Can I drink tea for gout

 1. The cause of gout is related to arteriosclerosis. Obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes are closely related to the occurrence of arteriosclerosis.  2. Metabolic factors: Gout is a genetic metabolic disease, with a genetic predisposition, people with a family history of gout, if they do not pay attention to eating and drinking, they are prone to gout, which is also a common cause of gout. This is because the body lacks an enzyme that cannot completely decompose protein. Purine accumulates in the body too much, and the blood uric acid also increases to form crystals, which are deposited in the joints, causing inflammation and causing severe pain.  3. Irregular life: Some young people have irregular lives, often all night long. This kind of irregular lifestyle will disrupt the rhythm of the human body’s “biological clock”, abnormal metabolism, aggravate the acidification of the body, and become a “favorite” object for gout.

What factors can induce the onset of chronic liver disease?

1. Long-term fatigue. Long-term fatigue exceeds the body’s load capacity, which will reduce the body’s resistance. Of course, fatigue does not only refer to physical strength, but also mental and mental fatigue. 2. Catch a cold. The cold slows down various reactions in the body and lowers resistance, which gives the invading hepatitis virus a chance to reproduce. 3. Malnutrition and partial eclipse. 4. Smoking and alcohol abuse can also decrease the immune function. In addition, alcohol can directly damage liver cells. The survey found that 33.96% of all types of hepatitis had definite inducements, and the frequency of the inducement was as follows: manual labor accounted for 38.58%, lack of sleep was 17.31%, mental burden was 8.69%, infection was 8.15%, and cold The rate was 7.61% and alcohol consumption was 4.89%. Others still had improper diet, improper sexual intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth, dampness, taking drugs that damage the liver, etc., 15.7% of them had compound inducements. If these incentives are avoided, hundreds of thousands of people may avoid or delay the onset of disease.

Is the pelvis crooked? The culprit of low back pain and leg pain is here

Feeling deep and shallow when walking, swinging left and right; swinging the center of gravity on one leg involuntarily when standing; always like to see Erjiro legs while sitting? Are you talking about these points? These “habits” in daily life will actually affect the position of our pelvis. The pelvis connects the spine and the lower limbs, both structurally and functionally, and plays a vital role. When our pelvis is not in the right position, it often involves the spine and lower limbs, which eventually leads to persistent low back pain and discomfort in the hips, knees and ankles of the lower limbs. Today, let’s take a look at the position of our pelvis. The anatomy of the pelvis is a pelvic skeleton that connects the spine and lower limbs. It consists of the sacrum, the coccyx (the two lowest bones of the spine), and the left and right hip bones (the hip bones are composed of the ilium, pubis, and ischium). The pelvis is carried up and down to accommodate and protect our pelvic organs, support the spine and transmit the strength of the lower limbs. And coordinate with the surrounding muscles to complete the exercise. In the forward and backward tilt of the pelvis, there are mainly the participation of the erector spinae, gluteus maximus, hamstring, iliopsoas and abdominal muscles. In the roll and rotation of the pelvis, the abdominal muscles and lumbar square muscles are mainly involved. The long-term wrong posture makes the muscle groups around the pelvis in an unbalanced state, and it is easy to produce discomfort and pain over time. What will happen if the position of the pelvis is not right? 1. The effect on the spine When the pelvis leans forward, the muscles and fascia of the waist and back are in a state of stiffness and tension for a long time, causing lumbago for a long time. When the pelvis rotates, the position of the sacrum and iliac bones may also change relatively, causing disorder of the sacroiliac joints and causing discomfort in the lumbosacral region. When the pelvis rolls, the strength of the muscles on both sides of the spine is unbalanced, which can easily lead to scoliosis. In turn, scoliosis can also affect pelvic roll. 2. The impact on the lower limbs The nature of the pseudo-long legs is that the pelvis rotates on both sides, and the muscle strength of the iliac psoas and gluteus maximus is unbalanced. In this case, although the actual length of the legs is the same, the performance is It is one high and one low, one long and one short. Many partners with unilateral lower extremity hip, knee and ankle injuries will form a pain avoidance posture to protect the affected side when walking, pressing the center of gravity on the good leg for a long time, not only the muscle atrophy of the injured leg, but the position of the pelvis Changes also slowly appeared. At this time, the phenomenon of false long and short legs often appeared, and even the hips, knees and ankles of the last good legs also appeared discomfort. Simply judge whether your pelvis is right or not. First, we first find the bony landmarks, the anterior superior iliac spine (the most protruding position on the front side of the body that is reached by the fingers of the hands on the hips). 1. The pelvis tilts back and forth (1) The anterior superior iliac spine and pubic bone are in a line, which shows that there is no problem with the position of the pelvis. (2) Standing against the wall. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the back waist and the wall is about one palm. If the palm cannot be inserted into the palm, or if it can be inserted into more than one fist, it indicates that there is a risk. 2. The pelvis rolls in the standing position or the supine position and relaxes with both hands on your hips. If there is a difference in the position of the anterior superior iliac spine on both sides, there may be a roll. 3. The pelvic rotation is relaxed in the supine position, with both hands on your hips. If there is a difference in height between the anterior superior iliac spine on both sides or the back waist position feels that the area of ​​contact between the two sides and the bed is different, it may indicate that there is pelvic rotation. Of course, in actual problems, most people may have several problems at the same time, such as pelvic forward tilt with unilateral rotation. If you find that your pelvis is not correct and you have discomfort in the lower back or lower extremities, it is best to find a professional to evaluate and solve your problems. Cultivate good habits and correct pelvic irregularities. Tricks When you are standing in daily life, always put your weight on one leg, and when you sit, you will stretch your legs for a long time. These inadvertent habits are easy to cause the wrong position of our pelvis. In addition, we also need to balance the muscle strength around the pelvis. You can do the following exercises: stretch the iliopsoas muscle to pull the waist square muscles to strengthen the core strength and strengthen the pelvic control. Finally, I hope everyone can get rid of the interference of the pelvis. , “Return” in time.

My teeth are neat, why does the doctor say “necessary”?

Some time ago, a netizen privately wrote me that he saw a case of orthodontics on Weibo. Judging from the pictures, the teeth before alignment are neatly arranged, but after the correction, they look uncomfortable. However, many people in the comment area replied: “This doctor’s technique is awesome, and the effect of correction is really good!” Made her wonder her eyes. I took a picture and saw the same praise, even admiring the dentist’s correction technique. This made her even more incomprehensible. In order to explain clearly, I asked her: Do you know the most basic function of teeth? She quickly replied two words-chewing. Yes, as an essential organ of the human body, the most basic function is chewing. So, if there is a problem with the chewing function of the teeth, will you leave it alone? She replied: Of course not! I replied: That’s not it. The reason why you can’t see the patient’s dental problem is because he has a bite problem, not a dentition. Before contact correction, I also think that only dentition needs to be adjusted. I didn’t know until I came into contact with stomatology that dentition is a relatively simple case, and there are many other deformity problems that need to be solved. Most of these situations are not known. I believe that many people go for whole teeth for beauty, but many people go for treatment because they ca n’t eat rice or have abnormal pronunciation. No matter what kind, I hope you can have a good understanding of your own teeth A basic understanding, so that when you go to treatment, others will not understand you, and you will not know if you are pitted. 1. What is the difference between bone deformity and dental deformity? Generally, during orthodontics, patients are afraid to hear the words: Your problem is osseous and difficult to adjust. ——It is true, but it is past tense. Therefore, as a person who is not engaged in the orthodontic industry, you only need to know-& nbsp. Now bone and denture wood are meaningful. This is also my first suggestion to everyone-& nbsp. Do n’t spend all day online Baidu Medical, go to a regular hospital for a regular check-up to confirm the condition of the teeth. 2. What exactly needs orthodontics? After talking about the overall concept, I will select a few common deformities and give you an analysis to see if you have any orthodontic needs. 1. Crowded teeth Crowded teeth are the most common malocclusion. Teeth are like small trees and need enough space to grow. However, due to genetic or environmental problems resulting in insufficient space, the teeth had to “you push me”, resulting in uneven dentition, affecting aesthetics. Of course, the teeth are crowded. Do n’t laugh at others ’teeth irregularities. Everyone is more or less different. 2. Anti-jaw anti-jaw is so harmful that it is too big to eat and speak well. The so-called “reverse jaw” refers to the protruding lower teeth, covering the upper teeth, forming a “ground-covered” situation, which not only makes the facial shape concave and affects the face, but also leads to non-standard pronunciation and difficulty in chewing. If you are an anti-jaw, it is recommended to orthodontics as soon as possible ~ 3. Is the small tiger teeth convex? indeed. But the over-protruding tiger teeth are not only cute, but also make the lips protrude, and even cause malocclusion. Moreover, the protruding tiger teeth form a dead corner and are not easy to clean. Imagine the protruding tiger teeth. Are the two yellow and yellow tiger teeth cute? ? ? 4. The gap between the dentition is big. Last year, the second season of the popular American drama “Public Relations Crisis” was released. The whole drama is good. The only thing that has been criticized is the female’s big teeth. Sparse, not only stuffing teeth, affecting aesthetics, but also blowing bragging air. 5. Open jaws The so-called “open jaws”, that is, the upper and lower teeth can not be closed, as if deliberately opened. Patients who have jaws open their jaws are most disturbed by their large tongues. Of course, they often bite their tongues when eating. If the oral cavity is frequently traumatized, there is a high probability of periodontitis! 6. Deep covering jaw, deep covering What is deep covering jaw, deep covering? First, second teeth, please take out a mirror and grind your teeth against it to see how much lower teeth can be exposed. If the exposed part of the lower teeth is less than 2/3, it is likely to be a deep overlay (Xiaobian is a severe deep overlay, and the lower teeth cannot be seen at all ~) The comparison of this type of dental deformity before and after correction of the deep overlay is often a problem of bone deformities , Seriously even bite the gums, increasing the incidence of periodontitis and facial diseases, not just affecting the face is so simple. 7. Little sister with uneven centerline, take out a small mirror, clenched her teeth against it, and see if the centerline of the upper and lower dentition is not aligned, if not aligned

Is it necessary to correct children’s irregular teeth?

Many parents think that children will have to change their teeth sooner or later, so it is not necessary to deal with some dental problems such as deformed teeth. Is this really the case? Is it necessary to correct children’s uneven teeth? For this problem, let’s listen to the doctor of Shenzhen Dental Hospital How to say. According to the introduction of the Shenzhen Malt Stomatologist, the cause of children’s tooth deformity is on the one hand due to congenital genetic factors, on the other hand due to inappropriate feeding methods by parents or bad living habits of children such as sucking fingers, biting lips, etc. , Will cause the child’s teeth to develop unevenly. Children’s dental deformity is very harmful, not only affects the appearance of the face, causes the child’s inferiority mental state, but also affects oral function in severe cases, and adversely affects the health of the body, so it must be corrected in time. Moreover, if the deformity of the deciduous teeth is not corrected in time, it is likely that the permanent teeth will also develop unevenly. Therefore, it cannot be considered that the child will change the teeth sooner or later, regardless of the deformed teeth. Generally speaking, girls 10-12 years old and boys 11-13 years old are the best time for orthodontics. At this time, the correction can take advantage of the peak period of tooth growth and development. The speed of correction is very fast and the time is short. If you miss it If correction is made during this period, the time required for correction will be much longer.