Men who drink soy milk and eat soy food for a long time will really have too much estrogen?

First of all, let’s talk about the conclusion: soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens, and there is very little part that can be effectively absorbed by the body. Drinking soy milk will not increase the estrogen in the male body and lead to breast development. On the contrary, in theory, drinking soy milk often can also prevent hair loss. Although the actual clinical effect is average, it can also be used as an auxiliary method————Soybean science dividing line————The following is a detailed description of the magical food of soybeans. Soybeans are made into soy milk and become a frequent visitor to the daily diet of residents. Soy isoflavones in it are a kind of phytoestrogens that can resist androgens. A large number of studies have confirmed that soybean isoflavones can bind to estrogen receptors and show weak estrogenic activity. Soy isoflavones are a natural selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)-two-way regulation. That is, when the body is deficient in estrogen, it can become an estrogen agonist; when there is too much estrogen in the body, it can become an estrogen antagonist, thus having dual activity of estrogen and anti-estrogens. As for the inhibitory effect, studies have found that soybean isoflavones can inhibit the isoenzyme of type Ⅱ 5a-reductase [2], and inhibit the conversion of testosterone into the more biologically active diradon testosterone. Therefore, soybean isoflavones may also have reductase measures. The role of antagonists. Although in theory drinking soy milk can prevent hair loss, this is not the case in practice. ①Content problem The resource of soybean isoflavones in nature is very limited, and the content of soybean is only 0.1% to 0.5% [3]. If it is really due to pathological hair loss (such as our most common androgenic alopecia), the problem of excessive androgen has occurred, the best way is to treat with anti-androgen drugs. Because soy isoflavones are only similar in structure, they are not so magical in terms of their therapeutic effects, so soy isoflavones cannot be used to replace drugs. ② Absorption problems. Because soybeans are beans, one is that allergic symptoms related to bean allergies may also appear; second, beans also contain a variety of substances that are not conducive to nutrient absorption, collectively called anti-nutritional factors, such as trypsin inhibition Agents, phytic acid, tannins, saponins, urease and polyphenols, etc. [4]. Excessive intake of these substances may cause problems such as nutrient absorption. Finally, although soy milk theoretically has anti-hair loss effects, it can only be used as a dietary aid to improve hair loss. Although its effect is minimal, soy milk is rich in nutrients and contains plant proteins and phospholipids, as well as vitamins B1, B2 and niacin. Many benefits. A friend of mine asked if drinking soy milk can prevent hair loss? I specially give you an explanation. As a hair doctor, in my daily face-to-face consultation, I also suggest that patients with hair loss can drink soy milk in moderation. What foods are better for hair loss? ————Dividing line————Let’s discuss rationally whether drinking milk can increase androgens. This idea should come from the fact that people with acne should not drink milk, because as a doctor, people with acne should not drink milk or drink less milk to reduce the occurrence of acne. Because milk contains IGF-1, which is also called insulin-like growth factor, it is an active protein peptide substance necessary for the physiological effects of growth hormone. It will stimulate the excessive secretion of skin oils, leading to severe acne. However, related studies have shown that drinking milk can increase the estradiol content in the body. Therefore, although drinking milk does not necessarily increase androgens, milk is rich in protein and calcium, and the nutrition is still very good. Finally, I will give reference to the subject of some foods that have a certain auxiliary effect to increase androgen: zinc-containing foods (beef, oysters, peanuts, etc.), animal organs (liver, kidneys, etc.), some rivers, seafood (loach, rice eel, sea cucumber, abalone, etc.) ) But if you really want to regulate the hormone problem in your body, you should see a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice for treatment. One more reminder is that if you want to take hormone drugs, you must go to the hospital for a hormone test, and let the doctor determine whether you need to take drugs to regulate hormones, and you should not blindly use the drugs yourself. I am Liu Changchun, a hair doctor, and the picture below is myself. Finally, thank you all for your praise and support~References: [1] Wu Jia. Research on the influence of nutritional cognition on consumption of milk and legume food choices[D]. China Agricultural University, 2006. [2] HiipakkaRA, ZhangHZ, DaiW,etal.Structure-activityrelationgshipsforinhibitiono

Eating bean sprouts often can really prevent cancer? Doctor: There are three reasons. This bean sprout has the best nutrition

The topic of food and anti-cancer has always attracted attention! Some people say that bean sprouts have anti-cancer effects, really? Let’s discuss it today. my country is a big consumer of soybeans, and soybeans and their products are important foods in my country, and bean sprouts are one of them. Bean sprouts are not only crispy in taste, but also rich in nutrients and high nutritional value. Studies have found that the content of vitamins, amino acids, protein, etc. of soybeans will increase significantly after germination. In addition to cellulose and minerals, bean sprouts also have anti-oxidation, clearing away heat and detoxification, eliminating fatigue, diuresis and dehumidification. Multiple functions. Some people say that bean sprouts have anti-cancer effects, really? There may indeed be auxiliary anti-cancer effects for three reasons: 1) In recent years, studies have indeed found that bean sprouts have certain anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects. First of all, bean sprouts are germinated from soybeans, so bean sprouts inherit the isoflavones in the ancestral soybeans, and studies have found that the total isoflavone content in bean sprouts is significantly higher than that of soybean raw materials. Soy isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens, can not only effectively prevent and treat osteoporosis and menopausal syndrome, but also reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer (especially breast and prostate cancer). 2) In addition, bean sprouts can also promote the synthesis of interferon in the body, which is recognized as a substance with anti-tumor activity. 3) In the occurrence and development of cancer, it can also be seen as a long-term game between cancer-promoting factors and tumor suppressor factors. The chlorophyll in bean sprouts can also enhance the role of tumor suppressor factors, thereby preventing cancer growth. &nbsp. Which bean sprouts are best? At present, there are many bean varieties used to make bean sprouts, but mainly soybeans, black beans, mung beans, etc. Studies have found that the content and nutritional quality of isoflavones and polyphenols in bean sprouts are affected by soybean varieties, germination conditions and germination time . In terms of isoflavone content, studies have found that black bean sprouts have the highest isoflavone and polyphenol content, followed by soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts the lowest. Therefore, black bean sprouts have the strongest antioxidant and anti-cancer effects. In addition, in terms of nutritional value, research results show that soybean sprouts have higher nutritional value. The iron, calcium and magnesium content of soybean sprouts is 26.58%, 42.86%, and 113% higher than that of mung bean sprouts, and it also ranks in the forefront in terms of protein, amino acid and vitamin content. So on the whole, soybean sprouts are the best, so they are currently the main varieties sold in the sprout market. Conclusion In general, no matter what kind of bean sprouts, eating more in daily life is very helpful to the body, but the first choice is to recommend soybean sprouts, which are especially suitable for some postmenopausal women to eat. On the one hand, it can prevent postmenopausal bones. Looseness, on the other hand, can help prevent breast cancer. Of course, the specific anti-cancer efficacy has not yet been fully determined, but from the perspective of active cancer prevention, eating bean sprouts appropriately is undoubtedly a good choice. References: [1] Wang Hui, Ma Chunmei, Gong Zhenping. Study on the relationship between soybean varieties and the nutritional quality and yield of bean sprouts[J].Soybean Science, 2014, 33(3):374-378[2] Liu Qin, Niu Wenhui, Zhang Weina, et al. Comparative study on the content composition and distribution of isoflavones in soybeans and soybean sprouts[J]. Food Industry Science and Technology, 2013, 34(21): 60-64 (Part of the pictures in the article are from the network, the copyright belongs to the original author, in Thanks to the author of the picture. If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

How to raise eggs over 20mm?

One of the reasons why some women have been pregnant for a long time and have not succeeded in pregnancy is that the egg quality is not good and the size is too small. Women usually have a mature follicle that grows to 18-25 mm in diameter during the fertility period, and ovulates about 14 days before the next menstruation. Generally speaking, mature eggs are generally more than 20mm, and the smallest is more than 18mm to be normal. But the size of each woman’s discharge will be a little different, some are larger, some will be smaller. “How should eggs be raised? 『●estrogen supplementation◆ can make the menstrual cycle normal, ovulation normal, and can also delay aging. Eating soybeans, soybean milk, etc. can ingest soy isoflavones, soy isoflavones are both estrogen. ●Supplement of iron element ◆The iron element rich in human blood provides nutrients for the production of eggs, but women’s monthly menstrual period will cause a large amount of iron loss, which will affect the nutrient absorption of the eggs, and usually eat more Some iron supplements such as spinach and animal offal can provide sufficient nutrition for egg production. ● Vitamin E supplementation ◆ Green leafy vegetables, cereals and nuts contain natural vitamin E, especially in the germ of seeds, such as corn, wheat germ oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and cottonseed oil Rich in vitamin E. ● Do not sit for a long time, exercise properly ◆ Research has found that women sitting for more than four hours a day will not only induce chronic diseases of the body, but also cause female gynecological diseases. Usually bed rest and paralyzed sitting can easily cause endometriosis. After menstruation ends, you can exercise properly. Such as skipping rope, running, walking, swimming, etc.! ●Adjust mood and maintain a good mood ◆Mood fluctuations will affect the secretion of hormones in the body, and bad mood will affect the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which will affect the time of ovulation and the development of follicles. It is important to maintain a good mood. ●Pharmaceutical conditioning ◆Under the guidance of a professional doctor, taking medication or health care products to promote follicular development and growth has reached the goal of maturation and discharge of follicles.

Eat it for seborrheic hair loss! Can effectively prevent male baldness and female sparseness

The latest research by American scientists shows that the soy isoflavones produced by soybeans can reduce the concentration of DHT (a hair follicle toxin that causes hair loss), and effectively prevent the occurrence of prostate cancer and baldness in men and thinning of the head in women. The edible soybean produces a small molecular metabolite equol (a phytoestrogen) in the process of digestion into the small intestine, which is the natural and powerful blocker of DHT. In terms of seborrheic alopecia, some people think that women are more fortunate than men, because women are less likely to have hair loss, and women have less hair loss because of estrogen. In addition to maintaining female physiological functions and increasing “feminine taste”, estrogen also has a special effect on hair: reducing the amount of body hair, promoting hair growth, inhibiting DHT, reducing hair loss and prolonging the growth period of hair as long as there is a general concentration in the body Estrogen can reduce the damage of DHT hormone to the hair, and will not cause female friends to have female seborrheic hair loss when they are young. Estrogen can determine not only the degree of development of women’s youth, but also the degree of retention of women’s youthful charm. Decreased estrogen can cause female aging: & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp.Facial aging: such as loose skin, roughness, wrinkles, and pigmentation Increased bone loss & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. After 45 years of age, entering menopause, flushing hot flushes, muscle and joint pains, insomnia, irritability, night sweats, palpitations, insomnia, or tension, anxiety and other emotions, DHT hormones in the body Finally, we have the opportunity to gradually invade the hair follicles and let the hair follicles shrink slowly. This is why we think that the mother ’s hair is getting smaller with age. These phenomena seem to be that hair, skin, body shape, and mood are changing. All of them are caused by aging. To solve the problem fundamentally, we must start with the solution of female aging. And the only way to improve these aging is to add estrogen. & nbsp. & nbsp. In the field of women’s health care in Europe, America and Japan, the research and utilization of soy isoflavones have received extensive attention. Local women take functional foods that use soy isoflavones as efficacy factors just like they take vitamin capsules daily That’s so common, and it has long become a healthy fashion. & nbsp. Conditional friends have a cup of pure soy milk every day, it is best to buy a soy milk machine, make an appointment before going to bed, drink early in the morning, the temperature is also suitable, and you will not burn your mouth when you are anxious to go to work. If there is no soy milk machine, you can Buy ground soy flour in the supermarket and cook it by yourself. If you are too late to cook soy milk or lazy cancer patients, eat more soy products, bean curd bean curd and so on. Special reminder: Soy isoflavones are not recommended for breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, lactation, pregnant women, and underage girls.

This lovely breakfast-can it improve hair loss?

Good morning, little friends, are you just starting the early shift on Monday, stretch yourself! Today’s health is on-line, and we recommend a soy milk for breakfast! Soy milk is rich in plant proteins and phospholipids, vitamins B1, B2 and niacin, iron, calcium and other nutrients. The most important thing is that many people say that drinking soy milk can help improve hair loss. Let’s talk with the hair doctor Liu Changchun today to see if this is true? 1. How does hair grow? First of all, let’s understand that the hair is mainly divided into four parts, from bottom to top are hair nipple, hair capsule, hair root and hair shaft. The outer part of the scalp is called dry hair, while the inner part of the scalp is the hair root, hair follicle, and hair nipple. The physiological characteristics and functions of hair are mainly determined by the hair follicles under the scalp, hair papillae and sebaceous glands. We want to have healthy hair. To have healthy hair, it is not enough to just choose a good conditioner. Hair also needs various nutrients, so maintain a balanced diet and reasonably ingest rich in protein, vitamins and Mineral food is very important. Only by guaranteeing comprehensive and reasonable nutrition can it be beneficial to the growth of hair. The main component of hair is sulfur-containing amino acid protein, so daily response to intake of appropriate amounts of protein-rich foods, such as fish, lean pork, milk, dairy products and soy products. Second, the nutrient components of soy milk that are beneficial to hair and protein. You must know that the main ingredient of wow hair is protein. After soy milk, the digestibility of protein is significantly improved. The protein digestibility of soy milk can reach 85%. Mixing tofu with meat and egg foods can supplement methionine and improve the nutritional utilization of tofu protein. So long-term drinking of soy milk can supplement a large amount of protein, which can better protect the vitality of hair. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Carbohydrates: 1, minerals (mainly potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium) 2, vitamins & nbsp. 3, soy isoflavones: is a phytoestrogen, It can improve male and male hair loss. The content of protein and calcium in soy milk is relatively high. Minerals and vitamins are also essential nutrients for hair growth. Drinking soy milk for a long time can not only promote human health, but also ensure that the hair is thick and flexible, and the hair color is black. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Soy milk is said to help improve hair loss mainly because of the soy isoflavones in its nutrients. Soy milk contains a large amount of soy isoflavones, which have a similar structure to estrogen, so soy isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens, can slightly reduce the level of metabolism of human male hormones, and male hormones are a big killer of male hair loss. 3. What are the taboos of drinking soy milk? 1. Brown sugar cannot be added to the soy milk, because there are many organic acids in the brown sugar. They combine with the protease in the soy milk and are not easily absorbed by the body. And adding sugar will not have this phenomenon. 2. Some people like to use thermos bottled soy milk to keep warm. This method is not enough, because the warm and humid internal environment of the thermos is very conducive to bacterial reproduction. In addition, the saponin in soy milk can also dissolve the scale in the thermos, and drinking it will harm human health. 3. Because soy milk is made of soybeans, and the content of purines in soybeans is very high, and it is a cold food, so people with cold and cold constitutions with symptoms of gout, fatigue, physical weakness, mental fatigue are not suitable for drinking soy milk. . 4. Not only must the soybean milk be boiled, but also the lid must be opened when cooking the soybean milk. This is because only by opening the lid can the harmful substances in the soybean milk be volatilized with water vapor. 5. Soymilk must not be taken with antibiotics such as erythromycin, because the two will undergo chemical reactions, the best time between drinking soymilk and taking antibiotics is more than 1 hour. 6. Drink soy milk and pay attention to zinc supplementation. Beans contain inhibitors, saponins and lectins, which are bad for the human body. The best way to deal with them is to cook the soy milk. People who eat soy milk for a long time should not forget to supplement the trace element zinc. The last thing I want to say is, we all have to change our work schedule, do n’t stay up late, do n’t eat spicy and greasy foods, exercise more, get up early and get up early, good health ~ According to what you said, you only take off your order, do n’t lose your hair! Once again, I would like to remind everyone that the 40 hospitals in Yonghe have resumed work. The house has been home for so long, it is time to do a hair care! Come and make an appointment in advance! Time limit and current limit plan, in progress ~