What happened to morning sickness? — Doctor Hou Baoquan

The digestive clinic often needs a common question: What is the nausea and nausea in the morning? As a professional internal medicine physician, it is our duty to clarify and popularize medical knowledge. Let us learn together. The common causes are as follows: 1. Oropharyngeal diseases: postnasal drip syndrome caused by sinusitis , Chronic pharyngitis, oral inflammation, periodontal abscess, etc., inflammation of the epiglottis by inflammation itself or secretions, causing morning sickness and nausea symptoms! 2. High sensitivity of the epiglottis: cold air stimulation in the morning or poor oral hygiene (such as not brushing your teeth before bedtime) causes the stimulation of the throat by saliva mixed with bacteria! 3. Dry throat: snoring, throat opening, etc. caused by snoring, mouth breathing, etc., reflex nausea and vomiting! 4. Chronic illnesses take medicine for a long time: Some diseases require fasting medicine. Early morning fasting medicine will stimulate the stomach, so nausea and nausea will occur. 5. Chronic gastric diseases: such as indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc., due to poor digestion of the gastroesophagus, gastric emptying is delayed, and the retentate that is not absorbed, digested, and emptied is mixed with a large amount of gastric acid reflux at night The stimulating effect of flow on the throat, causing the corresponding symptoms! 6. Hypoglycemia: This reason is relatively rare. If you do n’t eat any food all night, and the stomach has too little food or no food, the blood sugar concentration in the body will drop, and nausea and nausea will appear in the morning. 7. Short burst arrhythmia: short burst tachycardia in the morning and frequent premature beats can also cause nausea and nausea! 8. Persistent depression or anxiety: Unhealthy emotional and psychological states can also affect physical health, especially gastrointestinal health, often in the form of morning sickness or nausea before meals.