Insomnia in the third trimester, I can’t fall asleep, is there any good way to solve it?

After a day of surgery, Miao brother returned to the office to replenish water (drinking water), Juan Mei drooped her head and came in to drink water, and greeted me listlessly. She looked up and scared me! “Oh! Sister Juan, why are your dark circles so heavy? Luo Zhi X? You won’t do bad things at night !?” “Miao brother, your brain should be washed with detergent, what do you think? My dark circles are because I have been staying up late with my girlfriends and making phone porridge lately. Since she was pregnant, she has always been insomnia. She has been tossing and turning in bed and ca n’t sleep. She always takes me to chat with her. I have no way! Do you have any tricks to treat insomnia during pregnancy? “Everyone who has experienced insomnia knows that it is very painful to turn over and down like” fried fish “in bed at night, not to mention that you are still sleeping beside you. Husband! What to do with insomnia during pregnancy? 1. Appropriate exercise during the day During the day, proper aerobic exercise during the day is very helpful to sleep at night, such as yoga, walking, jogging, etc. Appropriate exercise can promote metabolism and dopamine secretion, make people happy and goodbye to anxiety. Soak a foot or take a hot bath after exercise to ensure you sleep soundly at night! 2. Develop regular sleep habits Someone once reminded Miao Brother of the importance of nap-“Zi Yue: do not sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon.” But for pregnant mothers who have recently suffered from insomnia, try not to sleep during the day or minimize the time for nap. . You should also develop regular sleeping habits at night and start sleeping at some point. Do not have too much mood swings half an hour before going to bed. Laughing or angry is not conducive to your sleep; don’t drink too much water, otherwise you will run to the toilet again and again. 3. Find a comfortable sleeping posture. Because of the influence of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel back pain, back pain, or poor breathing at night. Miao Ge suggests that you put more pillows on the bed, you can put the pillow behind, Then recline to the left side slightly, or you can find a most comfortable sleeping position according to your actual situation. 4. Reading a boring book Many people started to fall asleep when they picked up books when they were students. If you have insomnia during pregnancy, it is not recommended that you brush a certain sound or watch a TV series, as it will only become more and more spiritual. You can find a book that you are not interested in, can’t sleep to take it out and read it, or ask your husband to read it to you (smirk). Do you still have a cure for insomnia during pregnancy? Please share with everyone!