Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women

Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women? Iron deficiency in pregnant women will not only affect the health of pregnancy, but also affect the fetus. The symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women are not obvious, so you need to pay special attention.  Impact of iron deficiency in pregnant women on their own health  If you do not consume enough iron, the iron stored in your body will be exhausted if things go on like this. If you develop that there is no longer enough iron in your blood to make the hemoglobin your body needs, you will have symptoms of anemia.  Iron deficiency anemia consumes your energy and can cause many other symptoms, especially if the anemia is severe. It will also reduce your immunity.   If you have anemia during childbirth, you are more likely to need a blood transfusion; if you lose a lot of blood during childbirth, the possibility of other problems will increase. Some studies have shown that iron deficiency in pregnant women is also associated with postpartum depression.  The effect of iron deficiency in pregnant women on the fetus  Iron deficiency anemia may also affect the fetus, increasing the risk of premature birth, low birth weight, intrauterine death and neonatal death.   When the baby is still in your womb, he can well absorb the iron he needs. He will absorb the iron he can get before you. Even so, if a pregnant woman is severely anemia, it may still damage the iron storage in the baby’s body at birth, thereby increasing his risk of anemia in infancy, and may also impair his physical and cognitive development.  Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia   Pregnant women may not have any symptoms of iron deficiency. After a routine blood test, they were surprised to find that they were anemia. Pregnant women with anemia may feel tired, weak and dizzy.   Anemia in pregnant women may be paler than usual, especially your fingernails, inner lower eyelids and lips. You may experience rapid heartbeat, palpitations, shortness of breath, or difficulty concentrating. Some studies have also found that severe iron deficiency anemia is related to the desire to eat non-food substances such as ice or soil (this condition is called pica).  Iron deficiency is common all over the world, and your risk of iron deficiency during pregnancy is particularly high. The doctor will give you a blood test during your first check-up, and you will have blood tests frequently throughout your pregnancy to see if there is a need for iron supplementation for pregnant women.  Treatment of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women    If the blood test results show that you have anemia, you need to take supplements to supplement iron, usually 60 to 120 mg per day. As with all supplements, you should not increase the dose by yourself unless your doctor advises you. Pregnant women can only take iron supplements strictly in accordance with the dosage recommended by the doctor.

How to supplement iron deficiency anemia

 What should I do with iron deficiency anemia? Prevention first   Why is iron deficiency anemia a global problem? Firstly, due to the internal physiological factors of anemia population, such as women, they lose part of their iron regularly every month, and they will also lose a lot of blood and iron during childbirth. Children grow up fast, and their maternal nutrition is insufficient during the fetal period. Insufficient supply, etc., are all physiological causes of iron deficiency anemia.   In addition to the physiological causes that cannot be changed by nature, there are many external causes of iron deficiency anemia that we can prevent.   1. Pay attention to iron supplementation. The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency. The daily diet pays more attention to iron-containing food supplements, such as pig liver, lean meat, red dates, black fungus, spinach, kelp, etc. It can also be cooked in an iron pot to inject iron into the diet from the outside, and it can also be used with iron deficiency anemia. Tiezhiyuan tablets, more effective iron supplementation to improve iron deficiency anemia.   Two, scientific work and rest. Chinese medicine believes that 23 o’clock at night is the time when day and night change and the yang energy is weakest. 23 o’clock to 1 o’clock the next day are the two most important hours for sleep. If these two hours are spent in high-quality sleep, hemopoiesis in the liver can be accelerated. Nourishes blood. Therefore, the prevention of iron deficiency anemia requires scientific work and rest and must not stay up late.   Three, drink less strong tea, coffee, and eat less garlic. Strong tea and coffee contain high caffeine, which stimulates cardiovascular and nerves. It is easy to cause dysmenorrhea, long menstrual periods or excessive blood loss. The tannic acid in tea will hinder iron absorption and accelerate anemia; volatile substances in garlic will cause Inhibit the secretion of gastric juice, reduce hemoglobin and red blood cells, and hinder iron absorption. Therefore, to prevent iron deficiency anemia, drink less strong tea, coffee, and eat less garlic.  How to make up for iron deficiency anemia anemia? Eat more foods that supplement iron and blood    Anemia is caused by iron deficiency, so how to supplement iron for iron deficiency anemia? Xinxibao nutrition experts recommend eating more foods that supplement iron and blood.  Animal food has better iron supplementation effect than plant food. Such as animal blood, animal liver, beef, fish, especially liver foods, but not too much food, it is recommended to eat animal liver once or twice a week. Plant foods have a low iron absorption rate, but contain vitamin C and folic acid, which can promote iron absorption, such as red dates, black fungus, alfalfa, spinach, celery, rape, amaranth, shepherd’s purse, day lily, tomato, and a combination of meat and vegetables in the diet Helps improve iron absorption.  What to do with iron deficiency anemia? The above are foods for supplementing iron and blood. If you unfortunately suffer from iron deficiency anemia, you can eat more food. However, people with iron deficiency anemia generally have the bad habit of anorexia and partial eclipse. Food supplementation alone may not meet the original iron deficiency. For people’s physique, it is recommended to take some safe iron supplements for direct iron supplementation, such as Ti Hengjian Iron Edge Tablets, which contain ferrous lactate, donkey-hide gelatin, and zinc-rich protein powder. While supplementing iron and blood, it is also extremely nutritious, and It has a good taste and is generally accepted by people with anorexia and partial eclipse. It can effectively increase the amount of hemoglobin and improve iron deficiency anemia.

What food do pregnant women eat?

Anemia in pregnant women is generally related to iron deficiency, so anemia in pregnant women needs to be supplemented with iron, which can be supplemented with food. You can also use some mild iron supplements, such as the body iron tablets, safe iron supplementation can effectively improve the health of pregnant women. Iron deficiency anemia is a good mild blood supplement, suitable for pregnant women to supplement iron during pregnancy and enhance blood supplement.  What kind of food should pregnant women eat? The following small series introduces three kinds of foods suitable for blood supplementation during pregnancy, hoping to help all anemia expectant mothers. Anemia for pregnant women is suitable for eating foods containing folic acid. Pregnant women eat more foods containing folic acid is beneficial to pregnant women iron supplementation, which can improve pregnant women’s iron deficiency anemia, such as eating fish, eggs, soy products, nuts and liver, kidney, spinach and other foods. 2. Anemia in pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can promote the absorption of iron in the intestine, so in addition to eating iron supplements, pregnant women with anemia also need to add some vitamins C food, only in this way, can well absorb the iron intake.   3. Pregnant women with anemia should eat more foods containing iron. Many people know that iron is the best element for blood supplementation. Pregnant women can supplement the lack of blood in the body by eating more foods rich in iron. Foods rich in iron include lean meat, poultry, animal liver and blood, such as Duck blood, pig blood, etc. Anemia of pregnant women must not be underestimated, because pregnant women not only need to supplement their own nutrition, but also related to the health of the fetus. If the pregnant woman cannot have a good body, then the pregnant child will often have such problems. After discovering anemia, pregnant women must go to regular medical institutions for consultation in time, and perform blood supplementation under the arrangement of doctors

Six Misunderstandings of Women’s Supplementing Iron and Blood

Myth 1 Anemia is treated with iron only. If you already have iron deficiency anemia, you should rely on iron to treat iron deficiency anemia. However, iron alone can easily relapse after you stop the medicine. If you want to get rid of anemia completely, you must start from your daily eating habits, avoid picky eating and anorexia, and increase iron intake in your daily life.   In fact, the supply of food is a good way to prevent recurrence from the source.  Misunderstanding 2 Jujube has good blood-enriching effect. Among the fruits, the iron content of fresh jujube is relatively large, 1.2 mg/100g. However, the absorption rate of iron in jujube is extremely low, and it cannot be well utilized by the human body.  Although the vitamin C content in the fresh jujube is 243 mg/100 g, and VC can promote iron absorption, it seems to be helpful in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia. However, jujubes often cannot be eaten more, so eating ten or eight jujubes is to tickle the boots.  Misunderstanding 3 iron pot cooking can supplement the iron. The seasonings added during cooking, such as vinegar and alkali, will cause the iron oxide on the surface of the pot to enter the food and enter the stomach with the food. After a series of transformations, it finally enters the blood in the form of ferritin, which can supplement iron.  However, if the cooked meal contains a large amount of dietary fiber, oxalic acid, phytic acid, such as vegetables, whole grains and soybean products, it will hinder the absorption of iron. Therefore, this method of iron supplementation is too restrictive, and the effect is not good.  Misunderstanding 4 Drinking milk can supplement iron   Milk is rich in protein and other nutrients, but the iron content is not high. At the same time, the body’s absorption rate of iron in milk is only 10%, it is difficult to supply enough iron for women with menstrual anemia, so it is impossible to rely on drinking milk to supplement iron and blood.  Misunderstanding 5 iron supplements or food can be eaten more    iron supplements contain a large amount of iron elements required by the body for hematopoiesis, which can quickly and quickly improve the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, but should not be eaten at will.  If excessive intake of too much iron at one time, it will lead to iron poisoning, mild ones will be dizzy and nausea, diarrhea, severe ones will even coma and die. Therefore, in the process of blood supplementation, we should follow the principle of “small amount and long-term” to avoid iron poisoning.  Misunderstanding 6 can drink more coffee and tea.   During oral iron, women should not drink strong tea or coffee. This is because tea and coffee contain a large amount of tannic acid, which can form insoluble iron precipitates with iron, which in turn hinders the absorption of iron.

This type of meat is most recommended by women for iron supplementation, the iron content is 22.4 times that of lean meat

Iron supplementation is a compulsory science for our girls in life. If you read too much, you must know that iron supplementation must eat lean meat, animal blood and animal liver, but the iron content of lean meat is not high. For example, pork loin is only 3 mg/100 grams of animal blood and animal liver. The dietary guidelines of Chinese residents that belong to animal offal recommend 2-3 times a month to eat 25-30 grams each time. ▲ Original: 2 pieces of duck blood 25g, thickness of 1 yuan coin ▲ Original: 15g cooked pork liver (do 25g before cooked) 2 coins with a thickness of 1 yuan actually have a food with iron content higher than them. It is razor clam. Its iron content is as high as 33.6 mg/100 g. It is 1.5 times, 3.9 times, 22.4 times of liver, blood and loin of pork This iron is mainly the heme iron that can be directly absorbed by the human body. Eating 75 grams of razor clams can satisfy 126% of women’s daily iron needs. How much is 75 grams (edible part)? Ordinary-sized razor clams with shells about 8 grams/piece ▲ E-commerce pictures: Ordinary-sized razor clams with shells about 8 grams/piece and the edible portion of the razor clams is 57% 75 grams. The razor meat is 16 razor clams. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend 40-75 grams Aquatic products / friends who need iron supplements are given to razor clams twice a week. June and July razor clams are just fat. Share my two ways to eat razor clam tofu soup1. Clam spit and wash the razor clams in the salt water for 2 hours Use a brush to rinse the shell with clean water. 2. Boil the water for 2 minutes. Remove the excess water from the shell. The residual sand will come out and some more will come out. 3. Tofu is slightly fried. Add hot water, razor clams, salt, green onion or cilantro. Out of the pot. Spicy Stir-fried Razor Clams Step 3 Change to Stir-fry Hot Oil, Sautéed Shallots, Minced Garlic, Millet, Spicy Green Peppers, Onions, Stir-fry for 2 minutes, pour razor clams, you can use it Douchi sauce, XO sauce, chili sauce and other seasonings are another flavor. If it is inconvenient to buy fresh razor clams, it is very delicious to buy razor clams and make soup to make it delicious. How do you eat razor clams in your family? If you have any questions about iron supplementation, please leave a comment!

How many rumors about iron supplementation?

After the science of the last two articles, I believe that pregnant mothers have a certain understanding of anemia during pregnancy. Many mothers who have not yet had anemia have taken photos of eating liver and duck blood in the group. I am very happy as your dietitian! However, there are still some people who have a certain misunderstanding about how to improve anemia. Recently, a mother asked me: Dr. Ding, heard that Chelizi also supplements iron, is it true? Nani? It turns out that anemia still needs to be continued. Today we will talk about the misunderstanding about iron supplementation. See how many of you have won? Rumor one: Chelizi iron supplementation In fact, more than one pregnant mother recently asked me privately about whether Chelizi iron supplementation. I don’t know where this rumor came from. Is it because the cherry is red? Complement by shape? In fact, as a fruit, cherries have very little iron content. Each 100g (about 10 tablets) contains only 0.4mg of iron, and our recommended iron food for duck blood is 30.5mg of iron in 100g. Therefore, don’t spend money on buying cherries for iron. Rumor two: Jujube supplementing iron The theory about jujube supplementing blood has a long history, especially in Chinese medicine, jujube is considered to be a food to supplement qi and blood. I do n’t understand Chinese medicine, so I ’m not qualified to say whether this is correct. But in nutrition, jujube is not a food supplemented with iron. Although its iron content is higher than that of cherries, the iron content per 100g of dried dates (about 10 tablets) is 2.3mg, but because the iron in it is non-heme iron, the absorption is only about 1%, so it is not recommended to supplement the date. iron. Another reason is that 60-70% of the dried dates are sugar, and they eat more jujubes when they are anaemic. As a result, iron is not made up, and their weight is very optimistic. Myth 3: Ejiao iron supplementation is a controversial “tonic”, but in the nutrition circle, we always think that Ejiao is donkey skin, which has no special effect. Of course, these e-jiao manufacturers and micro-businesses in the circle of friends certainly disagree. Still don’t talk about the use of Ejiao in traditional Chinese medicine. From the nutritional point of view, Ejiao and Ejiao products (foods made of Ejiao with a lot of sugar, red dates, walnuts, etc.) do not have much nutrition for iron deficiency anemia Value, can not be used as food for iron and blood. Rumor 4: Brown sugar supplements iron. This rumor is based on the shape and shape, maybe because of its reddish brown color, people have such misunderstandings. Brown sugar is a kind of sugar, nothing special. The main ingredient is sucrose, which also contains a small amount of fructose and glucose. Each 100g of brown sugar contains 2.2mg of iron. If iron is supplemented by brown sugar, at least 2 kg of brown sugar per day. Imagine, is this reliable? The above foods are often asked about when anemia patients see a doctor. In fact, there are far more misunderstandings about iron and blood supplementation. I hope everyone will keep their eyes open and do not be misled by wrong opinions and delay the treatment of anemia.

Change the name to change the cherries that change into red fruits. Why are you eating it?

There are no grades 1-3 in the newly announced start date! Middle-aged mother feels convulsed, going to work, cooking, tutoring homework, punching homework, and practicing in the park every day ~ I do n’t know if I can still live in my family to start school! Watching my family’s melon son happy besides eating and sleeping, I want to become a cat! But when I think about it, the freedom of “Cherry” has not yet been achieved, and I must continue to work hard! “Freedom of cherries” has gradually become a new topic in recent years, which not only reflects the high price of cherries, but also means that the fruit is becoming more and more popular. There are many sayings about cherries on the Internet, such as: cherries are excellent fruits for protecting eyesight; extremely high iron content, blood and iron; cherries vitamin C content is extremely high, beauty and beauty! Whether these statements are correct or not, let’s do a small survey first: the reasons why you eat cherries are: 1. High nutritional value, iron supplementation, vitamin C supplementation, high carotene 2, delicious 3, reflect free cherries Is it the same thing as cherry? Cherry and Cherry are really the same thing, just different names. I went to the vegetable market today and found that it was really just a different variety. It turned out that I thought that “cherries” are usually imported cherries. Today I specifically asked the boss that the cherries on the market are all domestically produced. As for the different names, they are just different varieties. Only when the domestic production ceases after August or September each year is the cherry called “cherries” imported. It ’s just a cherry, why not a name that does n’t look like fruit? Chelizi is literally translated from Cherry’s English: cherries. Why not translate it directly into “big cherry”, but transliterate it into “cherry”? I think it may be for the sake of being tall and convenient for price increases. The fruit of cherry has been in China since ancient times. There are always many varieties of fruits. If you change to a new variety, the dessert may be bigger, but it is still cherry, and the price will not be several times different. However, if you change the name, its price does not have to be equal to that of cherries, and high-end new products should be more expensive. High prices and different names do not mean how high the nutrition is. No matter how big the difference is, what is the nutritional value really as high as it says online? Is it really much higher than the small cabbage? Let’s take a look at the data in the food composition table to see the truth. The cherry called “cherries” is a variety imported from abroad, so our country’s food composition table does not have its nutritional content, so the “cherries” ingredients come from the US Department of Agriculture data. As can be seen from the table, no matter what the name of this fruit is called, in fact, the root is cherry, so the nutritional value is not much different. It is said that the high content of iron, vitamin C and vitamin A in cherries or cherries on the Internet has been hit hard by the Chinese cabbage! After knowing the truth, can you still eat cherries happily? Many friends who have misunderstood Che Lizi, after understanding the truth, are they very worried? Especially pregnant mothers who once used iron to supplement iron, finally know why anemia can’t make up. Cherry as a fruit, if you like to eat, please continue to eat happily. It doesn’t have to be unpleasant because it has low iron content and can’t replenish blood. What’s more, this fruit still has advantages. The cherries / cherries have a glycemic index of only 22, which is the lowest among fruits. Therefore, it is suitable for people with diabetes to eat as an appropriate amount of fruit; in addition, cherries also contain anthocyanin and other polyphenolic antioxidant substances, which are still good for health. Finally, back to our small survey: We spend a lot of money to buy cherries, because it is delicious, or to reflect freedom, but definitely not because it is much higher in nutritional value than other fruits, and can be beauty and nourishing.