Pharyngeal itching cough recurring, what is the reason? What kind of tea can drink and relieve cough?

Itchy throat, bad coughing, not a serious illness, but it affects people’s lives. At present, the air pollution in the environment is also relatively heavy, and there are many people who smoke. When the season changes or the air pollution increases, many people are prone to repeated itching and coughing symptoms due to weather changes. What is the cause of throat itching and coughing? What kind of tea is most effective for pharyngeal cough? What are the main causes of repeated itching and coughing? (1) Chronic pharyngitis Chronic pharyngitis is a chronic inflammation of the pharynx. Chronic pharyngitis may be caused by long-term overuse of throat, smoking, spicy food, chronic bronchitis, and sub-healthy people. It seems that chronic pharyngitis is not a serious disease, but this disease is not old, and it will still affect the quality of life for many years. (2) Allergic diseases Some people are allergic to some substances in the air, such as summer is coming, catkins fly, if they are inhaled, it is easy to cause allergies, and allergies may cause edema and congestion in the respiratory tract in addition to itchy throat and dry cough , Triggering asthma, which is life-threatening in severe cases. For people with allergies, it is recommended to go out, wear masks, and use hormones and antihistamines when necessary. (3) Cold or flu Modern people are busy with work, often do not like exercise, immunity will also decline, seasonal changes or temperature changes are susceptible to the influence of germs, especially the new coronavirus, influenza virus and other germs are watching around us. We can resist the attack of viruses and diseases by wearing masks, vaccinating, and using reasonable diet exercises to increase our resistance. It is recommended that those who have itching and coughing repeatedly go to regular hospitals to find out the reason and treat symptomatically. What kind of tea can relieve cough? For chronic diseases or diseases caused by external bacteria, prevention and rehabilitation are more important. We can nourish the throat and prevent respiratory discomfort by changing our daily eating habits, proper physical exercise, and drinking more tea that clears the throat and nourishes the lungs. So which teas have the effect of pharyngeal cough? (1) Green tea Green tea contains tea polyphenols which can inhibit certain viruses and bacteria. It also contains caffeine and rich vitamins and minerals. It can refresh your mind while moisturizing your throat. But green tea is cold and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should drink less to avoid gastrointestinal irritation. Fever patients and women should not drink green tea during menstruation. (2) Black tea Black tea is fermented tea. After the oxidation reaction of tea polyphenols, the content of tea polyphenols is reduced and the irritation to the stomach is also small. The polyphenols, sugars, amino acids, pectin, etc. in tea can stimulate saliva secretion, moisturize the oral cavity, reduce inflammation, achieve thirst quenching and summer heat, and prevent colds. But long-term drinking will lead to neurasthenia, anemia, insomnia, etc. (3) A large number of herbal teas have shown that if only one kind of tea is selected for conditioning to prevent chronic diseases and increase resistance, the effect will not be obvious. Ten kinds of botanical herbs such as Siraitia grosvenorii, Forsythia suspensa, fat seaweed, honeysuckle, lily, mint, platycodon grandiflorum, orange peel, reed root, and almond can be stewed in the pot for 30 minutes according to a reasonable recipe. Drink clear throat and pharynx tea. Remove Luo Han Guo heat and moisturize the lungs, cough and phlegm, clear heat and cool blood; Forsythia clear heat, detoxify, disperse, reduce swelling; fat sea clear lungs, throat, anti-virus; honeysuckle clear heat and detoxify, cool wind and heat; lily nourishing yin Lungs, clearing the heart and calming the mind; peppermint sweats and relieves heat, relieves liver and qi, relieves pharyngeal pain; platycodon grandiflorum expels lungs, expels phlegm, relieves pharynx, and purges; Vomiting; almonds are effective for integrated absorption of cough and lungs, anti-allergy, and nourish the respiratory tract and protect the throat. (Part of the picture source network in the article, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, if you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me, I will delete it.)