What does it mean to sell a kidney?

In 2011, the iPhone was a status symbol in the hearts of young people. At that time, an iPhone 4 would cost an average office worker 1 to 2 months’ salary. At that time, the most famous ridicule was “selling kidneys for apples”. Although it was a joke, I never expected anyone to take it seriously. In 2011, the 17-year-old Anhui high school student Xiao Wang, because family conditions did not allow, in order to get a dream iPhone, he found a black agency online, ready to sell his kidney. According to a report by Phoenix.com, at that time, this reckless and bold young man put down his rhetoric: one kidney is enough for me, why do I need another? Why not sell it? So, he was taken to Chenzhou by an online intermediary group, where he performed a living kidney transplant operation and received 22,000 yuan. Get this more than 20,000 yuan, he bought iPhone4 and iPad. 9 years later, how is he? Shortly after the operation, Xiao Wang’s body appeared abnormal, because the operation environment of the operation was not disinfected enough, and his wound became infected. After that, his body became worse and worse, and his kidney function was seriously damaged. He didn’t tell his family until he couldn’t take it anymore. A person about one meter and nine can only be ill in bed and thin to more than 90 pounds, and after this long 9 years, he is only 26 years old. The iPhone 4 that I bought back then is already worthless, and the price he paid will be with him for the rest of his life. Unable to do heavy work, he can’t leave the support of drugs in his life, he can almost see his head in his life. It was originally a good age for struggle, but because of a wrong decision many years ago, people were hit hard. If I were to get him back 9 years ago, I think he would never click on the link that sells kidneys, nor would he ever set foot on the train that took him to the abyss. If he does n’t make this decision that he regrets for life, now he may just be an ordinary office worker, and he will worry about the expenses such as mortgage, car loan, and marriage; but at least, he still has a healthy body. There is capital to build a future for life. He also has a life with infinite hope even if he is troubled. However, there are no regrets to take. Today’s life is nothing but the cause and effect of all the choices. “Zuo Zhuan” said: “Whoever has no trouble? It can’t be changed, it’s good.” However, some mistakes are not made up for by trying to make up. The beautiful life that has been smashed by one’s own hands cannot be recovered . Every step of life is really traceable. When I was in my twenties, I was looking for a job and repeatedly hit a wall, because I spent four years of turmoil by chasing dramas and games when I was in college; Earlier, there was no complete planning and no ability to improve oneself vertically. The profligate time, the energy thrown away, and the destructive body are all in advance of the future. There is an interesting law called “Conservation of Suffering”. For most people, the total amount of suffering they have to eat for a lifetime is constant. It does not disappear from the sky just because you choose temporary comfort. On the contrary, the more you choose to escape, the more effort you need to make up to make up after that. There is no way in life, every step counts. And our whole life is just to follow the orbit of our own choice.