Why does hair loss begin when I study abroad? (With reference to a case of improving the forehead of a foreign brother)

As a hair transplant doctor, I met a lot of students studying abroad and came to see me for hair loss after returning home. Why do you lose your hair when studying abroad? What are the scientific principles? Here I want to tell you the reason for this is — water quality, hard water can cause hair loss. Shampoo or soap contains sodium stearate. When it comes in contact with hard water, it will produce two kinds of precipitates: sodium stearate and magnesium stearate. When shampooing, these precipitates are easy to adhere to the scalp, clogging the hair follicles and then easy to lose hair , “Hard water” has a certain degree of weak alkalinity due to the presence of calcium carbonate. The harder the water, the stronger the alkalinity. The hair growth environment likes weakly acidic, so often wash your hair in a weakly alkaline environment, especially the shampoo is also relatively alkaline, then after a long time, the hair will gradually be corroded to a certain extent, resulting in more hair loss . Most of the tap water in the world is hard water, just the degree. Take the United States as an example, the water quality is harder than harder. Most of the general household water softeners are used to filter drinking water, and the usage is not very large. They are installed in the kitchen and the size of the machine is small. But to use it for bathing and shampooing, a large water softener needs to be installed in the garage or other places with more space, and it is impossible to put it in the house. A large water softener is like a refrigerator. It is large and not cheap. It costs thousands of dollars to install it, and the filter element needs to be replaced every six months, costing hundreds of dollars each time. Generally, apartments do not have large water softeners, and it is even impossible to install them by yourself. Even if you are asked to install them, they will not be removed after living for two years, which is really not cost-effective. In addition to water quality, hair loss is related to one’s own physical condition. Once a person enters a new environment, coupled with jet lag, the human body’s functions will change a lot, the hair cycle changes, and many hairs will enter the resting period early. At the same time, the body hormones will become disordered. If you have hair loss genes, it will induce hair loss genes. How can people improve hair loss abroad? You can heat the water and wait for the water to cool before washing your hair, or buy a shower head that can slightly improve the hard water to make the water less hard. In addition, we should also pay attention to healthy diet, regular life routines, and appropriate supplementation of vitamin B family to relieve hair loss. If you find that your hair loss is serious, the hairline is shifted back, and the top of your head is bare, go back to your country for medical treatment in time, go to a professional hair hospital for a hair follicle test, and ask the doctor to give you a suitable plan. There are clear medical methods that can improve Hair loss. Medication, hair transplant or mesodermal maintenance can all improve hair loss. The picture below is a hair friend of mine, a typical m-shaped hairline, hair transplantation improved the recovery for 7 months, for the reference of hair friends. The perfectionist Ukrainian boy Jess, as a model, has always had extremely high demands on his external image. To maintain his figure and control body fat, he only made trouble on the hairline. In order to resist the receding forehead, Jace tried various drugs, but none of them worked. Jess finally gave up the path of seeking medicine. But when he heard about the hair transplant, he rekindled his confidence. Jace traveled all over Ukraine, and there were very few hair transplant hospitals. After learning the price, he dropped his jaw even more. It costs 100 yuan for a unit of hair follicle to convert into RMB! ! Jues bluntly can’t afford to plant, can’t afford to plant! After Jess came to China, he searched for Chinese hair transplant hospitals everywhere, but there was too much information on the Internet, and it was difficult to distinguish between true and false. In February 2019, after comparing various information online, Jess decided to come to Yonghe for consultation. After learning about Yonghe’s brand history in detail, and seeing the comparison pictures before and after hair transplants made by the friends, Jesse was obviously more relieved. After learning about Yonghe’s “Five Commitment Agreement”, Jesse’s worries can be said. Completely eliminated. On the day of consultation, Jess decided to operate. The picture below is a hairline hair transplant tailored for him 7 days later ↓ 26 days after hair transplantation, it enters the fall-off period. At this time, more hair will fall off, so don’t worry. , Will grow later ↓3 months after the operation, the hair on the forehead slowly began to grow rapidly ↓5 months after the operation, the photo of Jess’s model filled the forehead and the hairline became fuller ↓6 after the operation For months, Jace, who loves sports, has already exercised in the gym, so he no longer has to worry about getting stronger and becoming bald. ↓7 months after surgery, Jace returned to the hospital for review. Jace under the SLR HD lens has a delicate and flawless hairline. ↓After 7 months of hair transplantation, with muscles, the rate of return will definitely burst! Recently, many friends have sent private messages asking me whether there is no effect after using finasteride. Will the effect of hair transplant be good? in fact