How to treat bleeding in patients with hemophilia? How is the effect?

When patients develop inhibitors of factor VIII or IX, treatment of bleeding with factor VIII or IX products may no longer be effective. In these cases, products such as Sevenfact can bypass Factor VIII and Factor IX reactions, thereby promoting coagulation and controlling bleeding. Sevenfact’s safety and effectiveness were determined based on data from a clinical study that included 27 patients with hemophilia A or B who developed inhibitors. The study evaluated the therapeutic effect 12 hours after the initial dose: the proportion of successful treatment for mild or moderate bleeding was about 86%-meaning that no further treatment of bleeding was required after 12 hours, no blood products were given and there was no increase in pain . The study also included 3 cases of severe bleeding, all successfully treated with higher doses. Common side effects of Sevenfact include headache, dizziness, infusion site discomfort, infusion-related reactions, infusion site hematoma, and fever. In addition, patients who are allergic to rabbits or rabbit proteins are prohibited from using this therapy. If you have any questions about this article or the disease, please feel free to follow us on WeChat and find out more: xueyb120