How to judge condyloma acuminatum

   Condyloma acuminata has two major characteristics that make people very troublesome, that is, its infectivity and recurrence rate, which make many patients avoid it. In that case, how do we determine whether we have condyloma acuminata?   1. Judging by sexual behavior. Sexuality is an important way for the transmission of condyloma acuminatum. If you suspect that you have condyloma acuminata, you must first check whether you have unclean sex, because people who have had unclean sex are very likely to suffer from it. Of genital warts. Therefore, everyone must maintain clean sex and refrain from having sex with multiple people or people other than lovers.   2. Judge according to your own physical condition. Are there prominent vegetations on the genitals, small flesh-colored particles or papules in the early stage, or light red in the genitals, but not all vegetations are suffering from condyloma acuminatum, only the vegetation is large enough, The appearance of a variety of shapes may be suffering from condyloma acuminata. If this happens, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination. After all, making judgments at home is no more professional than a hospital.   3. Judge by one’s own hygiene. Share towels, bath towels, washbasins and other items with others based on whether you do not pay attention to your own hygiene in your daily life. If it appears, go to the hospital to check if there is any genital warts.