Classic Moments-Dr. Haishu repeats the Internal Classics-Five Color 0816

[Original] Lei Gong said: If he doesn’t discern, can he smell it?   Huangdi said: The five colors have their own colors. Those who have a bone sink will inevitably get sick. The assailants of its color part, although very sick, are not dead.  Lei Gong said: What is the official color?   The Yellow Emperor said: Blue and black are pain, yellow red is heat, and white is cold. These are the five senses. [Translation] Lei Gong asked: If you want to identify the disease, can you let me listen to the specific method?   Huangdi said: Each disease of the five internal organs will appear in the corresponding part. If bone sinks appear on the sides of the central part of the nose that reflect the internal organs, then the person must be sick. If the complexion of each part appears in the part where it grows, it means that although the condition is serious, it will not die.  Lei Gong asked: What kind of disease does the five colors dominate?   The Yellow Emperor said: Blue and black are for pain, yellow and red are for heat, and white is for cold. This is the five colors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: Look at the complexion to distinguish cold and heat. Take white as an example. The human body is attacked by external cold pathogens, and pale complexion is a common basis for clinical judgment. If you whiten the photo and cover up the truth, it may affect the doctor’s judgment. Therefore, the first diagnosis is an online diagnosis, which is prone to errors. Good morning [玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]