Quench thirst, relieve heat and replenish water? Although watermelon is good, the doctor advises 4 types of people: if you like to eat it, you must control your mouth

The most comfortable thing on a hot day is to blow on the air conditioner and eat watermelon. The juicy and sweet watermelon has become an essential fruit for people to cool off the heat. Eating watermelon can effectively replenish people’s body moisture and relieve the annoying heat. But at the same time, all kinds of rumors about watermelon are hot searched from time to time. Is a watermelon really equal to six bowls of rice? Because watermelon is rich in water, its calories are not high. 100 grams of watermelon meat without melon skin has about 30 kcal, which is similar to strawberry. A watermelon of about 8-10 kg, eats 1/4 at a time, it is 150-200 kcal, almost similar to a small bowl of rice. But the problem is that you don’t feel full during spring sleep, and you don’t feel full when you eat melons. Because the water content of the watermelon itself is large, the glycemic index is too high, not to mention that some people like to hold half a watermelon and eat with a spoon. If it doesn’t come down, it becomes like this: Although watermelon is good, these people still eat less! Eating watermelon itself can effectively relieve heat and clear away heat, and it can also supplement the lack of body fluid caused by excessive sweating, and the effect of producing body fluid and quenching thirst is very good. 1. People who are prone to diarrhea should not eat watermelon because of its cold nature. People with yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and diarrhea must be careful not to eat it. Especially for people who are prone to diarrhea, eating watermelon is prone to diarrhea and aggravated abdominal pain. In severe cases, hospitalization is required. Therefore, people who are prone to diarrhea should not eat watermelon. 2. People with diabetes should eat carefully. Although the sugar content of watermelon is not high, its glycemic index is a lever in the fruit industry! The GI of watermelon is 72, which not only surpasses other fruits (apples and grapes 36), but also far surpasses some staple foods, such as millet porridge, which is only 62. For this situation, people with diabetes should pay attention to avoid losing blood sugar control and affecting their condition. 3. Patients with peptic ulcer should not eat watermelon. When everyone eats watermelon, they will find that watermelon tastes sweet. It can be said that its sugar content is relatively high. However, some friends suffering from peptic ulcer disease should pay attention to this. Due to high sugar, the condition of peptic ulcer patients is likely to get worse. For acute fever, watermelon may be a good choice worth mentioning. People who have acute fever, thirst and irritability caused by cold and fever, and symptoms such as dizziness or polydipsia caused by drunk can all eat watermelon. To relieve symptoms. Chinese medicine shows: watermelon Guixin, stomach, bladder meridian, watermelon effectively relieves the upset and chest tightness caused by the hyperactivity of the heart, as well as the symptoms of dry mouth and thirst caused by the hyperactivity of the stomach. It has a good therapeutic effect on symptoms such as heat in the bladder leading to poor urination, or short red and astringent pain. As for the watermelon rind, it is also a good thing. Because it contains no sugar, it has high dietary fiber and low calories, it is highly recommended for those who lose weight! How to eat watermelon rind? Cold watermelon rind and melon rind soup are both good choices, really not dark dishes!

Autologous fat breast augmentation

The self-fat breast augmentation is divided into three parts. The first is to extract fat. What is called fat extraction is to suck the fat from your waist or thigh. The second is to purify and separate. The third step is to remove the processed fat. Inject into your chest and perform a breast augmentation surgery. In fact, the three-part process is actually for autologous fat breast augmentation. Most people can transplant autologous fat breast augmentation as long as she has this need. Some are not suitable, let me emphasize with you. The first is that people who are too skinny do not have too much fat. In order to remove more fat, it may be that the part you sucked becomes uneven, and the appearance is not beautiful. That is not worth it. It is not suitable for people who are too thin. The second is that the chest is relatively flat. Because the chest is relatively flat, some people have the shape of a breast, but the breast is shrunk. When we go to fight, the effect is It’s good, but if you are a flat horse, this kind of time is very flat, when there is only one nipple, and the skin is too tight during breast augmentation, so it can’t achieve a good shape. The effect will be greatly reduced.

Butterfly, discoid erythema on the face-autoimmune disease: Lupus erythematosus

Butterfly, discoid erythema on the face-autoimmune disease: Lupus erythematosus Lupus erythematosus, also known as lupus erythematosus, many people vividly use the name of the plant “lupus” to represent this disease. Lupus erythematosus often occurs in young women. The most common characteristic skin lesion is erythema butterfly on the face, which has photosensitivity, which means that it will be exacerbated by sunlight stimulation. But as soon as we hear the name, we should know that this disease is not just a problem of the skin. It is an autoimmune inflammatory connective tissue disease that can invade various organs and tissues of the body, which means that the disease will affect all major bodies. The system, including skin, cardiovascular, breathing, digestion, exercise, blood, kidney and nervous system, etc., the mechanism of occurrence is still unclear, but one thing is for sure, that is, the patient’s immune system is dysfunctional and produces a large amount of autoantibodies , That is, an antibody that specifically attacks its own tissue components, is paired with target antigens present in the above organs, and then an inflammatory attack reaction occurs to damage and destroy each organ. Clinically particularly common are skin lupus manifestations, lupus kidneys, lupus brain, lupus lungs, etc., that is, the body attacks our own skin, kidneys, brains, lungs and other organs and tissues. Minute”. Soon the functional damage of the corresponding organs, such as pericardial effusion, pleural effusion, cerebral lupus, pulmonary lupus, and renal lupus, etc., and then the corresponding clinical manifestations, even life-threatening. In fact, there are many examples of diagnosis of diseases of other organs and systems through the skin. For example, the occurrence of cold urticaria may be related to multiple myeloma or cryoglobulinemia. Chronic urticaria can be Helicobacter pylori infection, chronic gallbladder Inflammation and hepatitis B virus infection provide signals; adolescent women have increased hair lifting, are prone to acne on the chin and jaw, and menstrual disorders suggest that they may have polycystic ovary syndrome; those with full red face and strong facial oil secretion can often be prompted Have high blood pressure, high blood fat …

How long can ear cartilage rhinoplasty last?

At present, the beauty seekers who consult bilateral ear cartilage comprehensive rhinoplasty will ask “How long can the ear cartilage rhinoplasty be maintained? Is the ear cartilage rhinoplasty permanent? Is the ear cartilage rhinoplasty permanent? Is the ear cartilage rhinoplasty permanent? Absorption? For the selection of the ear cartilage program, its indications are still limited. There are many factors that ultimately affect our long-term postoperative morphology, including; ① the basic conditions of the nose ② whether the ear cartilage development hardness and quantity are sufficient Use & nbsp. ③ its own pursuit of nasal shape improvement (whether the amount of ear cartilage material is sufficient to support the improvement of the nose tip and nose shape). Generally, we classify the rhinoplasty autogenous materials according to the matrix characteristics, which are divided into elastic cartilage, hyaline cartilage and fibrous cartilage. Ear cartilage material is elastic cartilage, with soft bone and a certain degree of flexibility. It can moderately improve the problem of blunt nose and flattened nose tips. However, for the nose tip and nose tip collapse, the nose tip and nose tissue hypertrophy or secondary repair of rhinoplasty, It is recommended that you do not need to consider the bilateral ear cartilage program. The girl below has insufficient stiffness of her nose before surgery. The tip of the nose includes bilateral nose It seems to be lacking in the three-dimensional sense of the middle face. My own pursuit of the nose shape can be improved on the basis of my own nose. With the development of the hardness and quantity of my own ear cartilage, I can finally adopt the bilateral ear cartilage comprehensive rhinoplasty program. But for this solution, because the ear cartilage is elastic cartilage after all. Long-term skin sagging and tissue aging, there is a certain pressure on the nose and nose head ear cartilage stent. With time, the shape of the nose tip and nose head will not be as delicate as the early stage, this surgery There must be sufficient preparation before the heart. But for those who seek the beauty of the nose tip and nose flexibility, you can consider

The man was struck by lightning after being struck and was hospitalized, suspected to be caused by the stent! What’s the difference in putting the bracket!

If it thunders on a rainy day, it may be struck by lightning! For most people, I just saw it in a TV movie. I have encountered such a patient in the hospital; it is also the brother of our obstetrics and gynecology nurse. Last summer, when it rained and thundered, he was struck by lightning and was taken to our hospital. After several days of treatment, the condition stabilized. But the problem came because his brother let go of the stent a few years ago because of cardiovascular stenosis. His brother asked if he was struck by lightning because of the bracket. This may also be human nature. Almost all people will look for the cause whenever they encounter something, and the first reason often thinks about what medicine they have taken, what treatment they have undergone, and so on. We explained to him that putting the bracket had nothing to do with being struck by lightning. He didn’t believe very much at first. Later, he went online and checked many reports before he believed that he was struck by lightning not because he put a heart stent. So is there any difference for thunder and lightning for people who put the bracket? To put it simply, there is no difference, you have to pay attention to safety if you put the bracket on: when struck by lightning, try not to be outdoors. Although the chance of being struck by lightning is very small, life is the most important. Be careful of being struck by lightning. After the thunder and lightning, many big trees will be split or cut by the thunder and lightning. If a person is standing under the tree, if the human body touches the trunk, it will be hit by electricity at this time, so do not hide from the rain under the tree. Thunder and lightning, don’t call or answer the phone. When thundering, go to the rooftop or high buildings to play. That is equivalent to the lightning rod of the human body. It is too dangerous. These safety common sense has nothing to do with the brackets! For those who let go of the bracket, they are more concerned: Will the bracket fall? Some people think that the stent is a foreign body. After preventing the inside of the blood vessel, the stent will fall out after some vibration or force. This is not possible, because after the stent is placed in the blood vessel, it will closely adhere to the inner wall of the blood vessel, or it will soon grow together with the blood vessel, which is part of the blood vessel, let alone fall, even if you want to It is difficult to get it out! Will it affect life after the stent? The stent itself does not directly affect life. The only thing that can affect life is the disease itself. Simply put, if you have myocardial infarction or angina, you will not affect your life because of the stent, but the disease itself may affect your daily life because of the crown Heart disease, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction require a healthier life, a healthy diet, quit smoking and alcohol, work on time, not tired, and so on. If you already have heart failure, then some people can’t do big activities. These effects are not caused by the bracket, and the same can be true without the bracket. On the contrary, placing a stent not only opens blood vessels, restores blood flow, saves the life of myocardial infarction, or relieves angina pectoris, which is beneficial; at the same time, for example, you cannot exercise or work before angina; Angina, you can continue to work or exercise, so in this regard, the stent is a positive aspect of life. If you have to talk about the impact, it is that some hospitals do not do MRI for people who have left the stent. However, the current stent itself does not affect, and with the update of the nuclear magnet, many nuclear magnets can also do; and with the gradual popularization of absorbable stents, this problem will be solved accordingly. What should I pay attention to after the stent? 1. Take your medicine on time. This medicine is not taken because of the stent. Because coronary heart disease cannot be cured, you need to take medicine for a long time, that is, you need to take the medicine without putting the stent. It must be taken after release. It is not directly related. If the drug is stopped at will, not only will the stent block again, but other blood vessels will also block. 2. Healthy life. Coronary heart disease requires a healthy life. This is not caused by the stent, but by the disease itself. Quit smoking and drinking, adhere to proper exercise, control body weight, low salt, low oil and low sugar diet, reduce staying up late, reduce stress. 3. Regular reexamination, which is also a requirement of coronary heart disease, not a requirement of the stent itself. Check blood routine, liver and kidney function, electrolytes, blood sugar, blood lipids, electrocardiogram, cardiac color Doppler ultrasound, etc. every six months to a year. If you have to talk about the difference between a stent and a non-stent, it is that you take clopidogrel or ticagrelor for one year after the stent; if you do n’t, you can skip it. In short, the lightning strikes the thunder, and the bracket can not be placed. It is necessary to hide the rain from the rain and be struck by lightning. It has nothing to do with the bracket. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.