Is it a gimmick or a miraculous effect?

Recently, the Japanese drama “Cinderella Pharmacist” has gained a sense of existence on major online platforms. Rimi Ishihara, known as the goddess of the nation, once again starred as the heroine. Ishihara, born in 1986, is full of vitality and healing in the play. Standing with Nanase Nishino in 1994 has no sense of disobedience. The ultimate self-discipline in life keeps her full and firm skin and clear three-dimensional jaw line. In fact, Ishihara also had a big round face when she first debuted. In order to make her face more attractive and to facilitate the creation of more types of characters, she created a set of “zero-cost jawline training methods” and successfully counterattacked. &nbsp.0 Cost Face-lifting Method&nbsp.Is it a gimmick or a miraculous effect? The face-lifting method demonstrated by Ishihara Rimi is actually through long-term muscle training, combined with back muscles, to tighten the overall muscles of the jaw and neck (similar to the training method of vest line). But facial muscle exercise is more difficult than vest line. In addition to long-term adherence to training, Ishihara Rimi also made detailed plans for diet and exercise. Without ten yuan of self-discipline, face-lifting is not as easy as imagined! For people who have too large masseter muscles or are born with hypertrophy of the mandibular angle, this method can only stop. What caused the big face? Big face is nothing more than three reasons: wide bones, fat, and masseter hypertrophy. The structure of the bone determines the initial face shape. Generally, people with large mandibular bones will have a larger mandibular angle (composed of mandibular ramus and mandibular body), and this wideness is often accompanied by masseter hypertrophy, which will affect facial appearance. Masseter hypertrophy is caused by often eating hard food and difficult to chew. After long-term use of the masseter muscle, the muscle hypertrophy at the mandibular angle is caused. There is also a risk of masseter muscle enlargement at night. As for the fat face caused by diet, in fact, as long as you control your diet properly and continue to exercise like Ishihara Rimi, it can be effectively improved, but the time will be a little longer…How to quickly and safely thin your face There are different treatments for big facial problems caused by different reasons. Common face-lifting needles, radiofrequency lipolysis, and surgical procedures are the most direct and effective methods for face-lifting, but why do some people still have unsatisfactory results after treatment? 1. The doctor’s assessment is inaccurate. Some people’s big faces may be mixed. If there are two problems with large masseter muscle and increased fat, then it is necessary to combine the two methods of face-lifting needle and radiofrequency lipolysis to achieve the ideal face-lift effect. 2. The treatment technique is not skilled. Regardless of the face-lifting method, the most important thing is the treating doctor. Because the skin on the face is thin and the subcutaneous blood vessels are relatively abundant, the treatment level and the area of ​​action require not only professional knowledge of the doctor, but also sufficient clinical experience. 3. The botulinum toxin used in the different face-lifting needles of the product itself will also affect the final effect. Botulinum toxin with a higher production process and component ratio can guarantee better results, and the face-lifting effect can be maintained for a longer time. 4. Personal psychological reasons Some people look at the mirror every day after the treatment, feel that there is no change, and become very anxious. In fact, whether it is a face-lift needle or radiofrequency lipolysis, the immediate postoperative effect is indeed very good, but to achieve the ideal state, it needs to wait for the skin to gradually absorb and metabolize. Choose a professional medical institution Yanshuyiyi Wuhan Outpatient Department always adheres to value medical care as the core, integrates medical skin care, uses professional medical knowledge to scientifically combine various treatment plans, and customizes the treatment plan to achieve maximum effect and guarantee “Reassured beauty.” On August 22, Yanshu Wuhan VIP injection day struck, and well-known domestic surgical experts had a consultation. The injection fee on the day was free and the number of face-to-face consultations was limited. Please contact customer service Xiaoyan in advance to make an appointment. ♥