Patients with vitiligo avoid homogenous reactions and must pay attention to these small things!

Isomorphic reaction means that normal skin can induce the same skin changes (skin lesions) as an existing skin disease after non-specific damage (such as trauma, scratches, surgical incisions, sun exposure, vaccination, or some skin diseases, etc.) ). The mechanism of the isomorphic response may be an autoimmune phenomenon. The homogenous reaction of vitiligo mostly occurs in the progressive stage of the disease, and the time of its occurrence can be long or short, the shortest can occur 10 to 20 days after the injury, and the elderly can reach several months or years. There are also some patients who begin to develop disease in the form of isomorphic reactions. &nbsp. Eczema is the most common factor that induces a homogenous response to vitiligo. In general, hypopigmented spots may also appear after general inflammation of the skin subsides, but this depigmentation is temporary and incomplete, and can gradually return to normal skin tone after a period of time. The leukoplakia caused by the vitiligo homogenous reaction gradually develops or expands, and even in normal skin with distant skin lesions, depigmentation gradually occurs. In addition, the occurrence of different types of vitiligo homogenous reactions is also different. &nbsp. Vitiligo patients with homomorphic reactions suggest that the condition of vitiligo is still active. Patients should pay attention to avoid the occurrence of skin trauma and various skin inflammations in life. Use drugs that are too aggressive. &nbsp.———————————————————— The following are the relevant precautions: ① Reduce exposure to harmful substances should avoid contact with certain harmful phenolic chemicals, such as rubber protective gloves Raw antioxidant light quinone derivatives, some sandals made of synthetic rubber. ②Reduce harmful substances from the mouth before washing vegetables and fruits repeatedly with clean water to reduce residual pesticides and other harmful substances. Do not eat foods with heavy metal salt exceeding the standard, such as mercury, lead and other heavy metal salt exceeding the standard food. Next step ③ Reduce the harmful substances entering from the respiratory tract. Do not do strenuous exercise on the road or in places with heavy smoke and dust, such as chasing and running. ④ Reduce sun exposure for long time exposure to strong light should take sun protection measures, such as travel, hiking, sea bathing, apply bare sunscreen (cream) and other sunscreen products to bare skin. Clinically, it can be seen more frequently after traveling and swimming.

What is an isomorphic reaction? Why do people with vitiligo appear?

In the clinical treatment of vitiligo, doctors often hear the medical term “isomorphic reaction”. Do you know what the homomorphic reaction is? The homomorphic reaction is that after normal skin is non-specifically injured, it induces a certain The skin lesions of various skin diseases show the same phenomenon. What are the main causes of the vitiligo homogenous reaction?    Trauma caused the homogenous reaction Most of the leukoplakia induced by the vitiligo isomorphic reaction are mostly limited to inflammation or trauma. Trauma that causes the homogenous reaction mainly includes: knife wound, scratch, sunburn, abrasion, Burns, severe trauma, etc. It gradually expands to the surroundings, and leukoplakia can also gradually occur on the normal skin at the remote site.  Eczema is closely related to isomorphic reactions.   External causes of isomorphic reactions are mostly skin mechanical damage and local eczema and dermatitis. Eczema is the most common factor that induces a homogenous response to vitiligo. The skin of patients with vitiligo has improved, which means that the inflammation has subsided and the phenomenon of white spots will improve.  Isomorphic reaction leads to aggravation of the condition  The key to effective prevention of vitiligo isomorphic reaction is to avoid skin damage, especially during the progression of vitiligo. Patients must protect their skin when performing outdoor work to avoid the occurrence of homogenous reactions due to skin damage.  Initiation of isomorphic reaction time can be long or short.   Most isomorphic reactions occur during the progression of vitiligo, and the time of appearance varies. Generally speaking, the short ones can appear 10 to 20 days after the skin damage, or even about a month, and the elderly can reach several months or years. Statistics from domestic scholars have found that the average time for the occurrence of homogenous reactions is 12 months. If the homomorphic reaction is caused at the same time as treatment, it will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of treatment.  Reminder: Do you understand if you don’t know this way? If you still don’t understand or have any questions about white spots and white spots, you can consult me, you can leave a message at the bottom or private letter me to answer your questions.

What exactly is the isoform reaction of vitiligo? How to avoid the occurrence of leukoplakia?

Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease that is easy to diagnose and refractory. After the disease, some adverse factors may still cause the white spots to continue to spread, making the disease gradually worse. Isomorphic reaction is a common factor that leads to the spread of vitiligo. So, what is the homogenous reaction of vitiligo? How to avoid the occurrence of the leukoplakia? The isomorphic reaction of vitiligo refers to the local appearance of leukoplakia or leukoplakia after the skin is injured or has inflammation. A phenomenon. The etiology of vitiligo is complex, and there are many factors that can induce or aggravate the disease, and the same-type reaction is also one of the inducing factors of vitiligo. There are many factors leading to the same-type reaction, and the most subsequent second-type isomorphic reaction after the stimulus of the application of liquid medicine and skin inflammation of various reasons (such as drug-induced dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema, allergic dermatitis, etc.), other factors are in turn Surgery, trauma, mechanical compression or friction, and local infection. Most of the leukoplakia induced by the isomorphic reaction are localized in the area of ​​inflammation or trauma, gradually expanding to the surrounding area, and can also occur on the normal skin of the remote site. The occurrence time is about 10 days to 2 months after the trauma, and most of them are in 4 weeks. The mechanism of its occurrence may be due to the destruction of epidermal and dermal tissue cells, and the generation of self-antigens causes a series of immune changes in the body, which leads to further necrosis of epidermal melanocytes. It is an autoimmune reaction. Patients with vitiligo with homomorphic reflexes are still active. Patients should pay attention to avoid skin trauma and various skin inflammations in their lives. During treatment, they must not use drugs that are too irritating. If trauma occurs inadvertently, scientific treatment should be carried out in a timely manner. If the wound is large, go to a regular hospital for treatment in a timely manner to avoid infection and inflammation of the wound. What should you pay attention to to avoid the spread of vitiligo? 1. Prevent the sun exposure in summer is relatively strong. If you don’t pay attention to sun protection when you go out, skin sunburn may occur. For patients with vitiligo, exposure not only damages melanocytes, but also induces a homogenous reaction after sunburn. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to skin sun protection when going out, and try to avoid going out for long hours at noon when the sun is strong. 2. Scientific diets Most of the nutrients our bodies need to be supplemented through daily diets. If irregular diets or unbalanced nutrition mixes often occur, it will not only reduce the speed of melanin synthesis, but also cause a decline in immunity. These All have an effect on the recovery of vitiligo. It is recommended that everyone make regular meals and a balanced nutrition mix. 3. The appearance of vitiligo will improve the appearance of the patient, especially after entering the summer, many skin parts will be exposed directly, and a large area of ​​white spots will be exposed, which will make the patient feel inferior, plus the speed of treatment of vitiligo Slow, leading to huge mental stress in patients. These negative emotions can easily lead to aggravation of the condition, and I hope that patients can adjust their mentality in time.