Surgery case sharing

Preoperative problems: The beggars sharing today have loose upper eyelids, bilateral asymmetry, sunken sockets, and myopia cause the eyes to protrude. With the problem of the inner canthus, the distance between the brows and the eyes is far away, and the eyes feel deeper. Although he is young, he feels tired and old. Preoperative design: According to her situation, design a new double eyelid line along the upper eyelid. When closing the eyes, the double eyelid line is designed at the widest point 7mm away from the upper eyelid margin, and then a new inner canthus point is designed according to the ratio of the five eyes. Surgical procedure: After disinfection and draping, the double upper eyelid was subjected to local infiltration anesthesia. After the anesthesia takes effect. Double eyelid surgery was performed on the right side first. Cut the skin along the design line, and pay attention to protect the vascular network during the period. Remove a small amount of the anterior orbicularis oculi muscle of the meibomian plate, open the orbital septum, loosen the fiber strands in the anterior and posterior walls of the orbital septum, and improve the levator muscle conduction strength. The fat of the lateral orbital septum is released and fixed in the empty area of ​​the medial upper eyelid. Note that the patient is required to open and close the eyes, and when the internal fixation is completed, the skin is sutured intermittently. The remaining methods on the left are the same as on the right. Postoperative feedback: improve the depression through the release of the orbital septal fat, open the inner canthus to adjust the shape, although there is still swelling at 7 days after surgery, but the eyes are symmetrical and smooth, the proportions are harmonious, and the spirit is clear and young! Postoperative care: Do not rub the surgical area with your hands after surgery to avoid hematoma and infection. And pay attention to eye hygiene to avoid eye fatigue. Avoid shampooing within three days to prevent dirty water from flowing into the wound and keep the wound clean and dry. Eye makeup is prohibited for two weeks, and eye makeup can be changed after one month. Within one month after surgery, it is best to avoid drinking, smoking, and avoiding spicy food and seafood.