Beginning of Autumn Health | How do you work on nourishing yin, clearing away heat, and moisturizing the lungs when the yang is gradually reduced?

August 7th is the beginning of autumn. In a blink of an eye, we came to the first solar term of autumn. Although the weather was still in a “barbecue” state, the yang gradually reduced, the yin gradually grew, and the weather gradually changed from summer heat to autumn cool. In fact, Futian has not yet passed at the beginning of autumn, so it is often said that “autumn is already standing, and the heat is hard to disappear.” Therefore, in this autumn and summer, health preservation is particularly important. So, in order to adapt to the seasonal changes, what should everyone pay attention to in terms of diet? 01GAOKAO’s traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that after the beginning of autumn, the lungs correspond to the autumn, and the autumn is dry, which can cause qi to dry and damage the lungs and cause diseases. At this time, the liver, heart, and spleen and stomach are still in a weakening stage, and the lung function is beginning to enter a period of vigorous. Therefore, the autumn regimen must work hard on moistening dryness, nourishing yin, and nourishing lungs. The dietary principles should be based on clearing heat and dampness, strengthening the spleen and moisturizing the lungs. How to eat it? “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic · Zang Qi Method Time Theory” says: “The lungs govern autumn…the lungs converge, eat acid in a hurry to harvest them, use acid to replenish them, and pungent to relieve them.” In simple terms, Chinese medicine believes that sourness constrains lung qi. The pungent taste diverges and diarrhea. As it should be harvested but not scattered in autumn, try to eat less spicy products such as onions and ginger, and eat more sour fruits and vegetables. In addition, lung gold is in order in autumn, and if lung gold is too strong, liver wood is suppressed. Therefore, “The Synopsis of the Golden Chamber” also says that “autumn does not eat lungs”, so when autumn comes, eat less animal lungs. Eat more foods that have the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, such as japonica rice, glutinous rice, pumpkin, radish, honey, sesame, lily, white fungus, pears, etc., and eat less fried and spicy foods. In early autumn, the lung qi is too strong and the liver qi is restricted. You must “increasing acidity and reducing pungent” in your diet to help liver qi. Therefore, you can eat more sour foods such as apples, grapes, lemons, and hawthorn. It should be noted that after the beginning of autumn, the weather turns cold, and eating a lot of melons and fruits raw can easily cause stomach and intestinal disorders. Therefore, those with deficiency of the spleen and stomach should not eat too much cold food. 02GAOKAO recipe recommends yam with lotus seed decoction to nourish “blood dryness” with smooth properties, and lotus seed has the effect of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the kidney. In autumn, healthy people eat yam lotus seed soup, which is a good nourishing supplement. For those who have been suffering from “dryness of body fluid and blood” due to long-term heat, it is also suitable to use yam lotus soup for nursing care. Lily and Jujube Decoction Lily has the effects of relieving cough and expectorant, calming nerves, nourishing yin and moisturizing lungs. Matching with warm jujube can nourish the heart and blood, invigorate the spleen and promote fluid. Eat together with lily and jujube, can moisten the lungs and relieve cough, invigorate the spleen and invigorate qi, and clear residual heat. Young people in the first half of their life, who are in the middle of a life, make soup, please start your health care reference: [1]&nbsp.Chen Wenqiang. Health Preservation in the Summer of Liqiu[J].Health and Health of Chinese Medicine,2016,(8):26-27.[2]&nbsp .秋实.The six major foods in the beginning of autumn have different effects on anti-autumn dryness[J].Modern Health B,2014,(9):28-29.[3]&nbsp.邓海燕.Don’t let the “autumn tiger” bite you的健康[J]. People’s Liberation Army Health, 2017,(5):34. The picture comes from the Internet, please contact to delete the infringement, thank you!