghe after dinner and had dinner. The operation started at 9:30 in the evening and ended at 0:30 for a total of 3 hours. That’s the time for a party. Now some people don’t have time for hair transplantation. In fact, it doesn’t take too much time for hair transplantation. A small area of ​​hair transplantation will be a meal time. After the operation, Yonghe’s doctors followed up the visit throughout the time. The notices in each time period were informed in time, and he greeted Jazz’s life and work, which made him feel different in a foreign country. More importantly, his hair grows more and more with the passage of time, his hairline moves forward, his forehead is full, coupled with fashionable clothing and model temperament, his handsomeness rises in droves. Guess what, because of the big change in image, he received more advertisements and more income. (Before surgery, Jazz’s two frontal angles retracted) (Look at his frontal angle again) (Preoperative side shot) (Preoperative posterior pillow) (Following hair follicles during surgery) (The day after surgery. Note that Jazz is Not haircut and hair transplant in front (the day after surgery) (7 days after surgery) (still 7 days after surgery) (posterior pillow after 7 days) (26 days after surgery, shedding period) (still 26 days) (operation Lateral light 26 days) (posterior pillow 26 days after surgery) (March 13 days after surgery) (still March 13 days after surgery, the planting area is the end of the shedding period.) (April after surgery) (operation Later May) (Six months after surgery) (Six months after surgery, fitness photos) (Six months after surgery, the handsome is fixed in time) (July after surgery, the frontal angle is full.) (July after surgery, comb your hair and hairline It is also full) (still in July after surgery) (posterior pillow in July after surgery. The 990 in the 4 pictures above is actually the estimated planting amount before surgery, and the actual planting is 1050 units.) (Fitness and selfie in July after surgery) (Jus, handsome!)