Classic Moments-The Tibetan-Doctor Haishu Rereading Nei Jing 0801

[Original] Huangdi said: I would like to hear the response of the six fu-organs.  Qibo replied: The lungs and the large intestine, the large intestine, the skin should respond. The heart is close to the small intestine, and the pulse of the small intestine is corresponding. Liver and gallbladder, those with gallbladder, tend to respond. If the spleen is combined with the stomach, the stomach will respond to the meat. The kidneys are combined with a triple-burner bladder, and those with a triple-burner bladder will regulate the vellus hair.   Huangdi said: What should I do?   Qi Bo said: The lungs should be skin. The large intestine is thick in the thick skin; the large intestine is thin in the thin skin. Those with slow skin and large abdomen have large and long large intestine; those with urgent skin have an urgent and short large intestine. Those with slippery skin have rectal large intestine; those with inseparable skin and flesh have large intestine knots. [Translation]   Huangdi said: I want to know the corresponding relationship between the six organs and the organization outside.  Qibo said: The lungs and the large intestine have the same air inside and outside, so the epidermis can respond to the condition of the large intestine. The heart and the small intestine have the same qi, so the blood vessels can reflect the condition of the small intestine. The liver and gallbladder have the same qi on the outside and inside, so the tendons can respond to the condition of the gallbladder. The spleen and the stomach have the same qi on the outside and inside, so the muscles can respond to the stomach. The Qi of the kidney is the same as that of the triple energizer and bladder. Therefore, the condition of the triple energizer and bladder can be reflected by the vellus hair and pulmonary qi.   Huangdi asked: How to observe and judge this corresponding situation?  Qibo Answer: The skin reflects the condition of the lungs. The lung and the inner and outer air of the large intestine are the same, so the skin also reflects the condition of the large intestine. If the skin is thick, the large intestine is thick; if the skin is thin, the large intestine is thin. If the skin is loose and the abdomen is enlarged, the large intestine is slow and long; if the skin is tight, the large intestine is tight and short. If the skin is smooth, the large intestine will be smooth and smooth; if the skin and muscles are not attached, the large intestine will be dry and astringent. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Doctor still presses: bad intestines and stomach, affecting lung function, and vice versa. The functions of the skin and lungs are also closely related. During embryonic development, the lungs and skin occur simultaneously. Sometimes I really don’t want to argue with certain three seasons. Most of my colleagues in western medicine are reasonable, and that is enough [玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]