Six Misunderstandings of Women’s Supplementing Iron and Blood

Myth 1 Anemia is treated with iron only. If you already have iron deficiency anemia, you should rely on iron to treat iron deficiency anemia. However, iron alone can easily relapse after you stop the medicine. If you want to get rid of anemia completely, you must start from your daily eating habits, avoid picky eating and anorexia, and increase iron intake in your daily life.   In fact, the supply of food is a good way to prevent recurrence from the source.  Misunderstanding 2 Jujube has good blood-enriching effect. Among the fruits, the iron content of fresh jujube is relatively large, 1.2 mg/100g. However, the absorption rate of iron in jujube is extremely low, and it cannot be well utilized by the human body.  Although the vitamin C content in the fresh jujube is 243 mg/100 g, and VC can promote iron absorption, it seems to be helpful in preventing and treating iron deficiency anemia. However, jujubes often cannot be eaten more, so eating ten or eight jujubes is to tickle the boots.  Misunderstanding 3 iron pot cooking can supplement the iron. The seasonings added during cooking, such as vinegar and alkali, will cause the iron oxide on the surface of the pot to enter the food and enter the stomach with the food. After a series of transformations, it finally enters the blood in the form of ferritin, which can supplement iron.  However, if the cooked meal contains a large amount of dietary fiber, oxalic acid, phytic acid, such as vegetables, whole grains and soybean products, it will hinder the absorption of iron. Therefore, this method of iron supplementation is too restrictive, and the effect is not good.  Misunderstanding 4 Drinking milk can supplement iron   Milk is rich in protein and other nutrients, but the iron content is not high. At the same time, the body’s absorption rate of iron in milk is only 10%, it is difficult to supply enough iron for women with menstrual anemia, so it is impossible to rely on drinking milk to supplement iron and blood.  Misunderstanding 5 iron supplements or food can be eaten more    iron supplements contain a large amount of iron elements required by the body for hematopoiesis, which can quickly and quickly improve the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia, but should not be eaten at will.  If excessive intake of too much iron at one time, it will lead to iron poisoning, mild ones will be dizzy and nausea, diarrhea, severe ones will even coma and die. Therefore, in the process of blood supplementation, we should follow the principle of “small amount and long-term” to avoid iron poisoning.  Misunderstanding 6 can drink more coffee and tea.   During oral iron, women should not drink strong tea or coffee. This is because tea and coffee contain a large amount of tannic acid, which can form insoluble iron precipitates with iron, which in turn hinders the absorption of iron.