Do infants and young children need supplementary supplements?

According to the guidelines of the Chinese Journal of Pediatrics “Recommendations for the prevention and treatment of micronutrient deficiencies in children” and “Guidelines for the feeding of children from 0 to 36 months”, it is suggested that infants and young children who do not have clear trace elements such as calcium, iron and zinc do not need to supplement any nutrients, as long as they are supplemented Under reasonable and dietary fiber, it is recommended to eat more foods rich in iron, zinc and calcium. However, vitamin D is recommended to supplement at least 400 UI per day (including dietary milk powder intake plus medicines) to 3 years old. Vitamin D is recommended to buy ECOXIN (Vitamin AD). When the child is clearly deficient in related trace elements, especially caused by picky eating or related diseases, he can recommend Tomson’s calcium-iron-zinc mixture and children’s good storage (children’s multivitamin tablets) for supplement. It should be reminded that infants and young children require regular physical examinations in the child care department or local maternal and child health centers to check physical development, such as height, weight, head circumference, etc., combined with growth and development curves to determine whether children have abnormalities such as short stature. At the same time, anemia screening was performed and it was found that iron deficiency anemia was treated in time.