Psychology: Fighting depression, starting with the right direction

Seier is a small village in the Western Sahara Desert. It is leaning on an oasis of 1.5 square kilometers. It usually takes three days and nights to get out of the desert from here. However, before Ken Levine discovered it in 1926, there were no people One walked out of the desert. It is said that they are not unwilling to leave this barren place, but have tried many times without coming out. Ken Levine, as an academician of the British Royal Academy, certainly does not believe this statement. He asked the people here why it was in sign language. As a result, everyone answered the same thing: no matter which way he went from here, he would eventually turn back to this place. In order to confirm the authenticity of this statement, he did an experiment and walked north from the village of Saier, and he came out in three and a half days. Why can’t the race come out? Ken Levin was very puzzled. In the end, he had to hire a matchmaker and let him lead the way to see what was going on? They prepared water that could last for half a month, took two camels, Ken Levin put away the compass and other equipment, and only followed a wooden stick. After 10 days, they walked about 800 miles. On the morning of the 11th day, an oasis appeared in front of them, and they really returned to the game. This time, Ken Levine finally understood that the reason why the race people can’t get out of the desert is because they don’t know Polaris at all. In the endless desert, if a person walks forward by feeling, he will come out of many circles of different sizes, and the final footprint is in the shape of a tape measure. Saier Village is located in the middle of the vast desert, thousands of kilometers away, without a compass, it is indeed impossible to get out of the desert. When Ken Levine left the game, he brought a young man named Agutel. This young man was the last person he worked with. He told this man that as long as you rest during the day and walk towards the brightest star in the north at night, you can walk out of the desert. Agutel followed suit, and after three days it came to the edge of the desert. Now, Saier is a jewel in the Western Sahara Desert. Tens of thousands of tourists come here every year. Agutel, as a pioneer of Saier, his bronze statue was erected in the middle of the small town. A line of words is engraved on the base of the bronze statue: New life begins in the chosen direction. Many depressed friends say that they have tried many methods, but the effect is average, and they have not completely got rid of the trouble of depression. Multiple failures have made me lose confidence. No matter how hard you try, if you do n’t choose the right direction, just like trying hard blindly, you may return to the original point. To overcome depression, you must first choose the right method. The method is right. The rest is left to time. As long as you follow the correct method of practice, you will be able to overcome depression and usher in a new life.