Plasma ion beam: a new weapon to save facial scars

As one of the common skin diseases, acne has always insisted on “failing the face and tirelessly”. Not only has an active “small volcano” built on the face, it has erupted from time to time, but more serious is the size left after the outbreak The volcanic crater has caused terrible facial skin damage. So, is there any good way to repair these large and small acne pits on the face? Today, I will introduce to you a new weapon to save the scars on the face-Plasma ion beam. Just ask my sisters, what is the worst thing on your face? It is not dark skin, not dry skin, but the acne is cured externally and taken internally, but the acne marks and acne pits are left behind. Yaoyao (pseudonym) is a girl who has been traumatized by acne. A few years ago, Yaoyao had acne on her face. At that time, she didn’t care too much. Thinking about who didn’t have a few acne on her face, it disappeared in a few days. But for a long time, the more acne on the face, the more serious it becomes. Sometimes I ca n’t take it anymore, so I apply some anti-acne products. At that time, the acne disappeared. But who knows, it didn’t take long for acne to come out again. So, treatment started again. In the process of repeated acne treatment and acne treatment, Yaoyao’s face left many acne pits, which became an urgent problem for her, especially on the left cheek because of the previous long acne. The infection ruptures and eventually leaves a few large pimples, which are very ugly. To this end, Yaoyao used a lot of products to promote acne pits, but the effect was not obvious. In desperation, she dared to go out after she had to carefully cover her face every time she went out, but it was difficult to cover up the large pimples on her cheeks, which made Yaoyao very distressed and not confident. Occasionally, Yaoyao saw me on Weibo explaining how to repair acne pits. In the video, I introduced several methods for removing acne pits, both surgical and non-surgical, and the comparative effects of several cases are very obvious, which made her hope for treatment again. So Yaoyao came to our hospital for treatment. After the face consultation, I pointed out that the acne pits caused by acne (acne) are the most common type of concave scars. The acne is severely inflamed, resulting in purulent cyst nodules, which damage the hair follicles and sebaceous glands Injury to the dermis will produce pits after healing. The more severe the acne inflammation, the deeper the destruction of skin tissue, and the more serious the acne pits remain. In response to Yaoyao’s face acne pits, I decided to use Plasma ion beam to treat the largest acne pits on my cheeks. The micro-plasma can break the disordered collagen arrangement in the scar. The ion beam produces non-vaporized micro-exfoliation (scab) on the skin surface. Simultaneous monopolar radio frequency heats deep tissues. The two energies cooperate to change the surface of the scar. The uniformity and smoothness of the skin promote the regeneration and rearrangement of the deep collagen layer, quickly and effectively rebuild the skin tissue, and achieve the purpose of repairing acne marks. After systematic treatment, several large acne pits on Yaoyao’s face have been basically flattened, except for some slight redness, and almost no traces of the past. The large acne pits are all handled by the Plasma ion beam, and the rest of the small acne pits are naturally not to mention. Yaoyao is more confident in the follow-up treatment, and the girl who has been mistreated by acne finally smiles confidently. & nbsp.