Why do you always feel tired?

01 “Why am I always tired?” I often feel inexplicably tired and have a profound sense of powerlessness, which is a common problem of modern adults. Life is stressful, busy and busy but feels confused, empty, and depressed; no matter how hard you try, it seems that you are always stuck in a place and you are not getting a promotion and salary increase; every relationship seems to repeat the same mistakes, uneasiness, quarrel , Cold War; Sensitive inferiority complex, want to break through but always die without disease… as if an uncontrolled child is living in his heart, pulling himself desperately. If you want to move forward, it has to move backward; if you want to challenge yourself, it has to fear retreat; if you want to calm down, it has to cry and collapse. You blame it for its immaturity, but it cries more fiercely. In fact, these inner entanglements and struggles are caused by your inner child. Psychology calls it: inner child. It is calling for help, eager to be seen and loved by you. 02 The inner child doesn’t grow up. We can’t grow up even if we try hard. Everyone lives with a child who doesn’t grow up. No matter in childhood or adulthood, when it doesn’t get enough care and love, it will cry in the corner and become a murky child. It will dominate your brain: it will make your thinking unclear and easy to be emotional. When you are unsatisfied, when others disagree with you, when things go against your wishes… make you angry, sad, panic, or even develop into depression, anxiety and other physical and mental diseases; it will exacerbate you The original family contradiction: double the love you lost in your childhood in the form of rebellion, indifference, resistance to communication, etc. to “repay” your parents; it will destroy your intimacy: make you lack security, love Be cautious, afraid to lose, often used as a favor, in exchange for your partner’s care; it will disrupt your work: you will not be confident in your work, you are always afraid of doing wrong things, dare not refuse, dare not fight, and affect your judgment And decision-making, “drag your hind legs” at critical moments; it will also be passed on to your children: over time, it will infuse emotionality, vulnerability, delay, inferiority, etc. into your character, and at the same time, In the process of getting along with the child, it is imperceptibly “hered” to your child… And the more we ignore it, the more we suppress it, the inner child will be more frustrated and resistant, as if it were an endless cycle, making you lose your good personality, Good relationship, good life. Because the inner child’s needs are not satisfied, her emotions are not released, and her values ​​are not affirmed, she will squat there crying and stop growing. The inner child is like the shortest board of the barrel of our life. It doesn’t grow up, we can’t grow even if we try harder. So Jung said: “The inner child is the light above all light and the leader of healing.” Only when the inner child is seen, healed, and grows happily and healthily with us, will our inner heart really grow, Really happy. 03 Always seeking reconciliation outside is better than staying with the inner child growing up on the road to self-healing, we always say “reconciliation with the original family”, “accepting the cruel world”, “embracing imperfect self”… but superficial Reconciliation and acceptance are more like begging for fish and tickling each other. Growing up with the inner child is the deepest healing. A mother who has been insisting on healing inner children for a long time said: There is no easy word in the world of adults. Even if there is a pot of boiling water in the heart, the surface should be calm. And I will not. In the past, I was easily broken down, my feelings were cold, and my children were crying… The working family was so sad that after calming down, I had to rebuild on the ruins again and again. Now, I finally laid a solid foundation for myself, enough to cope with the storms in life. Because I have a magic weapon-talk to the baby in my heart. I return to my childhood once a week to look after the crying, lonely little girl and give her enough support, attention, praise and love. Now she has finally grown up, strong enough to be a good wife and mother. The child is a copy of the parents. The best gift I can give my daughter is to change my original copy. When I learn to love myself and take good care of myself, naturally, I can pass this love on to my children subtly without the need to deliberately try or imitate others. Your inner child is also waiting for you. She is waiting for you to hug her and tell her: “I’m here, don’t be afraid~” But this process is deep and long, and it needs a professional psychological counselor to reach the heart Deep, see and heal the inner child.

How to tell if it is keloid? What are the hazards?

Keloids are not the same as the scars we usually see. Keloid is actually a disease, also called keloid. Because keloids are raised, the biggest difference from ordinary hyperplastic scars is that it will exceed the injured area and grow infiltrating into the surrounding area, which is its biggest feature. 1. Are scars and keloids the same thing? It’s totally two different things. First, keloids will exceed the injured area and grow infiltrating into the surrounding area, losing normal skin around. Second, it doesn’t need to have too much injury, even if the mosquito bites, nails scratched, Heavier keloids may grow. 2. Keloids are also caused by wounds? There are also some people who have no obvious history of trauma and have developed keloids. Keloids do not require too serious injuries, and even an acne will grow into keloids, which is related to its own constitution and is a problem with the function of the body. For example, normal scars stop growing after the acute hyperplasia period, because the body has a brake for repair, and when the damaged skin is connected, it stops repairing. However, the brake function of the keloid patient has failed. His body has been repaired and has been growing scars, and not only grows in situ, but also spreads around. This is caused by a skin dysfunction. 3. How to diagnose it as keloid? First, keloid injuries are very light, some people have acne, and some people may be bitten by a mosquito, very light or no history of trauma. Second, the biggest feature of keloids is that it will exceed the original injured area and grow invasively to the surrounding area. This process lasts for a long time, and it can’t even stop. 4. For keloids, if treatment is not taken in time, it only affects the appearance, will it affect our health? For keloids, it will grow infiltrating into the surrounding area and lose the normal skin around it. And when the keloids are particularly long, it will itch and hurt, and some people will sleep hard at night, which will affect the quality of life. If the keloids are particularly large in the later period and become involved in a lot of normal skin, an infection will occur. This ulcer infection is red and swollen, and often runs out of the soup, resulting in poor quality of life. It is recommended to treat it in time. 5. For those who have keloids, he may worry, will it be passed on to his next generation? For keloid patients, only a few have a family genetic history, most of them are sporadic, and may not be passed on to the next generation.

Eczema prevention relapse strategy

Xiao Li: Dr. Sun, my stubborn eczema is finally all right. At the worst, I feel that my bones are torn. It’s not tickling now. I told the leader that the business trip in the South has been temporarily cancelled. What do I need to pay attention to in the future? Me: Congratulations. After 12 years of eczema, the skin lesions finally healed, and the skin healed well, leaving no scars. Note that there is some willingness to move. We also have a management system for the prognosis of eczema. Some important things that must be done immediately or persistently; some important things that can be done slowly; some unimportant things that need attention; some do n’t have to be mindful. [Chinese medicine said] The most painful eczema is not skin wounds, but itching. The biggest feature of eczema is that it recurs repeatedly, and it’s lingering, and TV shows don’t dare to act like this. How annoying it is: you are sad, it will itch. You pay a bonus, it will itch. Your ex-girlfriend is married and it will tickle. When you go out to relax and travel, it will itch. Overtime stay up late, it will itch. Eat it, it will itch. Hungry, it will itch. Eczema is one of the most common clinical diseases in dermatology at present. It is mainly a skin inflammation disease, the patient shows a strong itching sensation, which is characterized by repeated attacks. The incidence of the disease is very high in spring and summer. Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of eczema is closely related to the patient’s skin condition and the patient’s physique, and at the same time has a certain relationship with the patient’s eating habits. If the patient’s diet is not controlled, it is also easy to cause eczema. Summary: The prognosis of eczema is related to physique and treatment. There are also daily emotions, living and working environment, etc. [Cause] At present, the clinical factors for the onset of the disease are still not very clear. The common inducing factors include catkins, pollen allergies, food and climate. Chinese medicine emphasizes in particular that the pathogenesis of eczema is “from damp heat to internal stroke, stagnation in the skin, outside is the wind, not to be promulgated.” Specifically, the underlying cause is spleen deficiency and dampness. The most important thing is physical fitness, combined with the environment. For living or living environment, it is indeed a predisposing factor or one of the causative factors. In fact, it is not necessary for northerners to travel or live in the south for eczema; local people who have lived in the south for a long time may not have eczema. The most important thing is the body’s response to “wet evil”. The spleen’s transport function is powerful, and the excess moisture is transported out of the body, and it often does not cause disease. [Countermeasure] Our countermeasure is how to prevent recurrence. It is to ensure that the spleen and stomach luck of the spleen and stomach is at a regular steady state to the greatest extent, then emotions, aging, environment, diet, etc., will indeed affect whether we relapse. 1. Diet. For friends with spleen deficiency and moisture, drinking porridge is a good protective measure. Is it porridge of miscellaneous grains? Beef nourishing porridge: japonica rice 100g, or millet 100g, beef 30-50g, or beef soup 100g. Efficacy: Nourish the stomach, strengthen the spleen, and nourish the qi. How to use it is to take porridge soup on the basis of the main meal and daily needs. Why is beef? Instead of chicken? The nutritional basis of beef: beef is rich in protein, fat, vitamin B group, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Beef protein, whose amino acid composition is closer to human needs than pork, helps the body resist disease. 1. Beef contains enough vitamin B6 to promote protein metabolism and synthesis, thereby helping the body recover after intense training. 2. The fat content in beef is very low, but it is rich in combined linoleic acid. Potential antioxidants can effectively fight tissue damage caused by weightlifting and other sports. In addition, linoleic acid can also act as an antioxidant to maintain muscle mass. 3. Beef contains vitamin B12, which is essential for the production of cells. The role of red blood cells is to bring oxygen to muscle tissue. Vitamin B12 can promote the metabolism of branched chain amino acids and provide the body with the energy needed for high-intensity training. 4. Beef contains zinc and magnesium. Zinc is an antioxidant that helps to synthesize proteins and promote muscle growth. Zinc works with glutamate and vitamin B6 to strengthen the immune system. Magnesium supports protein synthesis, strengthens muscle strength, and more importantly, improves the efficiency of insulin anabolic metabolism. The understanding of beef in traditional Chinese medicine: nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, reducing phlegm and wind, and quenching thirst and saliva. Applicable to depression of middle-qi, shortness of breath, weakness of body, bones and bones