Japanese media said “new crown pneumonia will cause hair loss” Japanese netizens: don’t push everything to the virus

In recent months, the Japanese media have been very fond of creating new terms such as “new crown xxx” or “pneumonia xxx” for the phenomenon in the epidemic. No, recently, “New Crown Hair Loss” rushed to Japan’s Twitter search. On the afternoon of May 5, the Japanese TV Asahi News program “スーパーJチャンネル” reported that people have health problems due to long-term nesting at home. The most obvious one is that the discovery is serious, and some people even have hair loss. There was a problem. Then, after the reporter asked scalp care experts and conducted a series of consultations throughout the program, the conclusion was: the so-called “new crown hair loss” refers to the pneumonia epidemic has greatly changed the living habits of Japanese people, many people are less Under the pressure of going out to commute, it is impossible to manage life and rest independently, and eventually lead to more hair loss… Summing up is: imbalanced nutrition, insufficient exercise, and irregular life and rest, resulting in aggravated hair loss problems. After the program was broadcast, the people of the island nation started a topic discussion online. But the reason for many Japanese netizens to discuss is not because they have the “new crown hair loss” problem, but that the report is nonsense from beginning to end. It is not the new coronavirus that causes hair loss, but because many people have been unable to isolate themselves at home, resulting in abnormal life and rest, lack of exercise, and nutritional imbalances. No, all netizens in the island countries have exerted their superb ability to speak up. Let’s take a look at their speeches~ It seems that people who are deceived by the “title party” should have a lot of words to make sense! “Isolation of baldness” really suits the situation. The netizen of the island country can be said to be very wise. The netizen of the island country is very passionate about sports daily. Hahahaha, the virus said: What? ? ? New Coronary Pneumonia does not cause hair loss, but bad habits, daily hair ties, and wearing hats can cause hair loss to worsen, and in severe cases, hair loss problems can occur. Next, Maizi will talk to you about how to prevent and prevent detachment properly and effectively every day. 1. Staying up late at night is the period of time when the body needs to rest and adjust itself. If staying up for a long period of time will cause more hormones to secrete in the body to support various behaviors of the body, and it will cause great damage to the body in the long run. At the same time stay up late to promote a large amount of oil secretion, too much oil will directly cause hair follicles to be stimulated during the rest period, or even block the hair follicles. Therefore, the daily quality and quantity of sleep is helpful to balance the endocrine cycle, help to improve the body’s metabolism, the scalp blood supply oxygen is sufficient, the hair follicles are healthy and energetic, and the hair will naturally grow well. 2. Regular diet Eat high-quality fats, whole grains and protein-rich foods such as beef, eggs, milk, etc. The whole grains can regulate the digestive function of the body, and can also add a lot of dietary fiber, which is good for the health of the body Helpful. When you are well, your hair loss will also be reduced. 3. Appropriate exercise, normal exercise and daily exercise are helpful to relieve stress and improve self-immunity, and adequate sleep can promote normal metabolism of skin and hair, which is good for promoting blood circulation, cardiopulmonary function and enhanced oxygen carrying of cells. Yes, it also helps hair health. 4. Maintaining a good mood, long-term tension, excessive stress, and excessive fatigue will increase hair loss. Pay attention to rest, relax and help hair growth.