Classical Moment-Doctor Haishu’s Rereading the Internal Classic-Wulun 0530

[Original] Emperor Huang said: How can supplement diarrhea? Qi Bo said: Xu entered Xu Xu, which is called Qi. Relief is invisible, which is the same. There are more than enough shortcomings. Huang Di said: Yunhu Zaodao! Obviously! Please write the jade edition and order “Governance of Chaos”. [Translation] Huang Di said: How to use the method of supplementing and relieving? Qi Bo said: Slowly insert the needle and slowly withdraw the needle, this technique is called air conduction. This is called homosexuality without using obvious remedies. Because the above-mentioned five disorder diseases are neither positive evidences of evil spirits nor false syndromes of lack of righteousness, but only lesions formed by the rebelliousness of the Qi machine, this method is adopted. Huang Di said: The treatment method you mentioned is really appropriate! Your analysis is really clear and precise! Please allow me to burn this content on the jade edition and name it “Governance”. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu said: Qi reversal chaos, distinguish between truth and falseness, or guide or supplement. The same is true in life. The Greater Bay Area can accept Hong Kong residents, and some people have granted refugee status to Hong Kong alone. Without the environment of Hong Kong independence, Hong Kong is still our district.