What is the fastest blood for people with anemia

Anemia should be supplemented with iron first:    blood should eat more red meat, animal liver, animal blood, poultry, fish and other animal foods with high iron content. They contain “heme iron”, which is divalent iron, which is easier to be affected by the human body. Absorption and iron supplementation are much better than the “non-heme iron” contained in plant foods, such as braised chicken liver and pig liver, eat twice a week. Soy products also contain more iron and have a higher intestinal absorption rate, so pay attention to intake. Duck blood soup, egg yolk, lean meat, beans, spinach, amaranth, tomatoes, red dates and other foods have high iron content, so you can eat them often.   Vitamin C supplementation to promote iron absorption:    black fungus, grapes, longan meat, pumpkin, carrots, red dates, black beans have the effect of replenishing qi, replenishing iron and blood, and can prevent anemia by taking it regularly. In addition, you should eat moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits and vegetables contain indispensable raw materials for hematopoiesis (folic acid, vitamin B12). The vitamin C in it can also promote the absorption of iron by the human body, such as mud monkey peach, fresh orange, and lemon. Drinking a cup can promote iron absorption.   Eat more high-protein foods for anemia:    Protein is an indispensable hematopoietic raw material for hemoglobin. It contains protein-rich milk, fish, eggs, lean meat, beans, etc. These foods have a good effect on supplementing protein. But pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and keep up with vegetables and fruits, so as not to eat greasy things and hurt the stomach. What is the fastest and most effective blood supplement for anemia: The absorption rate of dietary iron supplementation is generally about 10%. The effect of iron supplementation varies from person to person. People with poor food supplementation or severe anemia can take iron supplements, Zhiyuan tablets, iron supplementation for blood Faster, usually anemia will get better within a month. Drink less tea during anemia, because tea contains more than 30% tannic acid, which will hinder the absorption of iron ions in the intestinal mucosa.