Essentials of TCM Health Preservation in Mang Seed Season

   The arrival of the Mangosteen solar term means that the hot summer climate has gradually begun. However, we should also pay attention to going to bed late and getting up early, and properly receive sunlight to comply with the fullness of yang, which is conducive to the operation of qi and blood and invigorates the spirit. But be sure to avoid direct sunlight and avoid heatstroke.  Spiritual health   It is easy to cause people to lose energy, lack of concentration and anxiety during the hot summer days. Therefore, in mental rehabilitation, you should maintain a relaxed and happy state, not to be angry and depressed. In this way, the body can be smoothed, invigorated, and vented freely. Therefore, we must learn to adjust ourselves, such as listening to music, taking a walk, thinking about beautiful things, etc., trying to be meditative, calming, restless, and restless, while ensuring adequate sleep.  Diet health   Chinese medicine believes that Xia Sanyue’s diet should be clear and tonic. “Lu Shichunqiu several articles” pointed out: “Where food has no strong flavor, no strong flavor heavy wine.” Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty advocated that people “often should be light and sweet things, large wheat koji, japonica rice is better.” The “Discussion of Ru” by Zhu Danxi, a medical doctor in the Yuan Dynasty, said: “Eat less meat, eat more glutinous green fruits, and have a natural taste of harmony.” Light diet has an irreplaceable role in health. Mangosteen eats a lot of yin and health foods, such as watermelon, cold melon, tomato, mung bean, winter melon, fungus, loofah and so on. In addition, while emphasizing dietary supplements, we must also pay attention not to be too salty and too sweet. Excessive salty diet and excessive sodium ions in the body will increase blood pressure and even cause cerebrovascular dysfunction. Eating too many sweets can easily cause the accumulation of intermediate products such as sucrose. Sucrose can cause hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia. In severe cases, diabetes can also be induced.  Life and health   Let’s go to bed late and get up early, properly receive sunlight (avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to heatstroke), in order to comply with the fullness of yang, which is conducive to the operation of qi and blood and invigorates the spirit. Summer days are short and nights long, and taking a nap at noon can help restore fatigue and benefit health. After the awns are planted, it is hot in the afternoon, people are prone to sweat, and the clothes should be changed frequently. In order to avoid heatstroke, take a bath frequently after planting, so that the skin can be loosened and “yang heat” is easy to vent. It should be noted that do not take a bath immediately when sweating. There is an old Chinese saying, “sweat does not see wetness”. If “sweat sees dampness, it is acne.” In order to avoid excessive sweating and gas consumption. Early morning is a period of high sympathetic nerve excitement and is not suitable for exercise. It is recommended to go out in the evening as much as possible in summer to prevent sun exposure and heat stroke or sports accidents. In addition, we must try to keep our spirits relaxed and happy, avoid anger and depression, to ensure that the Qi machine can be smooth, and the vent can be free. Do more outdoor aerobic exercise, brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling are good choices, but drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke. It is advisable to wear loose, sweat-absorbent clothing during exercise and bring a bottle of water with you to prevent dehydration. It is necessary to prepare for warm-up before exercising in summer. Due to the large energy consumption of the human body, it is necessary to control the intensity of activities during exercise. Once the symptoms of heat stroke occur, you should immediately sit down in a cool and ventilated place, drink some cold salt water, breathe fresh air, and apply a cold compress on the forehead or underarms.