“Goose bumps” appear on my body when I share the same room in summer. Is it because the temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted too low?

Originally, in an era without air conditioning, when the weather is hot, people’s physiological needs will also be significantly weakened. Some researchers have conducted an analysis, and they found that once the temperature exceeds 26.6 degrees Celsius, the frequency of intercourse between partners will drop significantly, and the birth rate will drop. But nowadays, with air-conditioning and other cooling equipment, and everyone is wearing cool clothes that show more figure, people today can still achieve full firepower in the hot summer. However, some people will find that some people get a layer of “goose bumps” on themselves or their partner during the most critical stage of the intercourse process. Some people think it is caused by the air-conditioning. Is this really the case? First of all, in general, 26-28 degrees is the most suitable temperature for the same room. As long as the set temperature is not lower than this range, and the air-conditioning generated by the air conditioner does not blow directly to the body, in most cases it will not be cold. The situation arises. So, what causes the “goose bumps” on the body during the same room? It turns out that there is a kind of involuntary muscle called the erector pili under the skin of a person. When a person is tense or cold, the erector pili muscle will be in a tense contraction state, and the hair will be erected. The so-called “hairhandstand” with fright, and “goose bumps” with coldness, are all about the state of the erector pili muscle at that time. When people feel pleasure in the same room, muscle spasm or tonic changes occur. This change is more common in the voluntary muscles in the internal organs and blood vessels, while the changes in voluntary muscles including skeletal muscles are not obvious. Since the erector pili muscles belong to the involuntary muscles, they will spasm and stiff like other involuntary muscles during the most critical period of intercourse. At this time, “goose bumps” will appear on the skin.