Before finishing the homework, parents quarreled: Does the child’s IQ follow the father or the mother?

Some time ago, a video of a father coaching his daughter’s homework was circulated on the Internet: Facing his daughter’s homework on the unit of length, the father sent out a soul torture: “How did you write it? The key is 5 meters long and the washing machine is 1 cm high. , A 15-meter-long pencil.” Then the old father completely collapsed and broke out: “Believe it or not, I pulled out my 40-meter machete…” While dumbfounding, it was also a portrayal of many families. Many parents cannot help but “collapse” when tutoring their children’s homework. Nana is one of them. Nana’s husband also sighed after tutoring the children with homework several times: “Why are you so stupid? IQ really depends on your mother, slow response!” Nana became angry when she heard it: The IQ of the child’s homework problem is up to me. Usually, if the child does something proud, you say that IQ is up to you?” Does the child’s IQ follow the father or the mother? Let’s discuss today: 1. The child’s IQ follows the father or With mom? It is scientifically proven that the influence of genetics on intelligence can account for about 50%. Generally, the IQ of parents is high, and the IQ of the baby is not too low. At the same time, human intelligence-related genes are mainly on the X chromosome, so the mother’s intelligence occupies a relatively more important position in heredity. This data is only relatively speaking. In actual life, the training and education of children occupies a larger proportion. 2. If you want to improve your baby’s IQ, you can start from these aspects: 1. Strengthen nutrition during pregnancy because, in addition to congenital genetic factors, the nutritional status of expectant mothers during pregnancy will also have a profound effect on the baby’s brain development Impact. Ensure a balanced intake of nutrients during pregnancy, which can provide sufficient nutrients for the baby’s brain development. 2. If conditions permit, persist in breastfeeding. Breast milk contains a variety of active substances that promote the intellectual development of children, especially taurine, which has an important influence on intellectual development, which can not only increase the number of brain cells, but also promote the differentiation and maturation of nerve cells. It also contributes to the formation of nerve nodes. Nutrition experts from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom conducted IQ tests on more than 30 children aged 7-8 and found that children who ate breastmilk generally had higher IQs, an average of 10 points higher than those who ate milk substitutes. If possible, try to breastfeed your baby. 3. Intake of balanced nutrition, avoid partial eclipse, and reduce snack intake. A survey in the United Kingdom shows that babies who do not have a partial eclipse have an intelligence development index 14 points higher than those with a severe partial eclipse. In daily life, children inevitably have vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. they don’t like. Parents can change more methods, try to make different foods for their children, and gradually increase their children’s intake of various foods. 4. Create an enlightening environment Create an enlightening environment at all stages of children’s growth to exercise children. For example, a younger child does touch exercises to him. Older children should take him to new things. Children receive more stimuli from hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch, etc., and they will better improve their IQ. 5. Let children participate in outdoor activities. Research has found that the right brain’s perception of image and cell stimulation during exercise is faster and stronger than in a static state. Therefore, a certain time for outdoor activities can be guaranteed every day. The most important thing is that the quality of parents accompanying their children is more helpful to their children’s intellectual development. Do you have any thoughts on today’s topic? Welcome to leave a comment, and communicate with us. Writing is not easy, please help me to leave a message forward, Dr. Yudi, thank you! Disclaimer: My science popularization and the content of science popularization are personal opinions, for reference only, and have nothing to do with my employer. If my science content is wrong, please leave a message to tell me, I am very willing to verify and correct it. Some pictures come from the network. If your copyright is involved, please contact me to delete it.