Can migraine attacks be relieved by shampooing?

&nbsp.&nbsp.In today’s society, people are under tremendous pressure from all sides, so they are prone to migraine. After suffering from migraine, they need to strengthen the care of all aspects of the body. Do some people wash their hair because of a migraine attack? Under normal circumstances, it is okay to pay attention to the appropriate water temperature. Some things need to be contraindicated during migraine attacks. &nbsp.&nbsp. When migraine occurs, you can wash your hair with hot water to relieve pain, because hot water can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood circulation, promote metabolism, and relieve headaches and other discomforts. However, you should also pay attention to the water temperature when washing your hair. It should be at the same temperature as your body, and not too cold or too hot. &nbsp.&nbsp. Contraindications for migraine attacks. &nbsp.&nbsp.First, do not eat irritating foods&nbsp.&nbsp. When migraine attacks, do not eat spicy and irritating foods, such as hot peppers, coffee, ice cream, etc., stay away, drink alcohol It cannot be done either. &nbsp.&nbsp.Second, avoid fatigue&nbsp.&nbsp.In the case of a migraine attack, you should take adequate rest and lie down in a quiet environment if conditions permit. If you can fall asleep, take about half an hour The effect will be better, don’t do a lot of mental work, or it will make the migraine worse. &nbsp.&nbsp. Third, don’t get emotional&nbsp.&nbsp. The onset of migraine has a very close relationship with people’s psychology. If a migraine has already occurred, don’t be nervous or agitated at this time, or it will change the migraine. It’s more serious, and you have to calmly deal with some things in your daily life, work and study. &nbsp.&nbsp. Fourth, do not exercise vigorously&nbsp.&nbsp. In severe cases of migraine, if you exercise too vigorously, it will only make the headache worse. You can go for a walk outdoors and breathe. fresh air. &nbsp.&nbsp. When a migraine attacks, you can wash your head with warm water at a suitable temperature, which can relieve headaches and other discomforts to a certain extent. When a migraine strikes, you should not eat irritating food, don’t be too tired, don’t get emotional, and don’t do strenuous exercise. These contraindications can reduce the side effects of migraine.