Saline nasal washing is really good, but the wrong method may also cause otitis media

Nasal wash with normal saline is a commonly used measure for rhinitis, but there are also some patients who report that “after saline nasal wash causes inflammation in the ear”, what is going on? In fact, it is very rare for physiological nasal washing to cause otitis media, but it is not impossible. The nose and ears seem to be unconnected from the outside, but from the anatomical structure of the inside, they are connected by the eustachian tube. This pipe is usually closed, about 35 mm long, and the height difference between the upper and lower channels It is 15-25 mm, so under normal circumstances, the liquid in the nasopharynx is difficult to flow back to the ear through the eustachian tube. But in some special cases, such as swallowing, yawning, singing or blowing your nose, such as external pressure, the eustachian tube will open. At this time, if our nasopharynx is inflamed, these contain bacteria Inflammatory secretions, it is possible to flow back into the ear through this eustachian tube. When the saline is washed with saline, the pressure to flush the nasal cavity is too high, it is possible to press the saline into the ear through the eustachian tube. However, this situation generally occurs when an electric flusher is used and the pressure is set too high. Generally, manual flushers do not have this problem. Therefore, when you usually wash your nose with saline, pay attention to adjusting the pressure of the flusher to avoid this situation. In addition, in order to avoid rhinitis caused by otitis media, usually pay attention to the posture of blowing the nose, try to block one side of the nostril with one finger, and gently blow out the secretions in the opposite nasal cavity to prevent nasal inflammatory substances from passing through the eustachian The tube enters the ear. If otitis media has already occurred, we’d better go to the hospital to actively check and treat, and strive to control the inflammation as soon as possible. &nbsp.&nbsp.