Body management is more important than marriage

The curve means fainting when wearing something, and fainting when wearing nothing. The real beauty is moving on the face, beauty on the chest, grace on the waist, charming on the back, sexy on the hips, strength on the legs, baby on the feet, eternity in the interior, grace in all, the curve is looking at the front, Look at the back, the front is the blessing, and the back is the fortune. As a woman, look at the front and the back. Can you imagine you Vanves? The biggest storm in the 20th century was the weight loss storm. Women have struggled with weight loss all their lives. The biggest storm of the 21st century is the perfect S-curve of the sculpture. The beautiful facial features of a woman only bring people five minutes of visual enjoyment, but a beautiful figure can bring all the enjoyment. 1. As far as health is concerned, as a modern woman in the 21st century, you don’t need to be beautiful or figure. But can you not be healthy? Someone once said that health is like you represent a one. The zeros at the back represent your lover, children, house, car, savings, etc. Isn’t the more zeros the better? So when your health is gone, will everything after you fall down have anything to do with you? So without health, there is nothing. Everyone knows the importance of health, so do you know what disease is the most deadly in the world? For obesity-induced hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, fatty liver, and high cholesterol, it is often said that it is difficult to buy old and thin when you have money. An increase in your waist circumference by one centimeter will reduce your life expectancy by one year. The longer the waistband, the shorter your life expectancy. More than 300,000 people have died of chronic diseases. &nbsp. 2. Motherhood is really great for children, do you know why? Because all men in the world are born to women. According to online reports, 70% of children’s mental illnesses are caused by their parents’ unsharpness. Children have a wide range of sources of knowledge. They will regard obesity as a kind of laziness and a kind of bad. Because of different aesthetic views, we always wonder why other people’s parents are so rich, so capable, so particular, and quality temperament. Why are they so good, so they are constantly comparing. The more you compare, the more you feel inferior. I don’t know if you still have any impressions. For example, when we held parent conferences when we were young, we would all have a choice whether to call mothers or fathers. Whether the image of the mother or the image of the father is good, so who should we choose? The main reason I don’t want my parents to embarrass myself and have face, so now our children have the same thoughts as us. &nbsp.Three. For the economy&nbsp.Do women always feel that one piece of clothing is missing in the closet? Female friends who are not in good shape always have money and cannot buy satisfactory clothes. They always say that the clothes are not good-looking and not suitable for them, but never thought that they are not in good shape and dumplings are not delicious. The stuffing problem. A good figure can wear 100 yuan worth 1,000 yuan even with 30 yuan clothes, right? 4. In terms of career, in today’s competition in all walks of life, have you noticed a strange thing, that is, the image is ahead of the ability, today you face a stranger, so your first impression of her is him You have a good first impression of her appearance in the first three seconds, so you are willing to spend three minutes communicating with him. If there are two salespersons today, one is well dressed and the other is bloated, you are willing Which one to talk to? Needless to say, it must be the first one, right? So, isn’t it helpful to build an external image to your career? Are women beautiful because they are beautiful? No, it’s because they are confident, cute and beautiful, and are women with good bodies all confident? Yes, do you think those women who are successful in their careers and have good looks, are they confident walking and holding their heads high? He never looks around when he walks, because he knows that he is a beautiful landscape. You don’t need to look at others to know that many people are watching him, so I say that your image is always ahead of your ability. If there is content, others will not give you a chance. 5. As far as marriage is concerned, it is often said that a man’s change of heart stems from a woman’s transformation. It will not change this year and it will definitely change in the coming year. Although it is not absolute, it is true that many female friends have become women with three ranks all their lives: one day around the pot Side turn, husband turn, children turn. Dress up her husband like a prince and her daughter like a princess, but make herself a nanny

Is your marriage still fresh?

Passionate men and women will feel like they are holding their right hand when they are married for a long time. Loving couples may also face the test of insipid marriage. Let’s take a look at the following topics first and recall the relationship between you. If most of your answers are “yes”, then you need to be careful. Attention, this is a dangerous signal! 1. Do you and your partner say “Dear, I love you” to each other every day as they did when they first fell in love? (Yes/No) 2. Did he suddenly go home often late at night, and the reason is different every time, overtime, and party with friends? (Yes/No) 3. Has his phone bill suddenly increased a lot? (Yes/No) 4. Has he started to care about his dress, just like when you were in love, he seems to have regained his youthful energy? (Yes/No) 5. Does he stop caring about you anymore, he can’t even remember which clothes you are wearing and what hair style you are wearing? In the past, he can remember even a few buttons on your clothes? (Yes/No) 6. Does he often talk to you when he receives a phone call and suddenly lowers his voice, or goes to the bathroom to answer. When you ask who it is, he always has many reasons? (Yes/No) 7. Has he become obsessed with chatting online, and he also set a password on his computer to prevent you from logging in? (Yes/No) 8. Have you noticed that there will be some beautifully packed small gift boxes in his leather bag, you think it is a gift for you, but he said it is for the customer. A few days later, the gift was sent away. (Yes/No) 9. Did he start to receive some mysterious text messages, and often sent late at night, he began to like to change the ringtone of the mobile phone to vibrate. Once you ask, he said he didn’t want to disturb you to rest? (Yes/No) 10. Do you often find some hotel or coffee shop bills in his pocket, when you ask him with whom, he always supports us? (Yes/No) In these questions, if you find yourself actually having to answer “yes” to 2/3 of them, it means that the danger signal is already giving you a hint, which means that your marital life is not like the original one. It was so fresh and full of passion. From “The Art of Marriage”