What to eat for anemia

 Spinach-fried pork liver:   Spinach and pork liver are rich in iron, which is very helpful in promoting blood enrichment. At the same time, spinach-fried pork liver can alleviate the problem of anemia.   Chicken Soup Congee:    Chicken is a meat food with the lowest fat and high protein. It is boiled into a thick soup with chicken and boiled in the soup with the rice. When the porridge is thick, add condiments and cool it before eating. Because of this, chicken soup porridge is the best way to alleviate the problem of anemia for patients with deficiency of both qi and blood, and can effectively prevent palpitations and pain caused by anemia. Pork blood porridge:    Cut the pig blood into small pieces, put the fresh spinach in boiling water for 3 minutes, cut into small pieces, then put the pig blood, spinach and japonica rice into the pot and cook until the porridge is thick, you can eat it . Pork blood porridge can not only effectively alleviate the problem of anemia, but also greatly help the treatment of constipation in the elderly.   Red dates and longan eight-treasure porridge:    Red dates and longans are the best choice for women to replenish blood and deficiencies. Using red dates and longans to cook with some other coarse grains is suitable for anemia patients to eat in the morning and evening, and it is also very helpful to increase nutrition. Chicken liver porridge:    Use chicken liver and millet to cook together. When making it, clean the chicken liver first, and then add an appropriate amount of ginger slices. When the water is boiling, put the chicken liver in, and wait until the porridge is cooked. Adding condiments, chicken liver porridge has the effect of nourishing blood and improving the purpose, and has a good therapeutic effect on dizziness caused by insufficient liver blood. Ejiao jujube porridge:    Ejiao has been the best blood supplement since ancient times. Jujube is rich in iron and has a very good effect on promoting the absorption of iron. It is even more important for those who are coughing, coughing and anemia. Eat more. For people with anemia, in addition to using some dietary methods for health care, they must also pay attention to some unhealthy diets, such as eating less foods containing oxalic acid, because oxalic acid foods will interfere with the absorption of iron There are also some fiber foods that will speed up the digestion of iron-containing foods and allow them to be excreted higher. Also, do not drink beer and drink less dairy products, which can play a role in preventing anemia.

What food do pregnant women eat?

Anemia in pregnant women is generally related to iron deficiency, so anemia in pregnant women needs to be supplemented with iron, which can be supplemented with food. You can also use some mild iron supplements, such as the body iron tablets, safe iron supplementation can effectively improve the health of pregnant women. Iron deficiency anemia is a good mild blood supplement, suitable for pregnant women to supplement iron during pregnancy and enhance blood supplement.  What kind of food should pregnant women eat? The following small series introduces three kinds of foods suitable for blood supplementation during pregnancy, hoping to help all anemia expectant mothers. Anemia for pregnant women is suitable for eating foods containing folic acid. Pregnant women eat more foods containing folic acid is beneficial to pregnant women iron supplementation, which can improve pregnant women’s iron deficiency anemia, such as eating fish, eggs, soy products, nuts and liver, kidney, spinach and other foods. 2. Anemia in pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can promote the absorption of iron in the intestine, so in addition to eating iron supplements, pregnant women with anemia also need to add some vitamins C food, only in this way, can well absorb the iron intake.   3. Pregnant women with anemia should eat more foods containing iron. Many people know that iron is the best element for blood supplementation. Pregnant women can supplement the lack of blood in the body by eating more foods rich in iron. Foods rich in iron include lean meat, poultry, animal liver and blood, such as Duck blood, pig blood, etc. Anemia of pregnant women must not be underestimated, because pregnant women not only need to supplement their own nutrition, but also related to the health of the fetus. If the pregnant woman cannot have a good body, then the pregnant child will often have such problems. After discovering anemia, pregnant women must go to regular medical institutions for consultation in time, and perform blood supplementation under the arrangement of doctors