Thick hair is more important than money! Multi-millionaire divorced due to hair loss and then planted hair

Some women value money, even if you are bald and look bad, as long as you have money, she will follow you. Some women value their looks. Even if you have more money and a bad image, she is not as good as you. On March 20, 2019, the British “Sun” reported that real estate developer Benjamin was going on a blind date TV show, and in order to improve the hit rate, he decided to do a hair transplant. Why is it “on another blind date show”? I had a previous blind date show on TV and met a beautiful woman named Stephanie on the show. The two fell in love immediately, like lacquer, and then got married, but after marriage Soon his hair loss problem became a hidden danger in marital life, so Stephanie decided to leave him. Well, Benjamin, a million-dollar wealthy businessman, is a hair loss man. His hairline is severely receding. It is a full bald image. He is afraid that the second blind date on TV will be dragged by hair loss. Benjadin planted his hair in a private clinic in Manchester. He post photos of the hair transplant on social networking sites after surgery, which attracted many people to watch. The editor of Yonghe first converted it. The million pounds of wealthy merchants are equivalent to the tens of millions of renminbi merchants. The title points out that “millionaires” are converted. (The doctor is planting hair for Benjadin) & nbsp. (Benjadin just finished the operation, there is a scab in the seed area) (Benjadin laughs after the operation) The news came to an end, and then it is the news analysis: hair affects the image, and the image It also affects love and marriage. The real estate agent Benjadin is a wealthy businessman with money and a room. It is said that such a person can easily find a girlfriend, but it is not easy, because the image of hair loss is not good, and it has not been favored by girls. The show found a beauty, but it didn’t take long for people to leave him. This is the relationship between hair and love and marriage: there is no good hair image, can not attract women, even if occasionally attracted one, but it will be lost instantly. No wonder Ben Jardin sighed: Thick hair is more attractive than money! We repeat this sentence three more times-Thick hair is more attractive than money! Thick hair is more attractive than money! Thick Hair is more attractive than money! Friends who are reading this article, I do n’t know if this sentence poke you in the heart? We do n’t mean anything, I just hope you protect your hair well. Sometimes, hair is really better than money Also important! As for the close relationship between hair and marriage, as early as 11 years ago, Yonghe Xiaobian saw a survey data, which was also surveyed by the British media, and said that a questionnaire was issued to many adult women, and 90% of the women said , When looking for a partner, he will not find a bald man. This is not only true for British women, but also for Chinese women, but the proportions vary. It is not difficult to understand why the hair loss man is not easy to find the object, the key is to be caught in the hair. It was also a piece of news in the spring of 2019: At a blind date meeting in Shanghai, an aunt asked her daughter for an object, and there was a “don’t have hairless men” in her condition. Women in blind dates in big cities, including the elderly who replace their daughter Zhang Luo, are mostly left-over women with high education. You see, some women would rather “leave” a few more years than find men with hair loss. Is n’t this news heart-warming? Rather than sticking to the heart, it ’s better to step up and change the image of hair loss, just like the wealthy British businessman Ben Jardin, plant hair decisively, and then look for true love. Why is it necessary to transplant hair instead of other methods to solve the image of hair loss? Like Benjadin’s hairline retreat is hair follicle necrosis. In this case, there is no way for any medicine, only hair, and the hair from the back pillow is a long-lived hair follicle. Going up is also a longevity. Your hairline moves forward and your hair is handsome. Of course, if your hair loss is atrophy of hair follicles, you can use drugs. Most people with severe hair loss have hair follicle necrosis, so hair transplantation is the main cause. After the British rich businessman Ben Jardin planted his hair and was confident on the TV blind date, this time it is estimated that he can win some of her hearts. You are the one, but you can’t win her, not lack of money, not lack of room, but lack of hair! You are the one, but can’t win her, not lack of others, but lack of hair, and even lack of hair transplant! You and her In the final analysis, there is a lack of a bridge, a bridge for hair growth, and now Yong He stands up and is willing to be your bridge. (Yonghe’s hair transplant case)