Two children in the same family, a multi-millionaire, and one in need of social assistance

A friend asked me: “Why are my two children so different? The boss is hardworking and the second child is lazy and greedy. He does not talk about stealth and love and does not like learning at all. Why does imitation theory not work in our family “” My friend’s question reminded me of the two brothers Isha and David in the British Transfiguration. The fathers of Issa and David are police officers, and their mothers are bank employees. Their families belong to the middle class. Issa is one year older than David. This born in the same family comes from the same brother raised by the same parents, but the fate of growing up is very different. Elder brother Isha is a famous British rich and super rich. The favorite thing is to collect mansions. The Isa collection houses a four-story townhouse, a 13th-century mansion and holiday apartments in upper-class communities. His younger brother David is very poor. He has no permanent job, no wife, no children, and no house. His place is an abandoned RV. The gap between these two people is simply far apart. If it wasn’t for the end of the show, they were reluctant to say goodbye to the director and said that they were brothers. I believe no one had connected the two together. What caused the huge difference between the two brothers? Parents have different expectations for the two brothers! After these two brothers were born, they had the same food and clothing, and they went to school! If there is any difference, the expectation of the parents is different! When they were young, their parents always encouraged their brother, Isha, to be self-reliant, so when Isha was very young, he started walking dogs and cutting grass for others’ homes, and got up early to send newspapers to earn pocket money. And the pocket money he earned was used to subsidize his family—brother David! David can’t sleep on the sofa every day. Parents regarded David as a treasure in their hands, lest they would take care of it. Brother Isha is going to die every day, and brother David is going to die every day! It may be because he is too busy, so David learned to smoke when he was very young, and later learned to take drugs. As long as it is not beneficial to his body and mind, he will definitely devote himself to it. Perhaps because he was too busy, he did not enter the university. My brother Isha is studying in addition to being busy making money every day, so after graduating from college all the way, from working for others to small business, selling after some improvement, and then investing in projects that are easier to make money and resell. Become a rich man. The expectation of parents is the cause, and their own cognition is the result! Life experience will give birth to different cognitive concepts. In “Transfiguration”, the two brothers have to live with each other for 8 days, and there are two quarrels. After Isha came to her brother’s house, she wished to repent on the spot! Not only dirty and messy can be described, the place is forced, there is no toilet or bath. For the show, Isha had to bite the bullet and lived, and ate the steak that David had prepared for him. Then began to enter David’s life! On the first day, David invited Isha to go to the square with himself to participate in his new book conference. But in fact, one is that David himself placed a booth in the square to promote his own book, probably because the content of the book is too strange and no one has been sold. Then David invited Isha to go with him to a regular meeting that he particularly liked. The people at the party enjoyed discussing doomsday theory. One of them said that the asteroids would be destroyed if they were connected to the earth, and these views were recorded in the British Charter. David nodded again and again while listening, and cast an admiring glance at the other party. Isha was very angry, thinking that the other party was talking nonsense and letting the other party come up with a charter. Let’s compare it, which line and sentence did he say! This behavior aroused the resentment of the participants. Isha also almost started to deal with the other party because of this matter. Fortunately, David did not fight on the spot! When David arrived at Isha’s house, the two of them quarreled before entering. The reason is that David wanted a boat, and Isha had originally agreed, but then stopped buying it! He asked David to find a job first, and then consider buying a boat after having a certain income. After all, buying a boat can pay for it yourself, but the docks behind, and the maintenance of the ship needs David to bear. David does not have this ability now. It is obviously not cost-effective to buy a boat now. Therefore, David was very angry and felt that his brother’s speech was not counted! After that, David began his life at the Isha family. David followed Isha to his party and faced with the high-profile figures, he talked and laughed between the power and the elite, and there was no sense of embarrassment. At the art exhibition, Dawei also made a craft by himself