Itchy scalp and dandruff? Give me the first priority!

It is said that hair style seriously affects face value, and beauty lovers pay special attention to hair. But do you know? Scalp health is also very important. The scalp is like soil for the growth of hair. For hair to grow well, the soil must be healthy. Everyone wants to have clean and bright hair, but this is not the case. On this soil of the scalp, there are all kinds of bad things to make trouble, such as dandruff, itchy head & nbsp. Every day, under the snowy scalp, I dare not wear dark clothes, otherwise my hair will be white, Obviously a cleansing habit, but people are always asked how many days have not shampooed. And sometimes the scalp will be very itchy, and the monkeys will catch the lice at any time, no matter where they are, they can’t immediately wash their hair with water. I can’t let everyone have this embarrassment, how to solve it? Look at me~ solve the dandruff problem first! We start talking about why dandruff again, knowing its origin can be targeted treatment. Why is it entangled with dandruff? In fact, it is the keratinocytes that come off the scalp. Under normal circumstances, this keratinocyte is very small and cannot be seen by the naked eye. But when a person’s oil secretion is strong, that’s a big deal! A fungus called Malassezia may multiply on the surface of the scalp, stimulating scalp cells to secrete more oil. &nbsp. A large amount of oil provides nutrients for further fungal expansion. A large number of fungi cause immature keratinocytes to be produced in large quantities and clumped off. This is what we can observe dandruff. In short, dandruff is for two reasons: ① your oil secretion is too strong ② you are infected with fungi, causing the scalp ecological balance to be destroyed How to effectively remove dandruff? To control dandruff, we must keep the epidermis clean, control the excessive secretion of oil, and eliminate inflammation of the dermis. In terms of care, we recommend the white willow bark shampoo. These plant ingredients can kill fungi, control oil, and promote hair growth. It can be used for a long time. And it has a good treatment for seborrheic alopecia (androgenic alopecia). Of course, in order to control inflammation faster and more thoroughly. After cleaning, be sure to use Boleda’s anti-dandruff conditioner, in which salicylic acid itself can control oil, reduce inflammation, and quickly relieve itching and sterilization. The zinc pyrithione ZPT has a strong oil control and curative effect on fungi. Or choose a shampoo containing sulfur and ketoconazole to achieve anti-dandruff and itching effect. &nbsp. If after using the above method, dandruff is still not good, it may be a dandruff skin condition caused by some other problems, such as seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. In these cases, simple and moderate shampooing will not work. You need to go to the dermatology department to find a doctor to confirm the diagnosis, and then make a targeted treatment plan. Matching symptoms of various situations to identify the cause of scalp itching is essential to find the correct treatment. Next, let’s see what are the possibilities: contact dermatitis If your skin is sensitive to certain hair dye ingredients, the solution is simple: change to a product and use hair dye products with caution. Compared with the “carcinogenic hair dyes” circulating in the market, high sensitization is the most important concern when using various hair dye products. Scalp psoriasis, scalp psoriasis This is caused by an overreaction of the immune system, and its symptoms are red scaly dandruff. Scalp ringworm is a fungal infection that can cause scaly dandruff and even baldness. &nbsp. When it comes to dandruff, many people will even mention itchy scalp. It is believed that many children’s shoes have been plagued by the problem of itchy head, especially in hot weather/environment and when changing seasons, due to changes in temperature and humidity, it will often lead to the exacerbation of the problem of itchy head. In the face of itching, the first reaction of children’s shoes is often to buy anti-dandruff shampoo, or reasonably think that the reason for itching must be that the cleaning has not been done properly, and then seek solutions by increasing the frequency of shampooing. But are these really efficient solutions? Not exactly-the hair/scalp is also the same as your face. There are often many different reasons behind the same problem. You must take the right medicine to solve the problem efficiently. &nbsp. What causes itchy scalp? ? ? In addition to fungi and seborrheic dermatitis, there may be the following two reasons (the above two reasons also lead to the appearance of dandruff. Follow the above treatment methods, you can solve the problem of dandruff and itchy scalp!) (1 ) When the dry itchy season changes, the humidity in the air will change, easily causing skin moisture