How to prevent the occurrence of iodine deficiency disease?

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. There are many reasons for the baby’s iodine deficiency disease, the most common are mainly environmental factors, drug factors, dietary factors, fetal factors and so on. Since the baby is still small, some of the symptoms that appear on her own are not able to be expressed, so only Bao mother took the baby to the doctor for diagnosis by observing some of the baby’s abnormal symptoms. When the baby has iodine deficiency disease, it is easy for the baby who is in a critical period of development to have an impact on intellectual development, physical development, and sexual development disorders. For babies in childhood, iodine deficiency can cause goiter. If Bao Mama usually observes that the baby has mental abnormalities, neural hypoplasia or retardation, language disorders, motor neurological disorders, intellectual disabilities, etc., even some babies have physical and sexual development disorders to varying degrees, as well as special In a typical face, it is highly suspected that the baby may have hypothyroidism. After discovering abnormal symptoms, you need to take your baby to the doctor in time, do related examinations, and make a clear diagnosis, so as not to delay the condition. How to prevent the occurrence of iodine deficiency disease? For birth and living in areas with low iodine endemic goiter disease, it is appropriate to supplement the baby with some foods containing high iodine, especially laver, kelp, scallops, etc. Of course, iodized salt is the most critical. If you are a pregnant woman, especially at the end of pregnancy, you must pay attention to intake of iodine-containing food, especially pregnant women living in iodine-deficient areas, should also pay attention, so as not to cause fetal iodine deficiency. Therefore, iodine supplementation during pregnancy can effectively prevent the occurrence of iodine deficiency in children. (The picture in the article comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted)