Can people with vitiligo eat jackfruit?

   Jackfruit is a kind of fruit from India. It loves hot and humid places. Its shell is green or yellow, hard, heavy and covered with small spikes. And its flesh is golden yellow, one by one around the core, it is very convenient to eat. The pulp of jackfruit is very sweet and can be made into canned jackfruit, wine, etc. It is a kind of fruit that has been loved by diners in recent years. So, can patients with vitiligo eat jackfruit?   1. The value of jackfruit The nutritional value of jackfruit is also very high. It is rich in protein, carbohydrates and various vitamins and minerals. Minerals can enhance our immunity, while protein, Nutrient elements such as sugars and vitamins are the basis for maintaining our body’s operation. Eating jackfruit can promote the body’s metabolism, improve edema, inflammation and other problems. Not only that, jackfruit has medicinal value. Its pulp can relieve alcohol poisoning, and the nut can improve qi and promote milk, which can relieve postpartum spleen deficiency and insufficient milk. symptom. Unfinished jackfruit can also be used to make canned food or wine, and its taste is very sweet and delicious.   2. Vitiligo patients try not to eat jackfruit. Although jackfruit is rich in nutrients and beneficial to the human body after eating, jackfruit is rich in vitamin C. As we all know, vitamin C has a great effect on whitening, and the most important thing in the treatment of vitiligo is to promote the growth of melanocytes. Eating too much jackfruit is contradictory to the treatment of vitiligo. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should try not to eat jackfruit. If you want to eat jackfruit, you should also ask your doctor and control your appetite. Reminder: The skin of patients with vitiligo is more fragile and sensitive. There are many small details in life that need to be paid attention to, such as diet, exercise, sleep, bathing, etc., which must be paid more attention than ordinary people, and if you are confused, you should immediately ask the doctor , Otherwise a little carelessness may affect the condition.