The big-name celebrity planted hair five times, kept it secret for 17 years, and now finally recruited.

He is a big star in Hollywood! He is a Grammy-nominated Broadway musical actor! He has starred in “Green”, “Behind the Candlestick”, “I Am a Comedy”, “Happy Chorus”, “American Horror Story”! He is famous in the United States Actor Cheyenne Jackson! You see that he has a hair on stage and in life, plus a strong face and sexy eyes, it is definitely a beautiful man. We take it for granted that his hair is inherently good and does not “wear” in the day after tomorrow. Such good hair will not be associated with hair transplantation-he will not plant hair in the future! However, we all think wrong, we Think forward but not backward. In fact, he has had hair transplants in the past, and he has had hair transplants 5 times, he kept it secret for 17 years! The day before yesterday (May 26, 2020), Cheyenne Jackson publicly admitted himself on Twitter For the hair transplant, he said: I have kept this secret for 17 years. I have been worried that this matter will be exposed. My back pillow has a ring-shaped scar. This is not left by brain surgery. It is not that I was swimming in the sea. The shark attacked, but I left behind the previous hair transplant. I have done 5 hair transplants. Now I “recognize” everyone about the hair transplant. My inner guilt and anxiety have been reduced a lot … Chey Jackson ’s push There is a picture in the text, one is a front view, and the other is a back pillow. The back pillow has a ring-shaped scar, and the scar is one finger wide, winding from the back pillow to the sides above the ear. (Shaan Jackson’s Twitter picture) The current friend may not know what the scar is, please allow Yong He to explain, this is the scar left by the FUT hair transplant surgery. In the last seven or eight years, hair transplantation in mainland China is a uniform FUE operation without surgery. FUT surgery for surgery and suturing is not used, and half of them are FUE hair transplantation and half are FUT hair transplantation abroad. Yong He ’s editor is not clear whether Cheyenne Jackson ’s five hair transplants are all FUT or one of them is FUT technology. Cheyenne Jackson said that she had hereditary hair loss in her family, and that her brother also had hair loss. She later shaved her head. She started to lose hair at the age of 22, and it became more and more serious. Others did n’t like themselves, even they did n’t like themselves. It makes people feel inferior. At the age of 28, I did the first hair transplant without the knowledge of everyone, and then kept the hair transplant confidential, not to disclose to anyone … The price of hair transplant is very expensive, but it is worth it. Listen, he concealed hair transplants from everyone—everyone—and he did n’t reveal a little bit of wind in 17 years. What a secret decision! Now some people in China always say, “Why do n’t celebrity hair transplants?” In fact, it is a pseudo-problem. On the one hand, many celebrities have planted their hair and made it public. On the one hand, some celebrities have stolen the hair for a long time, but everyone does not know that you see his or her beautiful hair is actually the hair. The editor of Yonghe appeared to say that I met a big-name star hair transplant in a hair transplant hospital 8 years ago. The absolute best domestic star, but now the outside world knows nothing about his hair transplant. On the one hand, he signed with the hospital In the confidentiality agreement, the hospital must keep secret about his hair transplantation. On the other hand, the people we meet must be kept secret. Xiao He, editor of Yonghe, puts it this way, the stars of public hair transplants in China are not as good as those of secret hair transplants! There are no hair transplants for the uninvented stars, but there are also a large number of hair transplants, but people who are secret are not known by good outsiders! Like Xia An · Jackson ’s hair transplantation has been kept secret for 17 years. If it ’s not the epidemic, he ’s still going to keep it secret! The reason why Cheyenne Jackson admitted to having had a hair transplant and showing the scars left by the hair transplant is still due to the current severe epidemic. Faced with the virus is not worth mentioning, and to let children know the real things, including the truth about their own hair transplant, then decisively admit the past hair transplant. Well, humans have experienced this epidemic, and what are you afraid of acknowledging a hair transplant? What the editor of Yonghe wants to say is: Chinese hair loss people, we have all experienced this epidemic, are we afraid of a hair transplant? Come to Yonghe to plant hair Well, give yourself a perfect hair image! & Nbsp. Also, don’t worry about leaving a scar after hair transplant like Cheyenne Jackson, it won’t leave a scar in Yonghe, our hair transplant surgery is not surgery and stitching FUT, but FUE and LATTICE technology without surgery or stitching! (Yonghe’s hair transplant effect.)