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Contraception is a unique behavior of human beings. It has been popular for thousands of years. But the previous method of contraception was not a small secretion, it is really hard to say. For example, the ancient Egyptians used pomegranate seeds mixed with paraffin to make cones, and they knew that the user experience was definitely not good; or if lemon was stuffed into the vagina, it worked, but the stimulation was really stimulating. &nbsp.For example, oriental women take mercury, lead, arsenic and other toxic substances to achieve the contraceptive effect. “One cup for tomorrow, one cup for death.” At first glance, they want to poison the fetus and avoid pregnancy, but they are actually harming themselves. These toxic substances may cause women to become infertile for life, or even poison themselves. Of course, there are also a series of contraceptive measures such as crocodile papa, mule earwax, weasel testicles, musk, weasel testicles, spider sperm repellent, etc. have been invented. It is a different matter if they are not useful. It is said that the ancient Chinese used fish swim bladder to make condoms, as well as sheep intestines to make condoms. If you are interested in children’s shoes, you can search which museum collections are available. When you are free, you can check it out and add some useless knowledge. There is also said that it is made of pig bladder. Although no one has seen the real thing, Xiao Mi still can’t help but feel a chill. Uh… Throughout the history of human contraception, we can see that almost all contraceptive measures are Used on women, and the wonderful contraceptive method mentioned above is simply the best way to harm women! Until the end of the 15th century, the outbreak of syphilis created a “suit”-the lamb cecal condom. Its appearance ended the sexual persecution of women. &nbsp.[Strange knowledge points added] In the late 17th century, a British physician, Joseph Condom, cut the cecum of a lamb to an appropriate length, then dried it, and then made it with fat and wheat bran Soft until it becomes a thin rubber-like shape, a condom is made. Condom (Condom) is named after its inventor Joseph Condom (Joseph Condom). Different from modern condoms, the “cecal sleeve” is recyclable, three years new, three years old, and another three years of stitching. Of course, the ancient Romans were still clever and invented a contraceptive product called “bronze cervical pad”. Because of its good contraceptive effect, it has been used today and has gradually evolved into today’s contraceptive ring. &nbsp. The contraceptive mechanism of the intrauterine contraceptive ring (IUD) The intrauterine contraceptive device is a safe, effective, economical, simple and reversible contraceptive tool. It is still the main contraceptive method for women of childbearing age in my country. However, the contraceptive mechanism is generally very complicated, and it has not yet been fully understood. The main principles are as follows: Toxic effects on sperm and embryos・Compression produces inflammatory reactions that are toxic to embryos, and at the same time produces a large number of phagocytes covering the endometrium, affecting the implantation of fertilized eggs, phagocytosing sperm and affecting embryo development; ・Copper Ions have a toxic sperm-killing effect, so that sperm cannot be energized. Interference with implantation・Long-term foreign body stimulation damages the endometrium, produces an inflammatory response, releases prostaglandins, changes fallopian tube peristalsis, and hinders the simultaneous implantation of fertilized eggs and endometrial development; ・Activation of ischemic endometrium and phagocytes Fibrinolytic enzyme dissolves and absorbs blastocysts; ・Toxic effects of copper ions: spermicide, affects the normal metabolism of endometrial cells, hinders fertilized egg implantation and embryo development. Levonorgestrel IUD・inhibits ovulation;・changes cervical mucus It is not conducive to sperm penetration. Indomethacin IUD・ inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins, reduces the contraction of the uterus and reduces the bleeding pain and other uncomfortable reactions after ring placement. In addition to the contraceptive ring, what other contraceptive measures can I choose? &nbsp. Informed choice of contraceptive methods is an important part of quality family planning services. It is still necessary for women of childbearing age to choose appropriate, safe and effective contraceptive methods according to their own characteristics and different periods! Conventional recommendations are as follows during the wedding period. Young couples have not yet given birth, and should choose a contraceptive method that is convenient to use and does not affect fertility. For example, compound short-acting contraceptives, male condoms, female contraceptive suppositories, and female contraceptive membranes. However, in vitro excretion, long-acting contraceptives or repeated use of emergency contraceptives are not recommended during the safe period. Breastfeeding&nbsp. Under the principle of not affecting breast milk and infant health, it is recommended to use male condoms and single progesterone

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There are many types of contraception. Among them, placing an IUD, which is what we call “the upper ring”, is a long-term, safe, and effective method of contraception. There are many types of IUDs, and their years of use are also different. Some menopausal women have placed IUDs for a long time and think that they have no effect on health. On the other hand, they are also afraid that it is difficult to remove the IUD or cause pain Therefore, I did not take out the IUD after menopause, which caused the IUD to “overdue service.” In fact, if the IUD is placed for too long and exceeds its age, it will be prone to incarceration of the IUD and even pierce the uterus into the abdominal cavity, causing serious consequences. Especially during menopause, women’s ovarian function declines, hormones secreted by the ovaries gradually decrease, and the uterus loses the support of estrogen, it will gradually shrink, and the volume of the uterine cavity will also shrink, but the size of the intrauterine device is unchanged. At this time, it is easy for the IUD to embed or even pierce. What should I remove or replace after IUD is placed? 1. Symptoms of side effects: some women will have symptoms such as backache and lower abdominal distension after placing the IUD, most of them will gradually relieve after rest, and some women will have menstrual dripping after placing the IUD If there are serious complications such as infection, ectopic birth control, contraceptive implantation, and uterine perforation, if there is no improvement after treatment, the intrauterine birth control ring should be removed. 2. Pregnancy with ring: In the rare cases of contraception, contraceptive failure may occur. In general, women with ring pregnancy should terminate pregnancy, and remove the IUD at the same time as termination of pregnancy. 3. Treatment: When female cervical lesions require laser, freezing, microwave and other treatments, if an IUD is placed, the IUD should be removed in advance for local treatment. 4. Menopausal women: Menopausal women should remove the IUD after half a year of menopause, and it should not be delayed for too long. 5. The contraceptive device exceeds the service life: the contraceptive device has its service life, the “O” ring can generally be used for 10-15 years, the “T” ring can generally be used for 8-10 years, and the “Mother Music” ring can generally be used. 5 years and so on. The IUD exceeds its service life and should be removed. What should I do if an abnormal situation occurs? 1. Bleeding: After placing the IUD, some women will experience increased menstrual flow, prolonged menstrual periods, and menstrual dripping. If the symptoms are mild, you can observe them for a period of time. If the symptoms are obvious, you should go to the hospital in time. Or after the treatment, the symptoms are still obviously not improved, you should consider replacing the IUD or removing the IUD to use other contraceptive methods. 2. Lower abdominal pain: Some women will experience discomfort such as lower abdominal distension or backache after placing the IUD. Generally speaking, physiological pain will gradually relieve within 10 days, but if the pain lasts more than 1 Month, we must consider whether it is caused by pathological factors. At this time, we should see a doctor in time to find the cause. When necessary, we may need to take out the IUD. 3. Increased secretions: IUDs with tail wires may cause increased secretions in the cervical canal. Infection after placement of the IUD will also cause increased secretions. Generally, the former’s secretion traits are not abnormal and no treatment is required. After a few months, the secretions will decrease after the tissue adapts, and the secretions of the latter are usually abnormal and have a bad smell, and need to be treated in a timely manner. 4. Intrauterine device ectopic: the intrauterine device can move downwards, which may lead to ring pregnancy, and the insertion and insertion of the intrauterine device may cause more serious consequences, and all need to be removed in time. .

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How much does menstruation count? More than 80ml is too much. In fact, when the amount of menstruation is large, the relationship between the amount of menstruation and organic lesions is much closer than the amount of menstruation, so it must be paid attention to. ● Cause of occurrence: 1. Uterine fibroids 2. Endometrial hyperplasia and polyps 3. Adenomyosis 4. Intrauterine device ● & nbsp. Inspection methods: gynecological examination, vaginal color Doppler ultrasound, blood routine, coagulation function test, Hormonal examination, ● clinical treatment: hysteroscopy (surgical), intrauterine device, medical treatment, surgical treatment. In summary, most of the menstrual flow is abnormal vaginal bleeding, often related to organic lesions, In particular, women with perimenopause appear to have a sudden increase in menstruation, so they must see a doctor in time. & nbsp. Mr. Chen of Sichuan Department of Gynecology invites you to “be a beautiful woman and enjoy a healthy life”.