Dr. Li Zhuhai: Analysis of Baihu Decoction Alternative Medicine and Its Application

Zhuhai Dr. Li: Analysis of Baihu Decoction alternative medicine and its addition and subtraction. Zhuhai City Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital Famous Doctor Studio/Lianhua Road Outpatient Department. Li Chongyu Baihu Decoction comes from the book “Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases” by Zhang Zhongjing in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. It is used for the treatment of both external and internal heat in Yangming, heat evil depression in the internal or three yang syndromes, and syndrome and treatment of evil heat with a preference for Yangming. It lays down and follows the therapeutic principle of the treatment of Li-Heat—clearing heat and purging fire. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners of the past dynasties regarded it as the classic prescription for relieving fever and reducing fever. However, Wu Jutong said in Article 9 of the Jiao Chapter in the “Discrimination of Febrile Diseases”: “The white tiger is fierce, evil is not its strength, and it is used properly. The original pole is the magic of seeing the shadows. If it is used improperly, it will cause harm. If you don’t sway, the cowards dare not use it, and you may miss the chance. The fierce waver does not ask how the pulse is, but uses it. There are many people who respond to it, and there are many dead. It is true that this is the reason, so I have no idea.” Although Baihu Tang only has 4 medicines, they cooperate with each other and fully reflect the characteristics of Chinese medicine compatibility. Therefore, for this prescription, many clinicians do not know how to replace the prescription with other medicines. It’s also because Mr. Pu Fuzhou once said, “You can’t cool down the qi, such as Shengdi and Scrophulariaceae. If you use it to prevent evil from reaching out and closing inward; if it’s a Baihu Deco Adding three yellows in the soup to detoxify and purify the fire, the nature of this recipe changes from pungent and cool to bitter cold, and becomes a “dead white tiger”, but it cannot clear its heat, or it may change from “hot” to “cold”, [ 1] Many clinicians dare not add or subtract. Mr. Pu Fuzhou was originally a warning. The original intent was not to add bitter-cold drugs at will, and the drugs would go down, so that the fever could not reach the table. Many people misunderstood Mr. Pu Fuzhou’s meaning. On the contrary, the clinic does not know how to add and subtract, and the white tiger decoction does not serve the clinic better. With regard to this, the author collects the opinions of the famous experts and analyzes the use of white tiger decoction instead of drugs and additions and subtractions, hoping to benefit Clinical use of Baihu Decoction.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.1. The source of Baihu Decoction Baihu Decoction comes from the book Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases by Zhang Zhongjing in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Three of them discuss the pulse syndrome of Baihu Decoction, and six discuss Baihu The pulse syndrome of adding ginseng decoction: 1. Typhoid fever, floating and slippery pulse. This is because there is heat on the surface and cold in the inside. Baihu Decoction is the main one. (176) 2. Sanyang syndrome, full abdomen, heavy body, difficult to turn side, insensitive mouth , Facial scale, delirium, enuresis. Sweating, delirium; underneath, sweating on the forehead, cold hands and feet. If spontaneous sweating, Baihutang is the main one. (219) 3. Typhoid fever and slippery pulse, there is heat inside , Baihu Tang is the main one. (350) 4. After taking Guizhi Tang, if you sweat profusely, you will suffer from polydipsia and have a lot of pulse. Baihu plus ginseng soup is the main one. (26) 5. Typhoid, if vomiting, if After going down, the heat stays inside, the inside and outside are hot, the bad wind, thirst, the tongue is dry and annoying, and those who want to drink several liters of water, the white tiger plus ginseng soup is the main one. (168) 6. Typhoid fever, no severe fever, dry mouth and thirst, upset, slightly aversion to cold on the back, Baihu plus ginseng soup is the main one. (169) 7. Typhoid pulse is floating, fever and no sweat, and its expression is incomprehensible. Do not use Baihu soup. Desire Drinking water, without evidence, Baihujia ginseng soup is the main one. (170) 8. If you are thirsty for drinking water, and your mouth is dry, Baihujia ginseng soup is the main one. (222) 9. The sun is hot, and it is also. His body sweats and aversion to cold, his body is hot and thirsty. Baihu plus ginseng soup is the main one (“Golden Chamber Synopsis” for the treatment of spasm and dampness and pulse disease) Zhongjing uses Baihu and Baihu plus ginseng soup, which depends on whether he is thirsty or not. Those who are thirsty use Baihu, and those who are thirsty and drinkers use Baihu plus ginseng soup. 2. The source of the name of Baihu Tang There are many sayings about the name of Baihu Tang. It is generally believed that Baihu is the 28th Pleiades Zhongkui, Lou, Wei, Pleiades, Bi, Zang, Sanchi The place is named after the seven places that look like a tiger. At dusk on the vernal equinox, this seven lodging is located in the west, and the west should belong to autumn in the season. Its color is white, hence the name white tiger. [2] The “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” says: “White Tiger, the golden god of the West, should return to the lungs in autumn. The summer is hot and the autumn is cool, and the heat of the summer heat can end in autumn. It is the name of the soup called the white tiger, which can stop heat. “3. Baihu Tang’s drug composition, efficacy, and prescriptions: Baihu Tang’s drug composition: Anemarrhena Liuliang, one catty of gypsum (crushed), two liang of licorice (sunburn), Liuhe japonica, four flavors, one with water Bucket, boil the rice, make the soup, and remove it. One liter of warm clothes, three times a day. In the prescription, the gypsum of Xingan and Great Cold is used as the king to clear away the evil heat of the lungs and stomach, relieve the heat of the muscles, and can produce body fluids and quench thirst. The minister uses the bitter cold of Zhimu to moisturize, which not only helps the plaster to clear the air and separate the heat.

What should gout patients eat?

Patients with gout should eat more foods high in potassium and kidney strengthening. Bananas, broccoli, celery and other high potassium content, eating more can reduce the precipitation of uric acid and help excrete uric acid from the body. At the same time, more alkaline foods should be added, such as kelp, cabbage, celery, cucumber, apple, tomato and other fruit thinning. Traditional Chinese medicine experts believe that kidney-guiding foods can help excrete uric acid. It can be drunk according to the recipes of rehmannia, cornus, Chinese yam, Alisma orientalis, paeonol, and poria cocos to gain yin and nourish the kidney.   Due to the inconvenience of gout patients, you can eat more foods that promote qi and blood circulation, and relax muscles and muscles, such as using mulberry to cook sugar water and lotus seeds. Patients with gout should drink plenty of water every day. Apple cider vinegar and honey can be consumed regularly. Here are some porridge and soups that are beneficial to gout patients. (1) Radish porridge: Take 250 grams of radish, 30 grams of vegetable oil, and 30 grams of japonica rice. Cut the radishes into shreds, cook them in a frying pan, add 750 ml of water, and cook the porridge with the japonica rice. Finally, add some salt and monosodium glutamate. Yes, it is suitable for regular consumption. It is also suitable for drinking when gout attacks.   (2) Grape porridge: Take 30 grams of fresh grapes, 50 grams of japonica rice, and 750 ml of water. Use fresh grapes and japonica rice to cook the porridge together. It is advisable to eat regularly. It is suitable for authors with acute gout.   (3) Celery porridge: 100 grams of celery (even the beard), 30 grams of japonica rice, 750 ml of water. Wash and chop the celery and cook the porridge with the japonica rice. Add salt and MSG when it is almost cooked.  (4) Papaya soup: 100 grams of papaya and 30 grams of coix seed. After decoction of papaya and coix seed, the residue can be filtered out and it can be drunk. It has the effects of clearing away heat, removing dampness, and relieving pain. It is suitable for joint pain caused by acute gout.  (5) Chestnut porridge: 30 grams of chestnut flour, 50 grams of glutinous rice, 750 ml of water, cook chestnut flour and glutinous rice together in porridge, suitable for those who have not suffered from gout.   (6) Yellow flower wine: 30 grams of fresh day lily, appropriate amount of rice wine, decoct the day lily in water, filter out the residue, and eat it once a day. It has a certain effect on joint pain, redness, and stiffness caused by gout.

Diet small remedies for treating gout

First of all, the food selected for diet therapy must meet the dietary requirements of gout patients. For example, some whole grains containing carbohydrates are better choices. With some medicinal ingredients, they can bring patients to recovery. A certain auxiliary role. First of all, the first remedy we recommend is barley and red bean porridge. The specific method is very simple, 50 grams of Chixiaodou, 50 grams of coix seed, porridge served once a day, can be eaten as breakfast. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, diuresis and dampness, and is conducive to the excretion of uric acid. The second one is Smilax glabra japonica rice porridge, with 30 grams of Smilax glabra and 50 grams of japonica rice. First, decocting Smilax glabra into a medicinal solution, and then boiled into the rice porridge, has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, and removing dampness. The third is yam scallion porridge. The method is to use 100 grams of raw yam, 10 grams of scallion white, 50 grams of japonica rice, 30 grams of Qing Pinellia, 30 grams of astragalus, and an appropriate amount of sugar. Boil, add sugar and eat. It has the functions of replenishing qi and promoting yang, resolving phlegm and eliminating numbness, and is suitable for gout caused by spleen deficiency and turbid phlegm, resulting in qi deficiency and phlegm obstruction.

Black fungus and red date porridge in treating leukopenia

Leukopenia is one of the common blood diseases in the clinic. This disease will enhance the therapeutic effect when combined with diet therapy. The 4 commonly used diet methods are as follows: 1. Black fungus red jujube porridge 30 grams black fungus, red jujube 20 grams, Japonica rice and black fungus are torn into small pieces after hair is washed. Red dates are boiled in water and then pitted and diced. The fungus and rice are cooked into porridge, mixed with dates and brown sugar, and cooked for another 20 minutes for breakfast, dinner or snacks. 2. Zihe car porridge, half fresh zhe car, 250 grams lean pork, 10 slices of ginger, 100 grams glutinous rice, separate the fascial blood vessels of the placenta, wash the blood and cut the lean pork with the lean pork after removing blood, cut the ginger It is cooked as porridge with japonica rice. After the porridge is cooked, add onion, salt, and a little condiment, and take it 2 to 3 times a week, even 20 times. 3. Goji mutton porridge 50 grams of wolfberry, 500 grams of lamb bones, 3 black beans, 10 jujubes, 50 grams of japonica rice, crush the lamb bones, and boil with medlars, black beans, jujubes, and japonica rice in the casserole Congee, seasoned and served, once every other day, can be taken for a long time. 4. Astragalus monkshood chicken (bill, mutton) 120 grams of raw astragalus, 30 grams of cooked aconite, stewed about 500 grams of hen, eat meat and soup, eat once every 10 days, suitable for white blood cells with qi and blood deficiency. If the yang is not cooked, the hen is not cooked, the hen is changed to lamb, and the yin is cooked, the hen is changed to the turtle. In addition, as a patient with leukopenia, the usual diet should pay attention to: more food is easy to digest, and it has the effect of supplementing the heart, spleen, liver and kidney, supplementing qi and nourishing blood, avoiding foods such as spicy and frying, and quitting smoking and alcohol.

Learn to make 3 kinds of health porridge, easy to resist fatigue, quickly transfer to family and friends

Chronic fatigue often causes many symptoms of systemic discomfort, such as mental atrophy, sore hands and feet, body aches, headache, dizziness, inattention, and low work efficiency. These syndromes are often referred to as “chronic fatigue syndrome.” The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention regards it as “the greatest enemy of mankind in the 21st century.” Western medicine has no good plan for the treatment of this disease. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that its occurrence is mainly the disorder of liver, spleen and kidney function, coupled with long-term mental tension, physical and mental fatigue, resulting in the imbalance of qi, blood, yin and yang. You may wish to try the following kinds of medicated porridge to adjust, maybe you can get satisfactory results. 1. Chicken Guijing Rice Porridge Decoction of astragalus, angelica, jujube, and cinnamon 2 times with water, 30 minutes after the second boiling, take 2000 ml of medicinal juice, and put it into casserole with black bone chicken and japonica rice, and cook the porridge together. Add the right amount of salt and eat chicken to drink porridge 1-2 times a week. The porridge has the functions of nourishing and strengthening the body, adjusting the functions of internal organs, and can play a significant anti-fatigue effect. 2. Ginseng glutinous rice porridge takes 10 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of yam powder and 50 grams of glutinous rice respectively, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar. First slice the ginseng into thin slices, cook porridge with glutinous rice and yam, add brown sugar when the porridge is cooked, take it while warm, take it once a day. The porridge has various effects such as nourishing vitality, exciting the central nervous system, anti-fatigue, and strengthening the heart. Therefore, consuming the porridge has a good effect on chronic fatigue syndrome. However, it should be noted that patients with hypertension and fever should not take it. 3. Black fish yam porridge Take 1 black fish, cut off the internal organs, 50 grams each of yam and japonica rice, appropriate amount of various spices. Put the sliced ​​black fish into a bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, green onion and salt, mix well, and cook porridge with yam and japonica rice once a day. The porridge has the functions of supplementing qi and blood, strengthening muscles and strengthening bones, and strengthening muscles. Taking the porridge frequently, fatigue can be eliminated. (Zhai Guanchao said healthy)&nbsp.&nbsp.

Recommended diet-suitable for patients with mild thrombocytopenic purpura!

The therapeutic purpose of thrombocytopenic purpura is mainly to improve the platelet value. For the sick people with relatively mild disease, it is recommended to cooperate with diet therapy, which can greatly improve the condition, and the thrombocytopenic purpura is milder. Consider diet therapy. For many years, patients have recommended these five courses: ginseng + lotus: take ginseng 9 grams, dry lotus grass 9 grams, the right amount of sugar, 60 grams of japonica rice. Stew the ginseng slices first. Wash the decoction of the water lily grass and remove the dregs, and put it into the pot together with the cleaned and cleaned japonica rice. Red glutinous rice + lamb bone: Take 1-2 lamb shin bones, 20 red dates, 100 grams of glutinous rice. Wash and crush the lamb’s shin bones, add appropriate amount of water to fry the soup, and after deboning, put it into the pot together with the cleaned japonica rice and the pitted red dates. Serve after seasoning. Peanut + Longan: Peanut rice, jujube 30 grams, longan meat 10 grams, japonica rice 50 grams, eat with porridge. Peanut + Red Date: Peanut 50g, Red Date 30g. Soak the peanuts in warm water for half an hour, take the skin, wash the red dates and warm the water to soak, boil the peanut clothes and red dates for half an hour with the dipping water, add the appropriate brown sugar. This is a one-day serving, drink juice three times to eat dates and peanuts. Round meat + peanut: Longan meat 12g, coated peanut 25g, jujube 15g. The jujube is pitted and cooked with peanut kernels and longan meat with water. This is a daily dose and is consumed twice. In summary, according to the situation, you can carry out the appropriate diet for your own condition. It is recommended that patients usually eat food that is soft, light, and easy to digest, preferably semi-liquid or soft rice. You can use a small amount, multiple meals. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and search more: xxbjs1

Did you really choose the right diet and medical diet for leukemia patients?

Medicated diet and diet can regulate the health of patients and promote the recovery of their illness. I do n’t need to say how important it is, so what foods and medical diets in our daily life can help us treat leukemia? We go directly to the topic. Patients with leukemia must pay attention to choose to eat easily digestible protein foods when eating. Protein can ensure the normal operation of various organs. Only in this way can we contend with the disease, which is very conducive to the control of the disease. Moreover, it is necessary to cooperate with the diet method of eating less and eating more meals, which can reduce the involvement of food in the internal organs of patients. Of course, vitamins are also essential for patients. Studies have shown that eating more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can prevent cancer cells from forming and spreading. Ingesting a lot of vitamin C can also enhance the body’s local matrix resistance and systemic immune function, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling and assisting the treatment of cancer. Another very important point is to choose food according to the condition of the disease. There are many types of diets in China, and people have a lot of choice in daily life. But as a patient, how to choose a diet? This is a problem. All in all, patients can not be taste-loving without restrictions, they must choose nutritious and balanced, and strive to supplement nutrition, only this will be beneficial to the condition. Having said so many requirements is to make everyone understand that we are targeted when we are eating or making medicated meals, not without understanding it. We must choose those ingredients in detail. 1. Strawberry lemon juice 90g, honey 50ml, lemon juice 90ml, watermelon juice 60ml. Mix the strawberry juice with other ingredients and mix well, add some ice cubes, then drink. 2-3 times a day. 2. One aloe drink (about 30 cm long), 25 grams of sugar, one apple and one pear. Press the aloe, apple and pear to squeeze out the juice with a squeezer. The juice can be mixed with sugar and ready to drink. 2 times a day. 3. 30 grams of Lithospermum Rubiae Root Porridge, 15 grams of Lithospermum, 15 grams of Rubia Root and 60 grams of japonica rice. Add 500 ml of water to Shengji, Lithospermum, and Rubia root, and boil it into 300 ml. The medicinal juice, add appropriate amount of water and rice porridge to eat. 4. Sea cucumber asparagus porridge 100 grams, asparagus 25 grams, japonica rice 100 grams, a little rock sugar. Slice the sea cucumber; asparagus cut diagonal strips to fry the thick juice, remove the residue, add porridge of japonica rice and sea cucumber, boil and add an appropriate amount of crystal sugar, until the porridge is cooked and eaten 1-2 times a day. 5. Adenophora japonicus Cordyceps stewed turtle meat, Yuzhu 15 grams each, Cordyceps 5 grams, turtle meat 100 grams, put in a stew pot and simmer for 3 hours in water, seasoning soup meat.